The greatest thing about sexual relationships is that we can always improve and experiment. There are a profuse amount of things you can do to spice things up in the bed. We’ve curated some great sex bucket list ideas for you. Take a look and put your preferred ones in your sex bucket list for couples to try. 

Trying out some of these sex bucket list suggestions, you can find your old romance back. At first, the thrill of discovery of each other’s bodies, tastes and fantasies, it was easy to keep things going. But as you get comfortable in your relationship, especially when you’re married, the spark in your sexual chemistry recedes. But, you know, every cloud has a silver lining, and it’s a great time to get your sex bucket list checklist ready which may help you keep the spark alive in your sex life. 

Things to Add in Your Sex Bucket List

Below are the things that you need to add in your sex bucket list:


BDSM stands for ‘Bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism’. BDSM can vary from lightly holding your partner down to handcuffs or ball gags. Couples who like BDSM, enjoy being helpless in bed. In BDSM, one partner prefers to be dominant and the other one prefers to be submissive. Couples may switch the roles accordingly. 

Consent is very important in BDSM as things may get pretty weird but some couples prefer it. BDSM is rooted in pleasure. It can be sweet, fulfilling and creative. You might want to communicate with your partner before you bring BDSM in your sex life. Discuss thoroughly who’s going to be the dominant and who’s going to be submissive.

There should always be safe words when you want to stop or when you think it’s not going well. BDSM is a great thing you might wanna add to your sex bucket list. 

2. Make it rough

Like BDSM, rough sex can also be erotic and fascinating. According to a poll, most women have reported that they like rough sex. It’s thrilling with a lot of wildness and hotness. Rough sex may involve choking, holding them down, slapping, spanking, scratching, pulling hair etc. Communicate and take consent of your partner before you bring rough sex into your bed. 

Telling your partner what you like and what not can help them understand your pleasure points better. Without consent, rough sex is an assault. If your partner does not like it you should stop and understand their decision. Although, rough sex can be very luscious for some people. Give rough sex a shot and see how you feel. It may be your thing. 

3. Watch them pleasing themselves

Watching your partner masturbating in front of you can be very sensual and informative too. If it’s your first time having sex, you can learn what they like and where they like to get touched. If you run out of things to do in bed, try masturbating with each other. You may discover some things that your partner likes. 

Opening up with your partner and performing it with them may help you know your sexual desires better.  So, consider putting this into your sex bucket list checklist, it may add a little fervour to your sex life. 

4. Roleplay

Roleplay is the most favorable game of sex among couples. It involves enacting different characters. So many people are fascinated by roleplay but never try it out because of the fear of being judged by their partner. Roleplay can be fun, creative and sometimes badass too. You must feel confident by talking about your fantasies and desires without judgement. 

Before you start roleplaying, discuss with your partner that you and your partner will never laugh at each other’s performance, fantasies or choices, that can be a big turn off. Roleplay can be the finest thing to put into your sex bucket list ideas. 

5. Trying sexy lingerie

Wearing sexy lingerie just for yourself or even for your partner can be very hot. It gives you a feeling of boldness. Wearing a cute bra and panty set, a sheer bodysuit or some other sexy lingerie set makes your partner more sexually excited. There are so many options available in the market. 

You can always try out new and sexy lingerie. Make sure you are comfortable while wearing them. Asking your partner what they would like you to wear can also help you decide on what you should buy. So put it in your sex bucket list right now!

6. Shower Sex

Shower sex is a fun and sexy thing to try out. Having hot water running over your bodies, washing each other, touching them while smelling fresh can be very erotic. 

Fore playing in the shower before having sex is very sexy and there’s a lot of space to be creative. If you like ‘it’ while standing, you can always choose shower sex for an erotic experience. Make sure you are careful while having shower sex. Use a non-slippery bath mat, use lube or use soap for a sexier experience. You can also try different positions in the bathroom. 

7. Make some noise

Moaning is a sensual voice which is a big turn on for a lot of people. Moaning lets your partner know you’re enjoying it. Moaning can also act as a guide to your partner to know what you want them to do more or less of something. 

Sex Bucket List
Sex Bucket List

However, most women fake moaning to please their partner but when you feel good and you moan without faking, it sounds more sensual and pleasurable. So, talk with your partner about what you like. If you feel good and want your partner to know it then go ahead and vocalize it. 

8. Talk dirty

Talking dirty to your partner while having sex will make them wild and aroused. Talking things you want them to do to you will make them feel excited and may also improve your sexual performance. Engaging in a dialogue that feels good with your partner may add some hotness in your sexual experience.

It helps you discover what turns them on. Vocalize what you like and ask your partner to tell them their fantasies and what they want you to do to them. Don’t wait to talk it out until you’re in bed but talk it out before having sex or while roleplaying.

9. Give multiple orgasms

Many of us like just one orgasm but how about giving multiple? Multiple orgasms generally refer to more than one orgasm at a time. Women are most likely to experience multiple orgasms. They can have up to five orgasms per session. Men can also have multiple orgasms but it’s more likely in women.

If you want to have multiple orgasms, oral sex is the key. Having oral sex before intercourse can make your body all heated to come again. Trying this out can give you and your partner multiple pleasures. It’s a great idea to put multiple orgasms into your sex bucket suggestions. 

10. Ice it up

Using ice while you’re having sex or while oral sex is a fun and too darn hot thing to try. Ice is probably the hottest thing to use when you want to play with their body. It makes them helpless. 

Using ice while having sex is an amazing sex bucket list idea for couples. Rubbing ice along their stomach or thighs is very erotic. Men are easily stimulated visually. Running ice all over your body, tongue or breasts will make them feel irresistible. They won’t be able to keep their hands off you. 

So try these amazing sex bucket list ideas today and let us know how it has spiced things in your bedroom!

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