Kisses are considered a way of showing love and affection to your partner and believe it or not most of us love it! While we talk about kisses, neck kisses shouldn’t be forgotten. Neck kiss feels extremely sensual and gives you a feeling of being loved. It can also steam up the mood and preps up your body ready to do some dirty things. Not just the receiver but the giver also gets aroused with the seductive neck kiss. It makes you lose control and drives you crazy. There are different places you can give your partner kisses to show your love and passion for them but neck kisses show a deeper form of intimacy between you and your partner. So, wondering what does kiss on the neck mean? How to give perfect neck kisses? Continue reading this article to find the answers to all your questions! 

Why does A Neck Kiss Feel So Good? 

You must suddenly remember while doing regular chores that neck kiss your partner gave you last time you met them. You ultimately get goosebumps and a lovely smile on your face by remembering it. Have you ever wondered why? What is it about neck kisses which give intense pleasure that you can’t explain in words? Well, it is because of the fact that the neck is an erogenous zone which means this zone is extremely sensitive to touch. Plus, there are many nerve endings in the neck, so when you get touched by your partner they get stimulated and you feel goosebumps on your skin. This is why men and women equally feel the same pleasure and get aroused when touched on the nape of the neck or any other place on the neck.

What do Kisses on the Neck Mean?

Kisses have many meanings behind it. Whether it’s a lip kiss, a hand kiss, or a kiss on the forehead, they have a deeper meaning you might not be aware of. So, what do kisses on the neck mean? Well, here are some things which might be pertained to those amazing neck kisses! 

  • Show of Affection 

If your partner kisses you on the neck, it interprets they are showing affection. Even if you have just started dating or you are long term lovers, if they hug you from behind and kiss you on the neck, they feel affection towards you.

Neck Kiss
Neck Kiss 

Kisses on the neck mean you and your partner have a romantic and strong relationship. It also means you are comfortable and happy with each other. 

  • Craving Sexual Attention 

Neck kisses make you lose control and drive you crazy. Neck kiss shows that your partner is interested in you and finds you extremely attractive, especially in a sexual way! Your partner might want to turn you on with a kiss on the neck. A neck kiss can truly give you those goosebumps and turn you on. An affectionate neck kiss can turn into wildness anytime. So, you might get ready to do some dirty things with them as neck kisses are directly linked with a sexual relationship between you and your partner. 

  • A Comfort Level Test

Kisses on the neck mean you and your partner are comfortable with each other. It might be a sign that your partner does not feel awkward or weird around each other anymore. You are extremely comfortable with them. If you let them kiss you on the neck, it shows that you are safe and get along with them very well. 

  • Teasing the Partner 

Teasing is a fun and sexy way to enhance your sexual relationship with your partner. The nape of the neck is extremely sensitive and a kiss on the neck can make you feel like you are being teased. This means your partner is being playful and just wants to tease you with some pleasure. This shows your partner’s affection towards you, they want to see you laugh and smile. 

Tips to Give A Pleasurable Neck Kiss

Kisses are like the souls of relationships, it is the expression of love and without kisses, a relationship feels empty and boring. If you want to start your sexual relationship, neck kisses are the key to start them. So, give some pleasurable neck kisses with these tips: 

1. Start Slow and Smoothly

Your approach to a neck kiss should be slow. If you jump on the neck immediately after kissing them on their lips, this might make them feel that you don’t want to explore their body. It’s better to start slow and smoothly. 

Neck Kiss
Neck Kiss 

2. Don’t Forget to Bite, but Gently

Bites are extremely sexy. Add some steam and spice into those wet neck kisses with some gentle bites. This can make your partner crazy and aroused. Make sure to be gentle, so you don’t hurt them! 

3. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is a very affectionate expression between partners. Especially if you are making your partner aroused, it’s important to look at them. Do not just shove your face into their neck but look at them with love while you kiss them on the neck. 

4. Hold Them

Holding is a great way to make things sexy. Keep in mind that holding your partner will make your neck kiss a lot more sensual and pleasing. Hold them but gently but not too tight. Holding will make your neck kiss more steamer than you can imagine. 

5. Ask for Consent 

If you are giving a neck kiss for the first time or starting your sexual relationship with someone, it’s extremely important to take consent. Just ask them if they want to go further. Consent is extremely significant and makes your partner believe that you care for them! Neck kisses are a must in a relationship and if you are new to a relationship, it’s important to pay attention to your partner’s body language. They are enjoying it if they are moving closer to you or are they not loving it as they are pulling you away? Look for these signs or just ask them, it’s completely normal! Make your relationship more intense and steamy with some neck kisses!

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