For consenting individuals, sex is an immensely pleasurable experience. But did you know that besides being so pleasant, sex also has a lot of health benefits too? From releasing happy hormones to strengthening your immune response – a positive sex life has a variety of health benefits. This article focuses especially on how sex benefits women body. 

Health Benefits of Sex For Women

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1. Decreases Stress

Because of everything that has been happening in 2020, our stress levels have increased manifold. But you have an easy way out of becoming stress-free if you are quarantined with your partner. People report that engaging in consensual sex helps in decreasing levels of stress, leaving them feeling elated and positive.

2. Increases Immunity

Research studies have reported that people who have sex three times a week were found to have more amount of Immunoglobulin A in their saliva. Immunoglobulin A forms the first line of defense against many infections. It also provides protection against viruses like that from the Human Papillomavirus. During this pandemic, if there is anything that one could ask for is a stronger immune system.

3. Better Bladder Control in Women

Sexual intercourse helps women in the development of stronger pelvic muscles that decreases the chances of incontinence in women. This is one of the most significant health benefits of sex for women.

4. Increases Vaginal Lubrication

One of the benefits of sex for women is that it increases vaginal lubrication that keeps the vagina healthy and at the same time prevents chances of infection as well as wear and tear of the vaginal walls. For individuals who have reached the stage of menopause, having sex for them is beneficial as it prevents the vagina from drying out completely. Hence, vaginal atrophy is prevented. Vaginal atrophy causes urinary problems and pain.

5. Increases Fertility

Research has reported that having a positive sex life increases and improves fertility in both men and women. In men, a happening sex life keeps the sperm count and strength healthy and more potent to have the ability to fertilize the ovum. Whereas, health benefits of sex in women are noted in the way of improved fertility in the sense that sex helps in preventing endometriosis in women.

6. Burns Calories

Yes, all forms of exercise are exhilarating and painful too. But, guess what, sex is the exercise that’s exhilarating and pleasurable! Yes, sex has been reported to burn calories. You lose one calorie while watching TV on your couch, but you end up losing five calories while having a good make-out session.

7. Lowers Blood Pressure

If you are someone that suffers from hypertension then we got some really good news for you. One of the many health benefits of sex for women includes lowering blood pressure. Experts have demonstrated through various studies that sex helps in decreasing the systolic pressure of blood.

Relieves Menstrual Cramps

There are multiple ways of how sex benefits women body, and one of the most celebrated ones is that it helps in reducing menstrual cramps. The contraction of the abdominal muscles during orgasm helps in reducing menstrual cramps to a large extent. Sex can also help with pre-menstrual syndrome.

8. Reducing the risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

One research study showed that men who had sex twice a week were fifty percent less likely to die from heart disease. The results from this research study can be inferred for women similarly that sex decreases the risk of the development of cardiovascular diseases by decreasing the levels of stress.

9. Better Sleep

All of us are aware of the immensely positive health benefits of a better sleep cycle and maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm. Sex releases hormones in your body that prompt you to doze off sooner. A healthy sex life gives you a healthy sleep cycle too!

Benefits of Sex For Women
Benefits of Sex For Women

10. Reduces Body Pain

Among the many benefits of sex for the body of women, sex has known to decrease body pain and headaches. Just like how it decreases menstrual cramps in women, it lessens pains and headaches in all people. In a research study, sixty percent of sexually active people reported feeling an improvement in their migraine attacks whereas ninety-one percent admitted a moderate to complete relief in the soothing of cluster headaches.

11. Increases Life Span

In a longitudinal research study with a ten year follow up, it was found that men who ejaculated more than twice in a week had half the death rate as compared to men who did not orgasm frequently. Sex can be an active contributor to increasing your longevity of life. The same results can be accounted for in women’s bodies as well. Among all the points, this one has to be the winner of the amazing benefits of sex for the body.

12. Looking Younger

Hormones released during sex that are estrogen and testosterone are vital players in making your skin look youthful and glowing. People having an active and positive sexual life are perceived to be seven to twelve times younger than their actual age! Hence, sex really is the key to younger-looking skin and a happier lifestyle.

13. Increases Trust and Harmony in Relationships

Oxytocin is also known as the love hormone which is secreted in the body in large amounts during sex. Oxytocin helps us in building nurturing and trustworthy relationships with our partners that bring in harmony and literally more love into the relationship. A happy relationship is nothing but an indication of more positive, satisfying, and fulfilling sex which in turn gives you all the more health benefits.

14. Positive Impact on Wellbeing

This might come as shocking to a lot of people but sex has shown to have a positive and healthy impact on our mental health too. Endorphins and happy hormones released during sex put a person in an elated mood making them feeling happier for longer.

Prolactin and oxytocin help the person in building more positive relationships with other people – thus helping in the development of a close interpersonal relationship matrix. The reduced levels of stress also help the person in staying calm for longer periods of time. Other than this, sex also increases self-esteem and confidence levels hence having an overall healthy impact on the holistic wellbeing of the individual.

The health benefits of sex are immense and powerful! With enthusiastic consent, the experience of sex not only becomes pleasurable but very healthy too. 

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