Here Is How The Kama Can Help Calm Your Stress

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sex for stress
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Being stressed is an inescapable thing given the current lifestyle scenarios. Everyone is so absorbed and busy regarding work that they often forget to take care of their mental and physical health. The constant competition of proving ourselves better than others comes with its own share of stress that further sets in motion and welcomes grave health issues. 

It is often said that we should never mix business with pleasure, both should meander separately in parallel lines, never entangling with each other. We don’t really know about that but assuming it must be right. But we can surely mix pleasure with stress!

To date, most people had sex for pleasure but it is time when they start having sex for stress. Yes, you read it right! As it turns out, sex is an absolute stress-buster. 

Sex For Stress Relief: Kama to calm your senses

Getting under the sheets to get a big outstanding O is everyone’s favorite thing to do. But having being stressed can hinder you to get into the mood to achieve the same. It is true to be in a mood to get that satiating orgasm but to a certain extent.

One can also use sex as a distraction from stress by practicing certain sex positions that will enable them to get into the mood and enjoy the climax. Sex for stress has actually become a thing and is highly recommended. 

sex for stress

In order to relieve stress and feel those feel-good hormones, you will need to make the room settings accordingly. Whatever ignites your inner erotica, be it scented candles or dim lightings, according to your suiting. The sex for stress has only one agenda i.e. make love and forget about the rest of the world. The experience needs to a tender and intense one.

The following are a few sex positions to relieve stress that one must give a try to. So keep scrolling to make stress rather pleasurable!

1. The Doggy Style

sex for stress

Dogs are just adorable and a human’s best friend. The same applies to bed as well. Humping in a doggy style position is one of the best stress-busting sex position. It lets the partner at the back take in charge while the one the front can feel free and simply just enjoy the scenes. The best way to zen out yourself and wash away your aggression, anxiety, or stress. It gives a sense of freedom while unleashing your sex drive.

How to do it?

Get onto your hands and knees while keeping a little gap between the thighs, exposing your vagina to the partner in the back. The partner can enter you from behind and start with the action. To make this position a little more touchy and keep you busy, you can play with your clit.

2. The Lotus Style

sex for stress

This tantric sex position is your own pocket Wikipedia about how does sex help relieve stress. Mainly, the tantric sex focuses on the idea of sex as a meditation to achieve orgasm. It is a meditation through which one transcends both the spectrums of spiritual as well as sexual through this.

It is an extremely spontaneous, intimate, and intense sex position. It is more about partners surrendering themselves into each other’s embrace and enjoy the sensation. This lotus sex position is the most promising sex to relieve stress. 

How to do it?

Ask your partner to sit in a cross-legged position and sit on their lap facing each other. Wrap around your legs around his lower back and both of you put your arms around each other firmly. Slowly lower yourself down and give him some exposure to enter you from beneath. Make sure both of you are comfortable as this sex position is for a long game of grind.

3. The Standing Position

Stress-Busting sex positions

In case you don’t really have the time to put a lot of effort into the setting and have some foreplay, this standing sex position is your sex for stress remedy. It is a quickie that shows its results instantly. Plus, the cherry on top, you can get G-spot stimulation along with a potential clit play!

How to do it?

If you are a newbie to this, it is suggested to take the support of a wall. So, lean against the wall while keeping legs spread for enough exposure for your partner to enter you. Your partner can enter yours from behind slowly and sensuously. This is the type of sex position best for those who love some steamy elevator sex just like the movies. 

4. The Adorable Spooning Style

sex for stress

This position is the epitome of how sex can help relieve stress. It shows that skin-on-skin contact and being held in an embrace full of warmth and love can be beneficial for you. Getting into this position releases a load of endorphins and cut the level of high cortisol. It satisfies our skin hunger and relieves stress.

How To Do It?

Both the partners need to lie on their sides, facing in the same direction. Slightly bring your knee up to provide your partner with some exposure to enter you. Your partner can slide in you from behind while firmly holding you. 

5. The Do It Like A Cowboy Style

Sex Positions to relieve stress

The Cowboy style, also known as the Coital Alignment Technique, is basically like the Missionary style only but with a slight variation. This is the ultimate OG position to get your climax easily and sensuously. This position can make the coitus more sumptuous by providing the clit optimal pleasure. 

How to do it?

Lie down while keeping your pelvis slightly below his. Lift your legs up placing them parallel to your elbows. This way your partner can straddle you and is enabled to insert his dick through the semi-closed tight opening of your clit. This is the best technique to get extra stimulation for your clit with his erection.

All these styles can surely reduce some of your stress and improve your game in bed. However, if your cortisol level is skyrocketing high, it is better to consult an expert about Mental Health problems. 

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