Growing up as kids, most of us have consumed cow’s milk, whether we liked it not! After all, it is the most nutritious meal on earth. Studies say milk contains all the nutrients necessary for our health. It is indeed a superfood!

Along with all the nutrients, natural milk also contains microbes, some of which are harmful and some are harmless. In older times, and even today, some people drink raw milk directly. They say, drinking milk without boiling or pasteurization is healthier. There has been a lot of debate regarding the raw milk benefits for us humans. 

Today, here we will be sharing vital information about all the possible raw milk benefits and answering the biggest question of all times – is raw milk really better for you?

Raw milk and pasteurized milk

Raw milk is the milk that you get directly from a cow, goat, buffalo, sheep, and sometimes camels as well and remains unprocessed. While pasteurized milk goes through heat treatment at 71.1 degrees Celsius for fifteen seconds, and immediate cooling to less than 3 degrees Celsius. All thanks to Louis Pasteur, who developed the concept of pasteurization in the year 1864. 

Raw milk benefits vs pasteurized milk benefits

The sole reason why some prefer raw milk over pasteurized milk is that the amount and quality of nutrients are higher. But the thing is the degradation and loss of nutrients post-treatment of milk is a bit hazy and unclear. 

Some diet experts say milk treatment reduces the nutrient value of milk. Well, but yes, bacteria and other possible pathogens die on the pasteurization of the milk.  But is raw milk really better for you?

Raw Milk Benefits for Your Overall Health

Here are some of the known benefits of drinking raw milk

Good for your gut health

Raw milk consists of good bacteria, Lactobacilli that works as a natural probiotic element. So, drinking raw milk improves your digestion, and keeps digestive issues at bay. With pasteurization, this bacterium is killed off along with all the harmful pathogens if any. 

Enriched in all sorts of vitamins and minerals

Now, because milk provides wholesome nutrition, it is considered a superfood. Studies reveal that heat treatment reduces the levels of vitamins B-complex, A, D, E, K in milk. You can easily fulfill this loss of vitamins by consuming other food products rich in these nutrients. 

Filled with healthy proteins

Apparently, cow’s raw milk contains more than 2000 proteins necessary for our health. Did you know that proteins are the building blocks of life? 

For instance, the best way to build our body healthily is with the adequate consumption of proteins along with the other essential elements. Pasteurization of milk alters or reduces the quality of these proteins. 

Raw milk benefits for your bones

Now, since raw milk is power-packed with so many proteins, vitamins, and minerals, drinking it may also help strengthen the foundation of your body i.e. your bones.

Raw milk benefits for face

Since raw milk is rich in natural fats, it works as a great moisturizing component. You can also enjoy the raw milk benefits for the face easily. Nowadays, the DIY homemade face packs are trending and totally worth trying. Check these useful homemade face packs where you can use raw milk. 

Raw milk benefits for overall skin

Moreover, raw milk helps in removing the tanning of the skin. So, say bye-bye to those annoying suntan days as you can use raw milk to rinse your face or you can add it to your skincare routine and enjoy the raw milk benefits for skin and face. It is known to even your skin tone, as well. Who needs color correctors and concealers, when you have raw milk!!

Raw milk benefits for hair

The high protein content of raw milk, especially the presence of the protein casein is known to strengthen your hair root and replenish your hair follicles. That is why we see commercial shampoo with milk content. Instead of trying the commercial ones, you can choose the natural option.

No matter how good the salon spas are, the home remedies are always the winners, as they rarely have any side effects. 

Does the danger of raw milk overweigh raw milk benefits?

The pasteurization of milk began in the late 1800s after the number of deaths increased after the consumption of raw milk by children and adults. Diseases such as typhoid, high fever, diarrhea took many lives at that time.

The scary part about raw milk is it may contain several harmful bacteria that can cause serious food poisoning and more. Moreover, the consumption of raw milk is more dangerous if the person has a weak immune system. Many say, even if you are lactose intolerant then, you can drink raw milk without any consequences. But studies reveal that there is no difference in results if you drink milk raw or pasteurized, in this case.

Raw Milk
Raw Milk

Another possible and yucky point here is you may unknowingly consume feces or urine particles mixed with the milk. Now, that is sometimes truly unhygienic and not at all safe for you. To clear this point, for instance, we all know that cooking food reduces the quality of the nutrients, doesn’t it? Now that doesn’t mean we will start eating everything raw and unwashed, right?

Bottom line

The raw milk benefits may or may not be 100 percent accurate since there are very few science experiments to back up. But we can say one thing for sure that raw milk does contain a lot of harmful bacteria, and in some cases, it may contain other unwanted and harmful substances. So, keeping that in mind, it is better to stick to pasteurized milk.

But you can definitely experiment and see the raw milk benefits for skin, hair, and face. If you want to modify your current diet and try something new that is full of nutrients and healthy, then you can try a number of options:

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention report, between 1993 to 2012 there were 127 illness cases related to the consumption of raw milk. Now, this is something that you cannot completely ignore. So, instead of trying the raw milk benefits, it is better and safer to stick to the standard milk option or try picking another diet plan that is risk-free. 

Take care♥

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