The idea of a swimsuits for women over 50 is often treated as a bad thing. Society loves to push the idea of an ‘eternally youthful face’ towards women. It blasts its expectations all over billboards and advertisements, pushing this agenda that women have to deny themselves their age, hiding marks such as wrinkles, grey hair, etc. It is almost as if beauty has an expiry date when it comes to their bodies.

Of course, it is okay if a woman herself wants to use products for signs of aging. As long as it comes from a place of comfort and not misplaced insecurity. However, society is still guilty of treating older women as being ‘less of a woman. When women in their 50s and above engage in partying, fandom culture, adventures, etc. it is considered strange. The spirit of fun inside a woman is expected to diminish with time.

People indeed change with time but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy themselves anymore. Older women are just as capable of exploring, experimenting, and expressing themselves in diverse ways. No areas are barred for them, including the club, the pool, and the beach. 

Women’s swimsuit models, in particular, are often shown to be young with an ‘ideal’ body type. However, if an older woman, bearing all the signs of aging, wants to wear her swimsuit and wade through the waves — then she can and will do an amazing job at it. There are so many wonderful options in swimsuits for women over 50 and finding the best fit for your wonderful, grown body is as simple as reading this article.

The basics About Swimsuits

A swimsuit is a garment that is designed to be worn during water-related activities, such as swimming, surfing, etc. It can also be worn for sunbathing and simply relaxing on the beach. It can also be worn as an undergarment under wetsuits for activities such as scuba diving and waterskiing. Swimsuits are made out of material that can endure water resistance and allow for flexibility of movements, such as nylon and polyester. Women’s swimsuits usually contain fabric that hugs the body comfortably without restricting breath.


There are several kinds of swimsuits available for several body types. They can be two-piece, one-piece, closed with a zip, closed with a knot, off-shoulder, full-coverage, etc. It is important to accommodate different heights and body shapes, and also take into account any other needs. After all, everyone deserves to have a cozy swimming experience in the water without worrying about the fitting.

How to choose the right Swimsuit for you?

In ads for swimsuits, we usually see models that are slender, whose bodily proportions are highlighted just right in the fabric. Yes, the beauty of these women is valid and they are not at fault for society making them a standard. It also makes them feel pressured to try and be perfect all the time. However, the world is full of diverse body types and there should be more information about which swimsuits are best for them, as well. 

It is okay if you want to get into the beach fitness routine, as long as you don’t feel obliged to do it. Some women may find relaxation and discipline in doing the same. It is also okay if you want to go just as you are and pick a suit which expresses your present body. Other women may find this more soothing. Either way is alright. Just remember - the body should not be forced to fit the swimsuit. The swimsuit must be accommodating enough for the body. 

For tall women’s swimsuits, a one-piece can often feel too tight or rough on certain parts. Newer one-piece suits are emerging, such as those with folds that can be adjusted to suit your torso size. Or, you can also go for two-piece suits, which cover your upper and lower body while also giving your skin room to breathe.

For short women’s swimsuits, a one-piece can be easy, cute wear. You can also try off-shoulder swimsuit tops that highlight your upper body. There are no rules, except the rule which says that you should feel comfortable in what you wear. For plus-size women’s swimsuits, there are both one-piece and two-piece options that have material that allows your body to take the space it deserves, while still hugging your curves and showing them off if you want that. 

There have been newer brands, developing newer styles of plus-size swimsuits, now that the world is starting to realize that plus-size people are just as fashionable as everyone else. Apart from all these, you should also consider your body shape, any allergies to fabrics, as well as the parts of yourself you feel okay revealing. The freedom isn’t in covering up or exposing — it is in making the choice to do either.

7 Swimsuits for Women Over 50

If you thought the swimsuits for women over 50 were limited in options, you thought wrong. From easy-to-wear tops to dresses and sexy two-piece suits, many choices are waiting to be made.  Whether you want to go for a cute, cool, or chic vibe, there is plenty of styles to go around. They not only highlight your beauty but also keep you comfortable throughout your water adventures.

Here is a list of 7 swimsuits for women over 50:

1. Halter Top

Halter Top
Halter Top

A halter swimsuit top is easy to put on and looks gorgeous at the same time. It has straps that are tied behind your neck. These straps are adjustable and hold the top against your body as per your comfort. Halter tops enhance the front of your body, particularly your cleavage. They allow your skin to breathe and enjoy the warm glory of the sunlight. So, make sure to put on sunscreen and other necessary products when wearing them. 

2. Ruched Swimsuit

A ruched swimsuit can be particularly comfortable for tall women. These have ruchings i.e. pleated fabric or folds, that give the suit a loose appearance and a cool ripple effect. These folds don’t dig into your skin uncomfortably. They allow all the parts of your body to stretch into the fabric. They are easy to wear and look stunning on a regular beach day.

3. One Piece

One-piece swimsuits are not just for young children or adolescents. There are many newer styles of one-pieces that appeal to older wearers, as well. These suits cover your body and stay secure through your water activities. 

There are suits designed more towards active pastimes, such as enjoying waterpark rides. Some suits are geared towards lazy strolling down the sand or just lying on your chair beside the pool. One-piece suits can be worn quickly. They also come in different styles, such as off-shoulder suits which show off your shoulders or ones which hug your waist nicely. It is up to you to make the selection.

4. Bikini


Bikinis are an excellent choice in swimsuits for women over 50. They are sexy, beautiful and give you an air of confidence as you walk down the beach. They come in various styles that are designed to complement various parts of your body. A lot of bikini tops also come with underwire, inbuilt cups and padding. These keep your breasts safe and secure when you go for a swim. You can also slip a shirt or swimsuit cover over your bikini top to protect you from the sun and take it off when you feel comfortable.

5. Swim Dress 

Dresses are not just a fashion choice for land-based activities. Swim dresses come with pretty frills and flowy garment that still sustains itself in the water. They keep you cozy both when you are swimming and when you come back out on the sand. Swim dresses are longer, trailing down your body smoothly and make you feel as if you are gliding through the air and water They come in various styles and colors to suit your preferences. 

6. Tankinis 

Tankinis are a hybrid of the cute one-piece and the convenient two-piece suit. They consist of a tank top, made of a moisture-enduring material, combined with bikini bottoms. They can also be worn over swim skirts and other such options. These tankinis are two-piece suits but give the overall illusion of a one-piece. Thus, they allow your arms to bask in the sunlight, while also covering your torso. They are easy to wear and are perfect for a round of beach volleyball.

7. Deep V-Neck

Deep V-Neck
Deep V-Neck

Finally, there is nothing as sexy as the deep V-neck swimsuit. These enhance your shoulders, highlight lovely collarbones and focus on the upper half of your torso. These are typically a variation in the traditional one-piece. If you want to admire your cleavage, or just want less coverage, this could be the option for you. There are various variations in colors and styles for you to choose from.

Beauty is Ageless 

Be it choosing swimsuits for women over 50, or expressing yourself in any other way, always remember that beauty only expands with time. When we say that beauty is ageless, we don’t mean that people are beautiful despite their age. Rather, we mean they are beautiful because of it. 

As we grow older, we learn more and more about ourselves. We make mistakes, we stumble and we emerge out of the rubble bright and brave. There is enough wisdom in your beauty to last a hundred more lifetimes. Whether you are 50 or 80, you can still have a blast at a party or bring yourself to tears over your favorite TV drama. There is no limit to the love inside of you. Only one thing is true — there is still so much blooming left for you to do. 

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