Toe sucking for turning him on. Freezing wee hours with him by your side, soft quilts and pillows, sweet fragrance and dim lights, wow AF. Well, for such a cozy night I’m sure you two are having an intriguing love life. What is the thing that you find alluring in your man? Which part of his body are you attracted to? Answers will vary from woman to woman but did anyone answer with toes? Those who get tempted by looking at the toes, for them I would say, read the article till the end, because here you will get tips for how to suck your man’s toe seductively. And for those who think this is awkward, I would suggest, trying them. You’ll shoot high. Let me first introduce you to what toe sucking is all about and why you get aroused with that. Later I will share the secret tips to conquer toe sucking. 

Toe Sucking

Toe sucking is a part of the foot fetish. They are usually common to be found in men, but to a good extent females also like to suck their man’s toe. In simple words, toe sucking is where a person sucks, licks, and tickles the other person’s toe with their tongue. Some of the facts about toe sucking:

  • You need to treat it the same way as you would for oral sex: Feel this to be the genital oral sex, start slow and soft, then it is all yours.
  • You can use other parts of your body to play with your toe: It is not mandatory that you can only use your tongue to play with your toe. You can use your fingers, boobs, nose, etc.
  • You should not feel shy: In any erotic activities, you should keep your shyness out of your reach. Be free and comfortable.
  • It does not have to be dirty: When talking about toe and getting turned on, the toe need not be dirty. Prefer cleaning yourself before getting intimate. Having a neat toe would make the sucker do their job better. They will not be reluctant to lick your toes because when toes are dirty it means the outer dust sticks to your feet and the person will be consuming them. This is not at all healthy, and for a fetish feeling, you cannot risk the other person’s health.
  • Toe sucking is also called shrimping
  • Being into toe sucking does not indicate that you have a foot fetish
  • There is a reason why sucking toes feel good

Why Sucking Toe turns the person on?

The fundamental reason why toe sucking works for an erotic experience is that we have tones of nerves terminating in our feet. We have more nerves in our feet than in any other part of our body. All these nerve endings are very much activated towards stimulation and with the right technique, you can have thousands of fetish moments in just one night. 

Steps to Perfect Toe Sucking

Here are the steps you can follow to perfect toe sucking which makes your partner scream in pleasure. 

Step1: Start with a foreplay

Do not directly dive into sucking toes. Doing this may turn your partner to laugh which will diminish the sexual feeling at that moment. Feet need foreplay, so start with massaging the foot then slowly running your fingers in a circular motion you can proceed.

Step 2: Introduce lip action

Now you can play with your lips. Go on with kissing your partner. Make him feel comfortable. Once he is relaxed, slowly move towards his feet and start to lick, kiss, and nibble them.

Steps to Perfect Toe Sucking

Step 3: Start with the hallux

You should start by licking and kissing the big toe and then move to the smaller ones. The Big toe is preferred because of its big size. It gets easier to generate feelings by working on the finger that has a huge surface. You can even take time to ask ‘is this okay, try to catch if your efforts are working or not. These are the steps that you should keep in mind before proceeding with toe sucking. They will help you load in framing your sex life. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do women like having their toes sucked?

A. Yes, most women do like it. However, you should ask your partner about the same.

Q. Is it shameful to suck your partner's toes.

A. No, there is nothing shameful about it.

Q. How to invite your partner for toe sucking?

A. You need to be upfront and ask him nicely during some romantic conversation.

Q. When should I try sucking her toes?

A. You can try it in a situation when you both are relaxed.

Q. Are there any risks in sucking toes?

A. No, there are no risks involved. Just make sure that your partner's feet are clean.

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