Nowadays sex isn’t restricted to just your bedroom, with the digital revolution touching every facet of your life, how can sex be left behind. With the advent of smartphones and phone cameras, sexting or sex chat has gained massive popularity, especially among young adults. Like everything else, sending a sexting message i.e. sex chat comes with its share of concerns, but this risqué factor often adds to the sexual tension. So, if you are new in the sexting (sex chat) game, read on to learn how to be a smooth Sexter.

When you use your phone or laptop or camera for sexting pics, videos, or texts of illicit nature to your partner, it is known as sexting or sex chat. It is a kind of foreplay and unbridled excitement that doesn’t come with its share of unwarranted pregnancy and STDs. But it often leads to an amazing sexual encounter or some of the massive orgasms from masturbation. Sex therapists and relationship counselors have said that sex chat leads to a stronger relationship among couples. You must know that anything in the virtual world leaves its print and in the hands of a wrong person or a vicious ex, it can have horrendous consequences. Even in Snapchat you can save and download.

How To Sext Safely And Sensuously

So here are things to remember for safe sexting:

1. Trust

It is a no-brainer that you should sext with a person that you trust, and not some random freaks you meet at the bar or on tinder. You never know when a relationship can turn sour, so it should always be with someone who has some ethics.

2. Face Off or Not

 While sexting to him do not leave any identifiable feature when sending racy photos, even if you’re having dirty talks with boyfriend. Take it from an angle that doesn’t show your face or any incrementing tattoo. Instead of explicit nudes, send implied nudes, it can be teasing and fun and safe too!

3. Booze and Sexting are Injurious 

If drunken texting or calling is a no-no, then sexting is a felony! Alcohol can make you adventurous but it can also be reckless. You might end up sending it to the wrong person or rubbing your partner the wrong way.

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4. Hit the Delete Button

You never know when a sneaky friend may be looking through your phone or you may lose the phone, so it’s better to be safe than sorry, hit the delete button!

5. Work and Play Don’t Mix

We know the sex chat at work can spice things up at night, but just abstain from it! 45% of people have said they sext at work. You might have colleagues around or your partner may be at an important meeting.

6. Use A Secure Device 

In the age of technology all the devices are connected. Make sure you don’t end up sending a nude to the iPad that might be lying at home.

7. Sharing Isn’t Caring

Don’t share sext with your friends, naughty texts are meant to be secret.

8. Talk Before Acting

Don’t forget that words can be extremely erotic. So before you pose in your birth suit, or jump into your bed, talk dirty and build your confidence and rapport with your partner. If some random person sends you nudes or asks for them, make sure you report such incident, as it is a form of harassment and illegal. Also, sexting with someone below 18 years is wrong legally and morally.


Sexting Is Addictive

In a recent survey conducted at the University of Arizona, it has been found that 73% of women send nudes to turn on their partners. Many women responded that they sent to nudes to feel confident.  Research findings note that not always women are victims, sometimes they might “use technology to explore their bodies and sexuality.” It has been found that heterosexual women sext to satisfy requests and prevent partners from losing interest while queer women sext to feel empowered.

A 2012 survey had shown that only 21 percent of Americans sext, but in 5 years the numbers changed drastically to a whopping 74%. Partners who sext regularly have better intimacy. Sexting releases dopamine, which is associated with addiction. Dr. Wish a prominent psychotherapist says that it is a powerful turn-on to get intimate without being naked. There is no pressure on satisfying your partner but you can concentrate on your own needs. It also gives you a window into your SO’s wants and fantasies. Women get more aroused by context, choice of words, and description. So men before you send pictures of your privates, send them some rousing texts.

Mistress of Sexting

· Time it right

· Slow build-up

· Become creative with the images

· Learn the emoji code

· Be inspired by shared memory

· Details and fantasies are integral

· Have a racy vocabulary handy

Sexting Faux Pas

· Too much of good things spoil it, so send them sparingly to keep him guessing.

· Gauge your partner’s mood; inappropriate messages at the wrong time can spoil the mood for both of you.

· Sext timely, once you initiate it, do not get busy with other chores, it can be a huge turn-off.

· Don’t start with those dirty talks early in the relationship; it can give off the wrong signal.  

Some Things That Can Spice It Up

· I have a surprise for you later tonight…you are going to like it!

· What are you wearing?

· I miss having my arms around you

· I can’t stop thinking about you.

Whether you have been dating or married for a couple of years, sex chat can spice things up. Sext help in maintaining intimacy in a long-distance relationship. If you are in the honeymoon period of your relationship, then the more you have of each other, the merrier! So get those phones out and have some unbidden fun, while being safe!

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