How Fun Is Pool Sex?

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Sex in water
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After seeing and thoroughly enjoying the hot tub scene of Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Covey in To All The Boys I Have Loved Before, many people’s bucket list has made space for “Pool Sex.” Many movies have romanticized the idea of pool sex and hooking up in lakes look hot, attractive, fun, and sexy. Though it sounds all wild and adventurous, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before jumping in!

Everything that you should know about having sex in water or hooking up in a pool or hot tub

Water will dry you out! Yes, you read that right. All the water of the pool, tub, lake, sea, the ocean is actually going to wash away your natural lubrication. This washing away of the natural lubrication of your vagina may cause micro-abrasions and irritation. Ultimately, it messes up the natural pH of your vagina leading to yeast infections.

The chlorinated water of the pool is not at all good and healthy for your vaginal area and environment. In the case of tears in the vaginal area, the salty water is going to sting you even harder causing swelling, redness, and irritation.

Talking about infections, no matter how steamy it sounds to have sex in a pool or a hot tub, know that if the water body is not owned by you privately, then there are higher chances of you getting infected or catching some allergy because of all the dirt in the pool.

You are in the pool and you are having sex and you are probably thinking that all the bacteria and other microbes have been washed away in the water of the pool, but here’s a surprise: Water does not wash away those microbes. There are major chances of you contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection. Similarly, you may develop a Urinary Tract Infection too. 

Additionally, there are chances of getting pregnant, if your partner ejaculates inside you. But you won’t get pregnant if your partner ejaculates in the water itself. Sperm can’t swim to your vagina through the water. It will most probably die in the temperature of the water body.

Do this to make it more fun

Okay, this will sound counter-intuitive but many professionals recommend using lube to make pool sex more fun! All the water will dry you out, but you need something to keep going, right? Silicone lube is your best bid here, as per some professionals as it stays in the water and does not get washed away.

If sex isn’t safe, it isn’t worth it! No matter what happens, even if you are having sex in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, it is important to use a condom. But, here is the catch: the condom is more prone to breaking due to all the friction in the water. Anyhow, using a condom is your best chance of staying safe. The condom would keep you safe from contracting any STIs, and your chances of getting pregnant too are lowered manifold. Who doesn’t want that?

Because the chances of getting infected in all ways are high when it comes to unsafe pool sex, it will be a good idea to engage in non-penetrative sex. It can be as enjoyable and as hot and adventurous when done half- submerged in water. 

Having sex in the pool is your chance of getting more creative with positions. There is also more space and more buoyancy to explore your partner’s body in different ways. As per the consent and comfort of your partner, get creative, bend around, move around, touch, caress, kiss, see what your partner likes and get going!

There are some sex toys specially made and designed to be used in water. They are small and easy to carry out around. To double the fun in the pool, bring in your sex toys too.

Intercourse in a pool or hot tub might be a difficult thing to do with physical limitations, but some foreplay is always enjoyable. Keep it simple, slow, and fun!

Things to remember

After hooking up in a pool or hot tub, make sure to engage in aftercare. Aftercare is a crucial practice to maintain hygiene after sex. Clean yourself, pee, and rehydrate – your body needs this to stay safe, glowing, and healthy.

Sex in water

Pool or hot tub sex is adventurous and fantasizing. Yet, you must remember (and never forget) that public sex is illegal. If you want to explore water sex, your tub or shower are great places too! Shower sex can be as steamy as pool sex. Plus, public water bodies are pretty dirty and very polluted. By all means, stay away from using public pools, if you want to enjoy good sex. Keeping it private would be worth it.

Also, if you are somebody who suffers from high anxiety, have obsessive worries, and may have fear of water, you may try refraining from hooking up in a pool. If your partner seems adamant, have a conversation with them, communicating the level of your comfort. Enthusiastic consent and a condom are the only requirements for the best sex of your life!

Keep it simple and fun

In all probability, having sex in a pool or hot tub is an exciting idea. Hooking up in a pool or hot tub can also rekindle the romance and reignite passion between you and your partner. What is most important to remember is that sex in water might not be a very enjoyable activity for your partner, necessarily. It is true that sex in water may cause some discomfort to some people, and not everyone is up for such ideas. It is okay for your partner to refrain from engaging in water sex.

In any sexual interaction and intercourse, what matters most is safety, comfort, and pleasure. If this experience seems unpleasant for your partner, it would best for you to understand them. Not everyone has the same sexual desire, and not all people hold the capacity to enjoy adventurous and wild sex.

People’s sexual desires are unique and it is okay for you and your partner to have different sexual desires. Find out what works best for you and your partner, and don’t forget sex is a mutual relationship. Good sex works on the principle of “give and take”, with enthusiastic consent! 

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