There is no one-size fit for when it comes to being a human, because everyone is unique in their own way, both physically and mentally. People have different ways of living, loving, working, and being comfortable.

If we try to restrict someone within boxes and force idealized notions on them, we will only make a society that is miserable and unhappy with itself. Thus, it is important to recognize that people come in all shapes and sizes

As long as you are comfortable with your body and feel safe enough to accept it, you are beautiful in the form you exist. Understanding the notion that there are different kinds of beauty in this world creates a safe space that is inclusive for all.

In terms of physical features, one such thing that differs from person to person is the various face shapes. Each person has uniquely identifying lines and contours on their face, which make their traits special for themselves. 

Depending on the measurements of the different parts of your face and certain defining characteristics, you can have one of the following face shapes: square, oval, round, rectangular, diamond, triangular and heart-shaped. Remember that there will be no perfect result that fits you because people are people and face shapes can be a combination of two categories or so.

Usually, whichever one of these options your face is closest to is your approximate face shape. If you are someone who only has a vague idea about their face shape, or wants to confirm their guess, we are here for you. Today, we are going to tell you all about how to know your face shape.

Why Should you Know your Face Shape?

Before learning how to know your face shape, you are probably wondering what’s the point of it. Well, it depends. It is always good to know more things about your body because society so often tries to keep us away from self-exploration. It can be a cute thing to find out too, having a shape you can associate with your face, is that is something you would be comfortable with.

Face shape
Face shape

Knowing your face shape can also help you in accommodating your fashion decisions in line with it. Of course, you are free to wear whatever you want and look however you’d like.

As long as you feel at home in your skin, all your fashion choices as perfect for you. However, if you are looking for certain elements which highlight your existing features, knowing your face shape can help a lot with that,

For example, if you know your face shape, you will be able to pick out haircuts, new eyeglasses, eyebrow shapes, etc. that suit you the best. If you are someone who enjoys applying makeup, then knowing your face shape can help you use contouring techniques that compliment you the most. 

Fun fact: some people also believe that face shapes can be reflections of personalities! Whether this is true or not, reading through the results can be a fun thing to do if you are ever bored!

How to Know your Face Shape?

Now that you know that there is some sort of benefit behind this process, you may be excited at the thought of finding your face shape. Well, we won’t make you wait too long!

Before you start, grab a flexible measuring tape so you can record the measurements comfortably. Have a notebook by your side where you can write all the numbers down, so you can see which categories they fit at the end. 

Once you have gathered all your materials, read ahead to find out what you have to do next!

1. Measuring your Face

Make sure to pull your hair away from your face and tie it back so that you can see your entire face properly. This will endure that you get the most accurate results possible. 

Measuring your face
Measuring your face

The very first thing you need to do is get the following measurements: 

  • Forehead 

Take the measuring tape and measure across the widest part of your forehead, which is usually located halfway between your eyebrows and upper hairline. Measure from one end to the other i.e. from the hairline on one side of your forehead to the other and then write the results down.

  • Cheekbones

Next, measure the width of your cheekbones, using the tape to measure the distance from the pointiest part of one cheek to the pointiest part of the other. This part is the most prominent part of your cheekbone and is usually located below the outer corner of your eye. 

  • Jawline

For the jawline, all you need to do is measure the distance from the corner of the jaw just below one ear, to the tip of your chin. Simply multiply this measurement by two to get the length of your entire jawline.

  • Face Length

Finally, measure the length of your face by measuring the distance from the center point of your upper hairline to the tip of your chin. 

By doing this, you have finished noting down all the measurements you need and can move onto the next step.

2. Analyzing your Results

While finding your face shape, you need to keep two things in mind: the measurements recorded and certain defining characteristics such as a pointed chin, rounded jawline, etc.

Even as you have the numbers down, take note of the various angles and edges of your face to find out what is prominent and what isn’t.

Analyzing your face shape
Analyzing your face shape

After you have all the information you need, read through the results below to see which one of these face shapes fit you:

  • Round Face

In this, your cheekbone width and face length are around the same measurement, and they are larger than your jawline and forehead, which are also similar in measurement. You most probably have a rounded jawline and hairline, as well. These features indicate that you have an approximate round face shape.

  • Square Face

In this, all your measurements are somewhat similar and the angle of your jawline is on the sharper side. Your hairline probably follows a straight line and there are minimal curves on your cheekbone. These features indicate that you have an approximate square face shape.

  • Rectangular Face

In this, the length of your face is the greatest measurement out of all, and the measurements of your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead are fairly similar. Your hairline is probably along a straight line and your face resembles a squarish shape, but slightly longer. These features indicate that you have an approximate rectangular face shape. 

  • Diamond Face

In this, the length of your face is the largest, followed by these measurements in the descending order: cheekbones, forehead, jawline. This means that the jawline is of the smallest measurement. Your chin has a strong pointed edge, just like the tip of a diamond. These features indicate that you have an approximate diamond face shape.

  • Heart Face

In this, your forehead has greater measurement than your cheekbones and jawline. You might have a widow’s peak, which means that there is a ‘V’ shaped point on your hairline at the center of your forehead. Your hairline is probably rounded and your chin has a strong point. These features indicate that you have an approximate heart face shape.

  • Oval Shape

In this, your face length is greater than the width of your cheekbones and you have a tall-ish forehead which is greater than your jawline in measurement. You have no sharp angles on your jawline and chin, rather, the lines are rounded. These features indicate that you have an oval face shape.

  • Triangular Shape

In this, your jawline is greater in length as compared to your cheekbones. In return, your cheekbones are greater than your forehead in terms of measurement. These features indicate that you have a triangular face shape. 

Taking Pride in your Uniqueness

In the end, you may find yourself mostly fitting into any of these categories, or you may be a blend of several face shapes. Whichever it is, remember that you are you and that is the only reason you need to be proud of yourself. All those awkward corners and edges of your being, are proof of the courage and strength that you show every day by existing. 

Face shape
Face Shape

All those little details are stars that make up the constellation that is you. So, the next time you look in the mirror and see that unique face shape, remember that it is worthy of love—or rather, that it is worthy of your love and it deserves to be on the receiving end of it every single moment. 

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