Ah, the famous true love’s kiss. What fairy tale is ever complete without it? No matter how cliche it gets, we all eagerly await the moment when all the tension gets resolved, all the sadness sent away with just a gentle brush of lips on lips. Well, as unrealistic as fairy tales may be, they are correct when it comes to the magic a single kiss can contain. 

Every relationship has its special love language. Sometimes this may be in forms of words, sometimes in form of gifts. Physical affection is one such language of love and a kiss just one word which has a million different feels held.

It is through the awkward first kisses that couples grow together, slowly finding out their comfort with physical intimacy as they explore. It is often with a kiss that weddings are sealed too. Thus, kissing is something special, something much more extraordinary than it may appear.

Kissing games can add a great twist to your usual kissing habits. They give that extra spark of excitement to make you see new sides of each other. Thus, knowing the various kissing game ideas for couples or even inventing a few of your own, could help you make the mood just right.

Why are Kissing Games a good idea?

Did you know that kissing is much more intimate than sex? It can be a great way to bring partners together because it ensures obvious shy feelings up close and some eye contact exchanged between pecks. There’s a reason why relationships with no strings attached often avoid kissing.

When kissing, you will inevitably be so connected to your partner, in a way that you only can be if you trust them. It is the small gestures in a relationship that convey the most because the one you can share the ordinary with is the one who will last forever. 

Plus, not everybody is comfortable with sex. So, kissing can be a great way to experience physical intimacy, if that is your preferred love language.

A little playfulness in relationships can only make things more fun. Different kinds of games in relationships can make things more passionate. Thus, to take a break from your normal kissing style, engage in a few romantic kissing games.

The best kissing games for couples are those that take both fun and comfort into consideration. Always make sure to ask your partner(s) if they are okay with it. And if they are, then let the games begin!

Best Kissing Games for Couples

Luckily for you, there are tons of kissing game ideas for couples out there. Your only job is to choose the ones that are right for you. Go through a few, before you find something that appeals to you. A few extra kisses never did anyone any harm. After all, practice makes perfect, right? 

Here is a list of five romantic kissing games for couples to try in the comfort of their home. So, pick up your favorite flavor of chapstick and let the odds be ever in your favor!

1. Cards of Hearts

Starting this list of kissing games by introducing a game for which you already have the materials at home: a pack of cards! In cards of hearts, you will each take a turn to pick up a random card from a shuffled deck. The number denoted on the card you pick up is the number of times that your partner has to kiss you. For example, if you pick up the five of aces, your partner now has to kiss you five times. 

Isn’t that a new way to use that old deck of playing cards?

2. Roll That Dice

Another one on this set of best kissing games for couples with no new supplies needed. In roll that dice, you need two dies. One dice has different kissing styles such as nibbling, sucking etc. pasted on each of its sides and the other dice has six different body parts mentioned. Then, whichever combination you get, you now have to perform it on each other. For example, if you get nibbling and earlobe, you then have to nibble onto the other’s earlobe.

3. Guess the Chapstick Game

You have probably seen this one as a viral challenge. Now you need your chapstick more than ever. In this, one of you has to close their eyes or be blindfolded. Then the other person will apply any flavour of chapstick on their own lips.

Kissing Games for Couples
Kissing Games for Couples

Then, the blindfolded partner has to kiss the other or lick their lips if necessary, in order to guess the chapstick. Mix up a lot of flavours to make this even more fun, so you have to get in a few extra kisses to figure things out! 

4. Pocky Kissing Game

The famous game you have probably seen a lot in anime. In this, you need a pocky stick, which is a Japanese biscuit snack. You can replace this with any kind of chocolate stick if necessary. At the start of the game, both partners will hold one end of the stick in their mouth and start biting towards the middle when the countdown ends.

The goal is to not drop your end of the stick and not pull away when you reach the middle. This games involved a lot of eye-contact, which builds the tension. The pocky game is one of the best kissing games for couples simply because it almost always ends with a kiss in the middle and so, everyone wins!

5. Secret Pecks

So far all the games on this list have been private games just meant for the eyes of you and your partner. Let’s end this list on an adventurous note by talking about the secret pecks game. The game, as its name implies, is about kissing in secret without getting noticed.

Kissing Games for Couples
Kissing Games for Couples

If you and your partner(s) are comfortable with the idea of being seen, you can try this out at a party or a get-together. In this, try to get as many pecks in without anyone noticing. Exchange kisses when all the eyes are off you and immediately stop when anyone begins to turn. The idea of getting caught can be exciting for many. Besides, in this game, you and your partner are on the same side, so your determination to win is now double!

Enjoying kisses as a love language

The language of the heart always speaks the most. If kissing is something you and your partner enjoy as a way to convey your feelings, then that’s completely valid! Weekly makeout sessions hold no less importance than lover letters. The meaning behind those kisses only needs to be understood by the two of you. 

If kissing isn’t your cup of tea, then don’t worry because there are many ways to build non-physical intimacy. And if kissing is the way to go for you, then choose one of the many romantic kissing games and get ready to warm the room with your love.

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