All of us have a bucket list, with everything that we want to do before we die. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to tick off wishes from the bucket list. One very common desire is having pool sex

Water can be very calming and tranquillizing, and hence it becomes one of the choicest locations to get frisky with your partner or even a wild one nightstand.

One more reason for the popularity of this wish traces down to the glorification of the same in movies, tv shows, web shows, etc. 

Have you been obsessing over the steamy making-out session of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky in the hot tub from ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’? We’ve loved it as well. Is it worth it though? Debatable. 

pool sex
pool sex

If you’ve been dreaming of having pool sex on the long-awaited Goa trip with your BFFs or the pool party of your friend’s wedding, think about it again. Only if you’re too eager to try it out, go ahead. 

There are several reasons why sex in the pool or any other water body is advised against. It might look extremely appealing and sexy on screen but the real scenario is different. What to know why? Read along! 

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Limitations of Having Swimming Pool Sex 

Below are the limitations of having pool sex:

1. Washing Away of the Lube

Without proper lubrication, sex cannot happen, or more appropriately, is not supposed to happen. It might sound ironic but the vagina tends to get dry when it’s exposed to water for a long time, especially when it is chemically treated. 

The water seeps into the vagina and washes out all-natural lubrication. Lack of proper lube can lead to friction during having pool sex. 

The entire process becomes quite painful and may even cause severe injuries down there. 

pool sex
pool sex

When it comes to store-bought lubes, you should opt for silicone-based products. Water-based products don’t work underwater. The oil-based ones are also not preferable since they are not the best for sustaining condoms for a long time. The condoms might break sooner than they’re supposed to when oily lubes are used. 

2. Unhygienic Surroundings  

Sex in pools usually happens in public pools. If the pool belongs to a club or a hotel, it goes without saying that the pool would be quite dirty. You and your partner won’t be the only people to chill out at the pool and the more the number of people, the safety levels are going to go down at the same rate. 

When going commando underwater, you end up inviting the millions of microbes that call public pool their home. 

Not only do the germs pose a risk of water-borne infections and diseases but also, chemicals like chlorine can be immensely harmful for your delicate lady parts. The situation can get slightly better if pool sex is done in a private pool, that’s maintained and cleaned, regularly. 

3.  Infections and Diseases

The chemicals present in the water may cause irritation and itching in the vagina and hamper its pH level. It may become red and swollen and subsequently cause issues like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections are quite common and get easily transmitted through unprotected sex.

However, the chances of such infections increase manifold while having sex in the pool since the condom might break or get damaged sooner than they do on land. STIs or Sexually Transmission Infections also spread in the same manner. 

The way to keep a check on such infections is by carrying out tests prior to having sexual intercourse. This is valid for sex on land as well. 

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4. Increased Chance of Unexpected Pregnancies 

The disadvantages of swimming pool sex include very high chances of unplanned and uncalled-for pregnancy. This happens due to the higher probability of the breakage of the condom, as a result of a lack of effective lubrication. 

The pressure or buoyant force underwater also contributes to the same.  Curtailing the fear of pregnancy is possible only by alternative methods of contraceptives like pills. Consuming pills is the safest option when condoms cannot be completely relied on. 

5. Restricted Scope of Positions

Sleeping sex positions cannot be employed while having swimming pool sex, owing to the underwater forces. Physical movement is limited and the most suitable sex positions are the standing ones. 

In all probabilities, vertical positions work well in water but you should be extra careful due to all the slipperiness. Underwater injuries are common and you wouldn’t want to end up breaking a leg while experiencing an orgasm, would you? 

6. Breach of Privacy

The aesthetic and bare frames that are created in movies, concerning sex in the pool are not the same as what we find in the real world. It’s quite hard to zero down on a place that’s not only clean and hygienic but also empty. 

Not many people are comfortable sharing their private moments with anybody else, let alone random strangers. Private pools are an exception though. Moreover, indulging in sexual practices in public places is unlawful. 

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Avoid the Risks and Play it Smart 

Guess what’s better than sex in the pool? Foreplay in the pool. To avoid the disadvantages and risks associated with pool sex, try making out underwater, instead. 

A bit of kissing and touching never harmed anybody. You could even attempt oral sex in the pool. When one thing leads to another and you finally know that you’re about to do it, get out of the pool and make yourself comfortable somewhere else. 

While the entire buzz around pool sex is exciting and adrenaline-generating, being reasonable is also important. We’ve talked about all the necessary points that you need to keep in mind while considering pool sex. Be careful and have a great time! 

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