A cool glass of beer at the end of a busy day can come as much-needed relief. Though it is true that one must not go overboard with the alcohol, there is no shame in drinking those occasional sips to loosen your body.

As long as you know your limits and practice other ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a drink or two can be your little celebration. But did you know that there is more to your favorite alcoholic beverages than meets the eye? Drinks like vodka and beer have certain properties that can be beneficial for the skin and hair. Today, we are going to focus on all the ways in which beer can be used, besides being a drink. If you are the kind who would rather not consume beer, you can still enjoy its perks externally.

It is possible to use beer for beauty and to make it a part of those special skincare routines you do every once in a while. To help with that, we are going to tell you about certain beauty hacks with beer that you could consider using!

Beneficial Properties Of Beer For Beauty 

Before jumping into all the best beer hacks, let’s clear any doubts you may have about the use of beer for beauty. Most of us do not know about the exact properties of beer except for the ones which we can consume directly.

Beer Hacks for beauty

But beer actually has certain constituents which can be very helpful to out skin and hair once applied.

Here are 6 beneficial properties of beer for beauty: 

  • Beer has a rich content of glutathione and selenium, which are antioxidants that help your skin remain young, soft and healthy.
  • The selenium content of beer also helps in reducing the damage done to skin cells, while also reducing the signs of ageing.
  • The alcoholic properties of beer help in removing toxins from the skin, cleaning up the pores.
  • The low pH of beer becomes an important factor in utilizing beauty hacks with beer. This is because the low pH helps in fighting cellulite, maintaining the elasticity of the skin, while also tightening the hair follicles.
  • The yeast present in beer is an excellent source of Vitamin B and other proteins which are rich in amino acids. This helps in maintaining shine over the hair and skin, while also influencing the formation of keratin.
  • The froth of the beer shouldn’t be ignored, because helps in fighting germs and reducing the acne on your skin.

Best Hacks Using Beer For Beauty

Now that you know all about the properties of beer, you may want to know how to utilize them to the fullest. The good news is that it’s rather easy to apply these beer hacks in your daily life. They only require a few simple steps, after which you are set to go.

Before trying, always remember to be safe and make sure that your body reacts well to the ingredients being. For products applied to your skin, you can try doing a patch test to make sure that there is no chance of any allergic reactions. 

That being said, here are the 5 best hacks using beer for beauty:

1. Beer Bubble Bath 

What if you could literally soak yourself in your favorite drink? Well, the first item on this list lets you do just that! A beer bubble bath can be used to remove the toxins from your body, while also making your skin feel smooth and soft. 

Beer For Beauty
Beer For Beauty 

For this, you will need: 

1. A beer of your choice

2. A soap which is olive-oil based

Preparing a beer bath is extremely easy because all you need to do is add beer along with the soap into your running, warm, or hot bath water and relax inside it and get comfortable. Not only is this one of those beneficial beer hacks, but it’s also a fun one to enjoy as a treat after a day’s hard work.

2. Beer Hair Rinse 

The properties of beer are not just useful for the skin, but also the hair. A beer hair rinse can help you get rid of the grease and dirt in your hair, while also tightening the follicles. 

For this, you will need: 

1. 1 oz. of beer

2. 1 oz. of water

3. 7 drops of essential oil of your choice, such as lemon essential oil

4. 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar

First, pour the beer into a bowl and let it sit out in the open so it can go flat. Then transfer it to another container and take it to your bathroom. While you can also use just this for the rinse, you could add the other hair-friendly ingredients mentioned above, along with ones of your choice such as egg, honey, etc. 

Wash your hair with shampoo as usual and once you’re done, reach for your beer mix and pour it over your hair. Massage it into the roots of your hair and leave it for a few minutes, before rinsing the beer off. You can leave some of it on the scalp for added effect. 

Make sure that you only use this once in a while. If you suffer from chronic hair problems or other hair issues, it is better to first consult a specialist before making any changes to your hair-care routine.

3. Beer Face Mask 

Beer can also be an important ingredient in your DIY face mask routine. A face mask made of beer along with certain added ingredients helps in supporting skin maintenance and lends its useful traits to add quality. 

Beer For Beauty
Beer For Beauty 

For this, you will need:

1. 1 egg white

2. ½ cup of beer

3. 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

In a bowl, mix all these ingredients and apply evenly all over your face. Leave this mask on for around 10 minutes, before rinsing it off and gently patting your face dry using a towel. 

The egg white will tighten your skin and shrink larger pores, while the lemon juice cleans them, lightening your skin. The yeast in the beer will form a sheer layer which hydrates your skin. Thus, using this relaxing skincare method will leave you feeling fresher with brighter skin.

4. Beer Pedicure 

Yes, you heard that right, we said beer pedicure! There is such versatility in the best hacks using beer for beauty. From the hair to the face to the bottom of your foot, beer can be used to give that boost of nutrients and relaxation. A beer pedicure is something that is often an option in spas but could very well be done at home as well. 

Beer For Beauty
Beer For Beauty 

For this, you will need:

1. A large bowl or basin

2. Warm water

3. ½ bottle of your chosen beer

Fill the container with enough warm water to reach your ankles and pour the beer inside, stirring to mix it well. Then, soak your feet in it for around 10 to 15 minutes. After you are done, pull your feet out, dry them well, and apply lotion on them. After this, carry on with your usual pedicure procedure or just end it here as a nice, warm foot bath.

5. Beer Strawberry Face Scrub

Last but not the least, beer can make for an excellent exfoliating agent that can get rid of those annoying dead skin cells, blackheads, and leave your face feeling fresher.

Beer For Beauty
Beer For Beauty 

For this, you will need:

1. 2-3 strawberries

2. A few drops of beer

First, mash the strawberries in a bowl using a fork and then add the beer to make it into a paste. Rub this mixture on your face in gentle, circular motions and let it sit for around 15 to 20 minutes.

Once you’re done, rinse the scrub off carefully and finish up your skincare routine with products like toners, moisturizers, etc. 

Planning Your DIY Beauty Routine

Making your beauty routine DIY gives you more control over the products you use, while also reducing chances of side-effects since mostly natural ingredients are required.

Using beer for beauty is only one of the many homemade skin and hair remedies available. You are free to explore all the options until you find one that gives you the desired effects.

Beer For Beauty
Beer For Beauty 

While using any hacks, chemicals, or natural, always remember to be careful and test for allergies. Once your skin has given you the go-ahead, you can grab those ingredients from the kitchen and make your very own customized beauty formulas! 

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