Getting short hair can be a fun time for a while until you have had the same regular side-separated style, somewhat wavy haircut for a half year in a row. Listen, we all have gone through a similar situation once in our life and it is totally understandable. It is just that we get bored with our same hairstyle for so long. Thankfully, hair styling comes to our rescue every time. There are so many ways to style our short hair.

Short hair is absolutely chic and fashionable. Plus, it is super easy to maintain. Maintaining long hair is way more difficult than maintaining short hairstyles. You can add your favorite texture, or incorporate braids, clip in your favorite trendy hair accessories, or just let it just flow in a wavy pattern. There is no limit to styling your chic short hair. 

Whether it’s for work, a casual meeting, or a party, you can definitely rock the look with some eye-catching looks with short hair. If you want to chop off your hair, but you are simply thinking that you cannot style your short hair in different ways, you are wrong! Hit that chic look with your short hairstyle. So whether you’re considering doing a haircut, or you simply need to switch up your look, we decided to suggest some DIY short hairstyles on how to style short hair.

How To Style Short Hair

Here are some DIYs short hairstyles for women:

The easy yet cool- Twist hairdo

Yes, you can simply twist your hair, and rock any look. It is way easier than what it might seem to you. We can easily consider this hairstyle to be one of the best short hairstyles for women.

All that you need for this hairstyle is available handy as well: hairpins, texturizing spray, comb, and elastic band. 

Wondering what to do next?

  • Start with detangling your hair with a comb. Then spritz on some texturizing spray to add a beautiful texture to your hair.
  • Part your hair down from the middle. Now gently pick up a three-inch section of hair from one side and comb it neatly.
  • Slowly twist the hair and pin it up at the back and make sure it looks neat. Repeat the same on the other side as well. Tie both the twists together with an elastic band and your iconic twist hairdo is one.

Try braiding your hair into a crown braid

Yes, you can braid your short hair and give it an elegant look. Looks hard to braid in small hair? Well, no, this is a super easy and fun hairdo and you are going to love it.

Style Short Hair
Style Short Hair
  • Start by creating a side part and then slowly and neatly Dutch braid your hair diagonally (to make it sound more easy, simply cross the pieces under one another instead of over).
  • You can start braiding it from the left side of your hair. Repeat this step on the right side of your hair as well. Use a bobby pin to secure both braids into a bun in the back and make sure it looks smart and neat, we do not want a mess right? And boom—you’re good to go. These short hairstyles for women are smart, classy, and chic as well.

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Did you try the bouffant scarf hairdo yet?

The bouffant scarf hairdo is way too classy and smart. You should consider trying it for a fun summer day full of fun and games. All that you need for this hairstyle is dry shampoo, hairpins, elastic bands, comb, and a beautiful Scarf. We are sure you already have these items at your home, so try this hairstyle as soon as possible!

Style Short Hair
Style Short Hair

But, where to start?

  • At first, brush your hair to detangle it.
  • Spritz on some dry shampoo on your hair. The dry shampoo cleans your hair as well as gives it a beautiful texture and volume.
  • Brush your bangs and leave them to fall on your brow. Pick up hair from the crown of your head and backcomb it from the center to the roots. This prodding will make a bouffant.
  • Pinup this segment of hair after brushing your hair neatly.
  • Pinup the remaining strands of your hair using hairpins that are similar to the shade of your hair. Pin your hair up in proper sections to keep it set up and give a neat look.
  • Take your favorite scarf, fold it over the rear of your head, and tie it in a twofold bunch at the crown of your head. Take care of the ends of your scarf. Pull the scarf up and spread it out to cover the pins at the back.

This is considered to be one of the best short hairstyles for women.

Try to pin your bangs back with bobby pins

As basic as it sounds, it is super easy to try out. The best part is it is super stylish as well. All that you need for this is your comb and favorite bobby pins. This look is back in the fashion world to set a trend again. Instead of going for basic black bobby pins, try different colored bobby pins.

  • Start by pinning your bangs with bobby pins and try to form a v shape.
  • Use a number of bobby pins and try to make a neat V shape. One of the quickest and trendiest ways to style short hair is done!

Classiest of all: The French twist

Wondering how to how to style short hair? Try this way of styling short hair. The twisted French twist is considered to be one of the most iconic hairstyles ever. All that you need for this look is a crimping iron, sectioning clips, comb, hairpins, and a hairspray.

  • Start by pleating the top segments of your hair.
  • Neatly part your hair into three segments: one on each side, and one in the middle. Pin the side portions of your hair.
  • Take the front portion from the middle area and backcomb it to add a neat look to the hairstyle.
  • Take the middle area and wind it till the end. Pin it up at the scruff of your neck to make sure about the turn.
  • Unclip the side portions of your hair. Take a little part of the hair from one side and twist it.
  • Neatly repeat the same with both side areas then again until all your hair has been contorted and stuck.
  • Take the ends from the middle section and tuck it underneath. Pin it properly. You are done!

Try these DIY short hairstyles and make heads turn wherever you go!

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