Metabolism is scientifically defined as the chemical reaction that occurs inside our bodies. We know that the food is converted into various metabolites like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. These metabolites are interconvertible. And the reactions that lead to such processes are called Metabolism. Certain foods boost metabolism. How to boost metabolism?

We have often heard terms like fast metabolism, related to body weight. BMR is the Basal Metabolic Rate. A person who has a low metabolic rate tends to gain weight easily. So now you know the secret behind the slim body of your skinny friends. 

People who have a high/fast metabolism rate will not get fat easily. It is because their body can convert fat into glucose very easily. Glucose will lead to the release of energy. More energy means more burning of calories. 

How to Increase Metabolism?

Is It Your Fault?

It is not your fault if your metabolism is high or low. Skinny people have the same complaint. They are not able to gain weight, even if they want to. 

  • Metabolism rate depends on genetics. It can be inherited from your family.
  • It depends on your body design and obesity.
  • BMR is highly affected by your lifestyle, sleep cycle, junk food eating habits.
  • Crash diet can lead to a reduction in metabolism.
  • A very hot environment while sleeping might lower your BMR.
  • Some medications might affect your BMR.

How To Boost Metabolism?

The foods that boost metabolism are enlisted here. Here are a few ways to have a fast metabolism-

1. Green Tea

Green tea is relevant when one is trying to lose weight. Green tea will speed up your metabolism. It will lead to the burning of fat tissues and hence reducing body weight.

Boost Metabolism
Boost Metabolism

Orange and thyme infused water recipe You can have a cup of green tea after every meal to increase the metabolic rate of your body.

2. Water

If you are trying to lose weight, drink plenty of water. Water will help you to have a fast metabolism as all reactions require water. Drink cold water. Water will also keep your stomach full. Thus leading to less serving of food, and eventually weight loss.

3. Workout

A workout routine is necessary if you are trying to lose weight. The science behind this is that when you are exercising your body needs lots of energy. So all the fats are converted into carbohydrates to release energy. The fats under your skin get consumed. Hence all you are left behind with are the muscles.

4. Sleep

You need to give your body proper rest. Even when you are sleeping your body is active. A lot of reactions are still going on inside. To boost up your metabolic rate you need to sleep for at least 8 hours a day. To speed up your metabolism; sleep properly.

5. Caffeine

Well, you can have a cup of coffee without sugar to boost up your metabolism. Generally, people have a cup of black coffee before they work out. It is one of the best foods that boost metabolism. This increases metabolism and provides the energy needed to work out. You can have black coffee in the morning as well.

6. Spicy Food

Spicy food can be helpful if you are trying to lose weight. First of all spicy food means more water, so you are already full. Spicy food tends to increase metabolism. You can eat capsicum, bell pepper and chillies. People who eat spicy food have stronger metabolism.

7. No Dieting

How to increase metabolism without starving? Let’s be honest, you cannot lose weight by starving. Do not diet or starve your body. This will lead to eating extra food the next day. This extra food will get converted into fat.

Fasting or crash diet will decrease your metabolism. It is better to have a small portion of food in an interval of 2-3 hours. Eat healthy foods which have good calories in it.

8. Calorie

You need to stay healthy. Keep your stomach full. Do not starve. Eat foods that have high nutritional value. Avoid junk food or packaged food. They can reduce your metabolism.

9. Thyroxine

Some people have a higher body weight because the thyroid gland located near our throat is not working efficiently. This gland produces Thyroxine that has to maintain metabolism. If the production of this hormone is low, the metabolism will be lower. As a result, you might experience some weight gain. You can eat food that is rich in iodine. The production of this hormone is related to iodine. 

10. Be Active

If you really want to speed up your metabolism, then be active. Use stairs instead of an elevator. Try to walk while you are talking on the phone. A little change in your lifestyle might boost your metabolism.

11. Protein

Include more protein in your diet. They are low on calories. Have more lenticel, pulses and legumes in your diet. If you are working out heavily then you need to take a lot of protein. This will help in muscle building and reducing fat.

12. No Stress

Stress and anxiety can reduce your metabolic rate as a result, you might end up gaining weight. A stress-free life is a healthy life. If you learn to manage your stress and anger; you might boost your metabolism.


13. Fibre

Have more fibre. Fibre will increase your metabolism. Fibres are present in green vegetables like Ladyfinger, oatmeal, citrus fruit, apple and mango.

14. Dark Chocolate

So the fuss about dark chocolate is true. It can help you to lose weight. Dark chocolates have certain chemicals that can boost up your metabolism. So you can nibble on a bar of chocolate to increase the metabolism of your body.

15. Avoid Sugar

If you want to speed up your metabolism, avoid sugar. You cannot expect your body to convert fats into carbs if you keep supplying it with extra sugar. Cut on sugar drinks, cakes and pastries.

Living a healthy life is more important than gaining or losing weight. A high and active metabolism will not only keep you fit it will keep you energetic. You will not feel lethargic. We have given some tips to boost your metabolism. If you follow them you will be able to lose weight easily and stay fit.

Now you know how to boost metabolism. A healthy BMR is a balance that you have to maintain. A low or high BMR in either way is bad for your health. If the metabolic rate is low or high because of some genetic fault, there is nothing much you can do. Keep exercising to maintain a healthy body. Eat good food and live a stress-free life.

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