Any sexual activity that we engage in, tends to feel a bit incomplete without the final, and probably the best part, the orgasm. A male orgasm is the easiest to identify for both the man as well as for his partner. A female orgasm, however, is pretty difficult to make out; even Sherlock Holmes has had an extremely difficult time decoding this one. 

One of the major problems that tend to arise is identifying whether or not you have orgasmed; although an orgasm is a unique and different experience for different people, getting there itself is quite a big deal for women considering how difficult it is for them to orgasm. But, as far as the part about the difficulty in achieving orgasm is concerned, we have an amazing way to help you out. Orgasm pressure points! Wait, pressure points for orgasm? Yes! Have a look at the complete guide on what orgasm pressure points are and how do they work. 

What Are Orgasm Pressure Points? 

Before answering that question, let’s refresh our memories on what a normal pressure point is. A pressure point on the body is an area or surface which tends to be sensitive to pressure. Acupressure is a very popular way of stimulating these pressure points and is also greatly effective. Similarly, an orgasm pressure point is an area or surface on the body of a female which helps her reach the climax or achieve an orgasm. This is why these points are also regarded as “orgasm buttons” or “erogenous zones”. So, some kind of pressure on these specific points helps a woman reach orgasm, and at times, even just with the help of these pressure points! 

Female Orgasm Pressure Points

These orgasm pressure points on the female body are found in 10 distinct places. Let’s take a look at these: 

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1. Lower Back

The small of the back of a woman contains a bundle of nerves called sacral nerves. These nerves shoot directly to your vagina, which is why they tend to serve as excellent orgasm pressure points. 

Caress your lower back or ask your partner to sensually massage that area, to create some heat in that spot and that is most likely to help you get an orgasm. 

2. Inner Thighs

You might already be aware of this pressure point. Inner thighs, because they are extremely close to your genitals, work as an extraordinary orgasm pressure point on the female body. Get playful and let your partner tease you there, lick you, kiss you, and even nib you, and experience an amazing orgasm. 

3. Neck

What? Neck orgasms are a thing? Well, the nape of your neck is a highly sensitive part of your body, and this is why neck kisses are considered to be immensely sensual and intimate. Triggering an orgasm with the help of this pressure point is extremely easy, let your partner kiss the back of your neck softly or massage it and voila, it will be way easier for you to achieve climax! For a better experience, ask your partner to start with a shoulder massage and then slowly kiss neck to build up the fun and sensuality.  

4. Nipples 

A woman’s nipples are quite commonly considered to be a great stimulation spot. This is mainly because they contain a lot of nerve endings that react to being caressed or touched and grabbed in certain ways. So, yes, your nipples will help you reach orgasm faster and more easily. 

5. Toes

Believe it or not, this is one of the most stimulative pressure points on the female body. Have you wondered why sometimes, when you orgasm, your toes tend to curl or react in some or the other way? That’s because there exists a link between your toes and your vagina. Crazy right! To trigger that reflex backward, ask your partner to take your toes in their mouth or pinch and nibble the edge softly. Feet fetishes are real ladies. This tends to work for your ankles as well. Have your partner kiss and touch your ankles sensually and let the magic unravel! 

6. Behind the Knee

Besides toes, inner thighs, and ankles, the area behind your knees is also one of the most underrated yet amazing pressure points on the female body. Let your partner caress this area while slowly kissing your lips and neck and get ready for a great orgasm after that! 

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7. Bellybutton 

Fact time! Your belly button and clitoris have grown from the same kind of tissue which therefore makes them connected, but neurologically. So, the tingly or ticklish feeling that you get when you put your finger inside your belly button, is because of the same reason. Have your partner lick or tickle your belly button to experience that sensation. 

8. Lips 

We are all aware of the fact that kissing can get way more intimate than sex, but did you know that your lips are an orgasm pressure point? Well, now you do. Besides normal kissing, if you change the intensity of your kiss or have your partner lick your lips or even have a sensational French kiss, it tends to work except as a way of triggering an orgasm. Sometimes, simply having your lips caressed also tends to do trick! 

Orgasm Pressure Points

9. Mons 

Mons, more commonly known as the area just below your belly button and right above your genitals, is regarded as the G-spot because it is a great point for stimulation. And caressing this area or kissing it is going to get you all erotic and sensual in no time. Even the area of your abs tends to serve as a rather good orgasm pressure point for that matter. 

10. Palm and Fingertips 

You thought sucking fingers was just playing dirty? It has a reason; your palms and fingertips are super sensitive and thus act as great stimulation points. This is why you experience the tingly sensation when your palm gets tickled or when your partner slowly licks or sucks your fingers. 

These orgasm pressure points work as a great way of triggering your orgasm without any hassle and do not even require too much work.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why do female Orgasm feel so good?

A. It feels good because the brain releases massive amounts of dopamine and oxytocin.

Q. Is female ejaculation real?

A. It is rare but it can happen for some people.

Q. What are the pleasure points for women?

A. Neck, lips, and breasts are some of the pleasure points for women.

Q. Can having an Orgasm relieve stress?

A. Yes, orgasms help in reducing stress.

Q. What can Orgasm help with?

A. It helps in alleviating pain, boosting fertility, and improving heart health.