Ever heard people talk about following a Ketogenic diet? Well, you must have! A Ketogenic diet is so much in trend today owing to its immense benefits in weight loss regime. 

How Is Keto Diet Helpful For Women?

So, here we are with your little guide to the ketogenic diet plan according to dietitians;


The very first in the list is an egg. Eggs are a rich source of cholesterol. This is inclusive of many health factors and is known as the most dynamic ingredient. Having possessed such health benefits, dietitians call it the only real superfood that exists on earth! The powerhouse of egg lies within its yolk that is the yellowish inner part and not the outer white cover. 

The best nutritional constituents of the egg are found within its yolk. It is inclusive of extremely important thirteen minerals and vitamins that are too important for a human body to survive. Also, it possesses lutein and zeaxanthin which are antioxidants that are responsible for eye protection. Eggs contribute a lot to our physiological activeness as they contain choline and methyl donor. 


What is unbelievable about eggs is that they don’t cause an increase in blood cholesterol levels in most people, even after it possesses a lot of cholesterol. Adding to it, they contribute a lot to prevent people from falling prey to heart diseases through LDL shape modification. 

Egg consumption is also linked to obesity depletion as doing the same keeps people at hunger satiety. Also, this helps in blood sugar level maintenance. So, by this, we infer that you have finally found your long lurked weight loss booster food item. Also, one large egg comprises <1 gm of carbohydrates and <6 gms of protein which makes it the best keto diet for women supplement. 


Olives and olive oils are considered to be extremely rich in healthy compounds. There are numerous such olive components but to reckon the most famous one, we have a phenolic compound which is known as oleocanthal. Owing to its health benefit factors, it is read the most about by scientists. It’s possessive of anti-inflammatory characteristics such as ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is considered to be an active agent in reducing pain as well as solves inflammation issues in the human body. One ounce that is 28 gm of olive consists of 2 gm of aggregate carbohydrates and fiber equating an amount of 1 gm. 

For the ones who like to keep at a distance with olives, olive oil is a fine choice for you. Thou, it is not as beneficial as direct olive consumption is, but at least delivers you a sufficient amount of healthy fats as well as compounds. Also, whenever you want to have some fried food, try opting for extra virgin olive oil. According to doctors, it is best suited for the same as it reduces the chances of oil components being broken down into toxic particles. 



Generally, people are of the view that using non-veg food items for consumption contributes to an abnormal increase of protein in the body. But most of them are unknown to the fact that it is a very rich source of many essential nutrients which can never be found in plants. For instance, Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 consists of DHA, Carnosine, creatine, etc. Even the fatty components contained within these meat products are imperative to the human body. It contributes to low-fat high carb diet consumption. 

This explains well why a keto diet for women is considered to be a cholesterol improvement. To gain maximum benefits from your meat product it is imperative to have cent percent pasture-raised animal meat. It has a better ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fats. But one important factor to be kept in mind is that no food item can compare to the level of omega-3 fats contained by the fishes and shell-fishes. Frequent consumption of them contributes to reduced health risks and improved mental health status. 

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It is famously said that a mediocre consumption of high-fat dairy products leads to the least exposure to heart disease risks. High-fat dairy products are inclusive of vitamins, high-quality minerals, and proteins. The best thing about it is it contains linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is that fatty acid which is considered to be the best agent for fat loss. It is extremely necessary in order to have a well-maintained strength and endurance level in the human body. 

For instance, the addition of merely 7 ounces of ricotta cheese in food adds to the muscular mass of aging people. In short, you should never hesitate in asking for extra cheese! It is because these are those high-fat dairy products that make you gain the least amount of carbs. 



This may sound like the most bizarre addition to this keto diet for women list. But as bizarre as it seems, so are its fat loss properties! The cocoa component that the dark chocolate consists of, contributes immensely to blood pressure stability, heart attack chances, and resistance of insulin. Also, cocoa is famously known as a super fruit as it’s inclusive of a gamut of antioxidants. 

But beware! It doesn’t provide you with a free license to go on having an infinity amount of dark chocolate, as there can be some chocolates that may put an end to your ketosis self right away. So, whenever you go on having your favorite chocolate purchased always read if it has any added sugars into it. Also, for those who abhor dark chocolates, here’s advice for them. You can go for chocolates which are sweetened by active usage of healthy low calorie sweetening agents. 


So, these are some of the amazing, delicious as well as fat cutter products to start your ketosis regime with. We will be coming with more such useful articles. 

Stay healthy, stay contented! 💚

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