What more can a woman want than a long night of fun? All women want their men to last longer for more pleasure and fun. Premature ejaculation leaves a woman unsatisfied and off. Even a man never wants to leave his lady without pleasing her. Every man wants to fill up his woman with heavenly pleasure. 

Tips for A Longer Session of Sex

Here are some of the tips by which sexual pleasure can be a lasting one and joyful for both man and woman because none of us wants to stay unfamiliar with the world’s best feeling. Let’s get to know how your game in bed can be a lasting one:

1. Take it Slow

Just like the famous saying goes ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Apply the rule in bed. Take your man slowly for the pleasure to last long. Tell him to take thrust one in a few seconds. And ask him to stop thrusting the time he feels he’s about to come. Guide him slowly to your G-spot so you both can enjoy it simultaneously. You can also avoid thrusting if you go like a jackrabbit. Instead of feeling how deep he can go, ask him to focus on the vaginal entrance. You can also ask your man to press against our G-spot. Go slow and enjoy every moment.

2. Try new positions

Making your bedroom life monotonous will leave no room for fun and excitement. Try new positions and that will delay the journey to reach the finish line. Sex experts say that complicated positions delay climax. Skip the positions like missionary or doggy style that makes the penis go deep and fast. Instead, try positions like the girl on top that will give you a chance to play the game your way. Once you are done having your fun, let him take things his way.

3. Do it again and again

If you want a long duration of fun, spend more time in foreplay. Vigorous foreplay can do wonders in delaying a man’s climax. Some guys take more time to recharge which gives you more room for seeking pleasure from him. So delay the main event and be naughty in bed for a longer duration.

4. Talk to Him

While you and your man are in your moods, ask him to give you the pleasure that you deserve. Ask him to take you to heaven. Talk dirty to him. Play with his mind by which he will be wanting to make sure he makes you cum first. This will not only be beneficial for you but also seeing you cum will increase his drive for ejaculation. Your pleasure will give him pleasure.

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5. Condoms

If you want lasting fun in bed, insist your man wear a condom. Guys usually like to do it without condoms because it’s more fun but that fun makes them cum sooner. Having sex using a condom will get your guy to last longer. This is because the sensation of his penis will be slightly weaker when he wears a condom. That will give you more time for fun.

6. Take Mini-Breaks

If you know that your man is about to cum, push him out and love him gently. Put some stops in the course. There is no need to get it all done at once. When he is about to reach the peak, kiss him slow down his excitement, and have him start over. This way you can have a longer sex session.

7. Keep Going

Just because he came, doesn’t mean you have to stop. Have him at after play and do not stop. Chances are that it will give him a boner the second time and you will have another round of fun. So don’t stop.

Don’t settle for not having an orgasm the next time you are in bed with your partner. Make him do it for you too. Make your guy last longer with these simple tips.

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