Are you wondering how to Lower body fat percentage for an upcoming event? Even if you're not and want to give a proper shape to your body, you're at the right place. We'll be talking about how you can lower your body fat percentage as soon as possible. So, without delaying any further, let's jump on how to lower your body fat percentage and why a higher body fat percentage occurs. 

How to Lower Body Fat Percentage Fast

Lower body fat percentage - this sounds a bit intimidating to some but it is achievable with certain tweaks in your lifestyle. We have mentioned some of the most important pointers that help lower body fat percentage. 

1. Following a Diet

Various types of diets are followed and recommended by health and fitness enthusiasts. Some of those are the keto diet, low-carb diet, paleo diet, intermittent fasting, etc. One diet plan needs to be followed among all the options and one cheat day has to be accommodated per week. Following a proper diet ensures the consumption of suitable portions at definite intervals without the risk of eating less or overeating and prevents body weight from fluctuating.

2. Drinking Sufficient Water

The intake of at least 2-3 liters of water is significant as far as a lower body fat percentage is concerned. Drinking water enables proper digestion, followed by the timely expulsion of toxins and other unwanted particles from the body. 

Moreover, drinking a considerable amount of water before every meal lowers the amount of consumption of food. The appetite dies down and ensures smaller helpings, leading to rapid weight loss. For the best results, drinking 4-6 liters of water is advisable. It helps in weight loss and has loads of other benefits such as clear skin, sustaining heart rate, controlling stomach-related issues, among many others. 

3. Consumption of Supplements

Having vitamin supplements is encouraged by experts during the process of weight loss. Following a strict diet can be quite a job for beginners, and vitamin supplements reduce the tiredness and craving for excess food during these times. 

4. Workout 

Physical activities play a vital role in achieving a lower body fat percentage. The desired results cannot be achieved without doing at least some sort of workout every day. High-intensity strength training or cardio works the best, but people who do not like to spend hours in the gym can opt for more accessible, simpler methods such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, etc. Diets like intermittent fasting can give fast results but working out speeds up the process of shedding body weight. 

5. Definite Sleep Schedule

The solution of lowering body fat percentage fast would remain incomplete without talking about an effective sleep schedule. Sleep is of utmost importance since the body requires adequate time to rest its various parts, especially during a strict diet or training session. Without a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep daily, the weight loss process wouldn't be as rapid and smooth as it would be, otherwise. 

7. Healthy Beverages 

Drinking light, healthy beverages such as green tea, fruit juices, and protein shakes, to name a few are necessary. These should be consumed in place of sugar-rich drinks, and soft drinks and hard drinks should strictly be avoided. 

Healthy Beverages
Healthy Beverages 

If nothing else is readily available, warm water does the job and a little bit of honey and lemon juice. Incorporating apple cider vinegar or even regular vinegar in the diet is also a very healthy option. Adding apple cider vinegar in regular water and drinking the mixture every morning works magic. 

Reason of Elevated Body Fat Percentage

There can be several reasons for gaining weight. Some might be involuntary, while mostly, the reasons are voluntary and can be regulated by doing the needful. Some reasons include: 

1. Stress

Stress leads to an increase in body fat percentage. The adrenal glands secrete the cortisol hormone during stressful situations to provide the body with the energy required to deal with the stress. The blood sugar or glucose level is thus increased. 

Post the normalization of conditions, the body's energy level tends to fall, which makes us look for food with higher sugar content. The consumption of such food can cause an increase in body fats. Stress also governs binge eating. Binge eating is one of the main symptoms of stress or anxiety. One way of controlling binge eating is by keeping your immediate surroundings free from junk food.

2. Low Rate of Metabolism

The rate of metabolism is relative; it is not the same for all individuals. People with naturally high metabolism rates are blessed and do not gain weight even if they consume a lot of food. On the other hand, some people gain weight even if they consume less. This happens due to their low rate of metabolism. The food takes a lot of time to get digested and, in most cases, gets accumulated in various parts of the body in the form of body fats. There are many ways of increasing metabolism that lower body fat percentage. 

3. Lethargy 

Laziness or lethargic tendencies can direct to the problem of being overweight. Discussions on lowering body fat percentage are quite common, but one needs to first be active in whatever they do. Resting or sleeping too much can make people gain weight way sooner than they think. Getting rid of this laziness is not easy and needs a conscious effort. 

4. Medical Conditions

Achieving a lower body fat percentage is not easy concerning certain medical conditions. These include diabetes, thyroid or hypothyroidism, Cushing's syndrome, PCOD/PCOS, etc. Most of these conditions lead to obesity. In case of such conditions, one must consult the doctor before following a particular routine or regime. A lower body fat percentage can be achieved with the semblance of proper instructions. 

Getting rid of the visceral fat in and around the tummy region is necessary to lower body fat percentage. Keeping the body weight in check is immensely important to stay fit and prevent the advent of diseases by improving our immunity. Following the methods mentioned above can go a long way in providing you with the results you've been looking for and help you achieve your dream body. 

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