The blaring alarm certainly isn’t the best way to wake up in the morning. But your partner snuggling and cuddling and leaving lazy kisses, certainly feels like one of the greatest wake-up calls. Making steamy love to your SO is awesome at any time but morning sex is certainly the best thing that can happen to couple-especially those who are in a long-term relationship. It is spur-of-the-moment and extremely romantic.

Benefits of Morning Sex

Read on to find out the amazing benefits of getting it on, before starting your day.

1. A mind-blowing start to the day

The hickey or the sudden remembrance of how you woke up, makes the rest of the stressful day feel like a breeze. Having an orgasm is equivalent to a round of gym sessions or meditation. It makes you feel relaxed and happy, due to the release of the hormone's endorphins.

2. You would be relaxed after a goodnight’s sleep

Sometimes, an immensely pleasurable activity like sex can feel like a chore, at the end of a long day at work. All you want to do is sleep, but you don’t want to disappoint your partner. Also, having sex can cut short into your sleep schedule, making you groggy. The solution is Morning sex. Since you are already in bed, and warm and comfortable against the person you love.

3. Have a better view

Having sex with lights off at night can be convenient, but let’s accept it- it is boring too, and can make you feel stuck in a rut. Seeing each other, in the serene morning light-with, all the imperfections and perfections will make you fall in love with your man a little bit more. Guys love their women – au natural, and bed hair is extremely sexy. Since you have just woken up, you still feel fuzzy, and getting those lazy kisses, can seem even better.

4. It has exceptional health benefits

Who would have thought that having sex can be good for your health? Well, science has proven that morning sex is beneficial for your health. It leads to the release of IgA antibodies, which help in strengthening your body’s immune system and fighting against infection. The endorphins released during orgasm helps in reducing pain, especially migraines and muscle and joint pain. Orgasm leads to greater blow flow, thus, lowering your blood pressure.

5. Foster greater intimacy

Orgasm leads to the release of the hormone Oxytocin, or the “cuddle hormone”, which makes you feel more attached to your partner. It also makes you feel sexually satisfied, thereby leading to fewer arguments, and it can act as foreplay for a night session. You can drop in some scintillating texts or just remind them of some naughty moves that you shared in the morning. If you want to make it extra romantic and especially on weekends, just get some breakfast to bed.

6. Save some water

Morning sex usually leads to showering together. So you are contributing to saving water and the planet. More reasons for some AM action.

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7. Your partner lasts longer

Men have the highest level of testosterone in the morning, hence a raging libido. Ever heard of the “morning wood”? Thus, morning sex is much better, since the guy is rested, horny, and lasts longer- everything that will lead to giving you a big O.

Morning Sex
Morning Sex

8. Make you look fabulous

Since orgasm leads to the release of all those hormones like estrogen, it will give your skin a natural glow and make your tresses look luscious. You also end up burning about 5 calories per minute, making you fitter and sexier. A recent survey has shown that having sex thrice a week, can keep aging at bay. The world will be envious of your good looks!!

9. It reduces stress 

A few minutes of cuddling makes you extremely productive at work. Those intimate moments will take your mind off the to-do list, and stress you out first thing in the morning. The release of hormones- endorphins and dopamine, will aid in keeping you upbeat and makes you feel confident, boosts greater cognition, which leads to greater productivity and satisfaction.

Morning Sex
Morning Sex

10. Keeps your relationship exciting

Couples with kids, find it difficult to get some alone time. Getting frisky in the morning, before the household wakes up, is a convenient option. It adds a certain spontaneity and variety. It is even good for couples who work different shifts, and don’t get to spend much time together.

Ways to Get Frisky in the Morning

Up your sex game before you kickstart your day with these tips of ours. 

  • If you are worried about morning breath, just keep some mint handy at your bedside table.
  • AM sex is all about being languid and taking things slow. Some sex positions that will help you enjoy the romp without being acrobatic are spooning, flat iron, missionary, cowgirl, and doggy position.
  • If you have the house to yourself, you can try it in different locations like in the shower, or the kitchen. Make it spontaneous, and make it exciting.
  • If your partner isn’t in the mood, you can start with some foreplay like a light, sensual massage.
  • Boning isn’t the only way to reap those amazing morning sex benefits.  Masturbation and even hugging can have similar effects.

So next time instead of hitting the snooze button opt to have some or a lot of fun. 

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