10 Hairstyles For Big Forehead

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hairstyles for big forehead
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Of course, having the perfect hairline and a relatively smaller forehead is a boon, but not many are blessed with it. But that does not make women with big foreheads any less beautiful, does it? One of the reasons why the big forehead is looked down upon is due to the honest fact that as we grow older, our hairlines are meant to reduce due to nature’s force. And honestly, it is one of those features we would rather have minimized than flaunt it proudly. 

Certain hairstyles for big forehead can be a savior in this regard. These hairstyles for girls with big foreheads make the face look more in shape and the hair COOL. 

Check out some of the coolest big forehead hairstyles that help in hiding that big forehead effortlessly while making your hair look chic and stylish. 

Best hairstyles for big forehead girls

1. The natural curly crop

hairstyles for big forehead
Image source: 2020ave.com

Heart or peach-shaped face? Check. Curly Hair? Check. Big forehead? Checkmate! If you are someone who fits all three criteria, then what are you waiting for?

The natural curly crop is by far the best hairstyle you can get. Moreover, the front bangs add fullness and softness to compliment your peach-shaped face as the curls become the star attraction of your face. 

2. The sexy sixties 

Hairstyles For Big Forehead
Image source: byrdie.com

The classic bang takes us way back to the middle of the previous century. It’s a bourgeois long hairstyle with the addition of a longer bang that almost covers the eyes make for the perfect sexy ‘60s look.

Hairstylists opine that as the bang gets longer and away from the eyes, it rounds out to accentuate the cheekbone. If you don’t know how to explain it to your stylist, we suggest using an image of Lou Doillon as your primary reference. 

3. Curls and Bangs

Hairstyles For Big Forehead
Image source: southernliving.com

Most women think that curly-haired girls should steer clear of bangs. However, we necessarily do not feel the same. In fact, curly bangs look phenomenal on certain faces and this particular haircut is great because the bangs are not as big as a full-on fringe.

Although bangs are meant to cover the forehead, this hairstyle is not that dense to serve the purpose, but it definitely breaks up the shape a bit. 

4. The Unconventional Bob

Hairstyles For Big Forehead
Image source: latest-hairstyles.com

Often people associate a short haircut with a boys’ cut and many are of the misconception that it won’t look good enough on them. But the latest trends pretty much sums up that it is not necessarily the case.

You can rock any hairstyle if you understand your facial features and angles well. If you are into deep bangs, ask your stylist to cut it really softly with a razor and graduate it slightly as they reach the back of your head. 

5. Volumize your updo

hairstyles for big forehead
Image source: hypehair.com

If you are blessed with an afro, but your forehead isn’t as blessed as your hair, then this cool and casual hairstyle is something you should definitely try out.

With fringes left dancing on your forehead, take the rest of your curly mane and tie a knot on your head to volumize the hair at the top. Do not shy away from exposing your forehead a bit and keep the look fun and messy. And it goes really well on a date-night or a night out at the dance bar with friends. 

6. The traditional bob but loose

Hairstyles For Big Forehead
Image source: therighthairstyles.com

For straight-haired women, this is one of the best hairstyles for the big forehead. The bob has become a millennial favorite and this modern take on the traditional bob haircut offers a rich texture to your hair and improve your facial feature by a notch.

This one is supposed to be slightly longer in the back and even though the front fringes are supposed to cover up the forehead, it’s intentionally kept loose and fluid. It offers a little transparency through the bang so the forehead is still visible, but not prominently.

7. Casual side part

Hairstyles For Big Forehead
Image source: elle.com

The casual side partition has been a trick master for decades (maybe, it goes back to centuries.) The cool-girl side flip works well on any kind of long hair (curly, wavy, or straight) and adds volume to the hair.

This also does a brilliant job for those with larger foreheads and fine strands and takes away the attention from the brow to the hair. If you have curls like our Euphoria-star Zendaya, you should totally take inspiration from her.  

8. The Rihanna pixie

hairstyles for big forehead
Image source: amazon.com

Nobody says a word when it comes to Rihanna, because that woman can never go wrong. Remember how she looked like a masterpiece straight out of the MET red carpet during her pixie girl era?

It’s one of our favorite Riri cuts. To get a pixie-like her, make sure that the crown is longer and is complemented well with heavy side-swept bangs. This is also one of the most beautiful ways to cover up the broad forehead. And it will definitely make your face look at least half a decade younger. 

9. The Pretty long layers

Hairstyles For Big Forehead
Image source: therighthairstyles.com

Just because you have a big forehead, it does not mean that you have to necessarily hide it. The long layers look exceptionally pretty on big foreheads and the subtle side bangs that flow and dance around the ears is a real head-turner.

Furthermore, it also adds a certain structure to your facial features and accentuates them. If your big forehead bothers you, then maybe, this one isn’t the best option to go for and you should rather stick to bangs because bangs can never go wrong on any type of hair: long, short, mod, straight, wavy, curly, anything. 

10. The curtain bangs

Hairstyles For Big Forehead
Image source: therighthairstyles.com

Curtain bangs are currently in vogue, and if you are someone who loves hopping on the trend, then we suggest you go for it right away. This hairstyle is such a favorite amongst women recently that searches for curtain bangs have risen by 600 percent on Pinterest. (No, we are not exaggerating.) 

This haircut frames the facial sculpture beautifully, starting with the forehead, as they drape against either side. In fact, we suggest you go for a long soft bang with a slightly highlighted middle partition to accentuate your large forehead better. 

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