A romantic relationship grows strong when you are loyal, loving, caring and supportive to your partner. But you know what, it is also important to spice things up a little bit once in a while. It will make your relationship, even more, stronger. One of the best ways to do so is by having some naughty talks with your boyfriend or your spouse. It is always preferred to be healthy to talk dirty in long-distance relationships. Although it is not something people prefer to talk publicly but privately you should do it often with your soul mate. Dirty talk is an art. This will help to light up the spark in your relationship. 

Tips To Talk Dirty In Long-Distance Relationship

Naughty talks to your boyfriend! Dirty talk for him is not a thing that you would not know but still, to help you get better here are some ideas that you can think about.

1. Share Your Exact Feelings

Throwing your heart out to your partner is extremely attractive. So with a voice full of love, tell him that you were missing him a lot these days. Let him know that you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking something naughty about him. Tell him the things you are going to do when you see him next time. Your appealing words will keep ringing bells in his head until you meet again. It is for sure that your man can’t stay away from you for a long period of time. 

2. Be Specific

You know what, sometimes details help. “I want to grab you and pull you near. Kiss you really hard and run my fingers all over your body.” These are some of the most commonly used phrases to let the other person know that you are sensuously attracted to him. This actually works the other way around too. When your man realizes that you feel the way you described, he will surely get turned on and would love to run back to you as soon as possible. And yes, make sure you do the “things”, the way you have described. He will surely be expecting a lot from you this time.

3. Be Mysterious

Mysteries are good. It automatically gives a thrill and life to the things. Mysteries have the power to provoke a heart. Hence, to entice or coax the heart of your love, be a bit playful with him and slowly slip your mesmerizing words. Tell him that you were thinking of him in various ways.  If you have been intimately close with each other earlier, just give him a pinch of hint and allow him to wonder what you are planning to do the following time. He will be eager to learn and experience an amazing time with you! 

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4. Ask About Them

Once you admit your feelings, ask about their thoughts too. Their opinions matter as well. Ask them what are the things they want to do with you. How do they picture themselves with you? Knowing about their ways will eventually help you in the long run. You will come to know about your man’s wish in bed. In that way, you can actually provide your man with the things he wants when the time comes. Sometimes, doing things the way he likes, will give him ultimate satisfaction. This will bring your man back to you real quick. 

5. Bring Up Old Times

Old is gold. Well, this phrase works almost in every sector of life. Old memories brighten up the relationship to a whole new level. The things you did back then or the feelings you had will definitely give a tingling sensation to you two’s heart. Explain to him that you loved all the things he did for you. 

Let him know that his actions made you feel special. The way he held your hand, the way he kissed you, the romantic nights you spent together. Most importantly, remind him how much you both were on to one another (making love every time you two get a chance). Doing so will lighten up the mood and will make him miss you even more than he already was. 

6. Send Him A Stunning Pic

Send Him A Stunning Pic
Send Him A Stunning Pic

Technologies are of great help in today’s world. Use these high techs and bring some oomph to your relationship. Desirable and attractive pictures of yours will make him irresistible. Sending these kinds of pictures is a well-known method of seducing your partner. 

7. Talk About Fantasy

This is basically a dirty talk for him. Fantasies make the relationship even spicier and interesting. You must be having a couple of fantasies by now. And if you don’t, gather at least one for the start. Take the lead to bring up the fantasy in the middle of your conversation. Elaborate about it in a playful and seductive manner, and in return ask him about his fantasies. 

8. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is the best policy. Therefore, simply say that you want him. You want him in all possible ways. You miss him and hence you want him to hug you, kiss you and just be with you. If you are the kind of a person who doesn’t speak up about your sexual desires, then this is the best for you. 

9. Keep Them Informed

Let your man know that you are crazy for him. Share all that you have been feeling for the last couple of days. Let them know about the things you have been doing to your body to calm down your sexual desires. It is especially important to talk dirty in long-distance relationships. This will really help you have the grip over your man.

10. Illustrate A Story

Describe an erotic story that you have somewhere read or heard. Interpret the story in a very interesting way so that your man pays full attention to your words. Mention each and every seductive detail about the story with a voice full of lust and passion. 


Talk dirty in long-distance relationships is often one of the foundation stones of your relationship. Plus, dirty talks for long-distance relationships function as a medicine to heal the issues one faces while living in a long-distance relationship. You doing some dirty talk to your boyfriend will make him want you more. 

No matter how far you are from each other, your love and attachment will always bring you both together in one way or the other. Don’t be shy to have a dirty talk with your love. Take a step ahead and go with the flow. This will make your other half come to you even more than you have expected.

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