Role-playing Sex: Sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship. But once you are married and settled in, it can become monotonous or even stagnant. You need to keep trying new things to keep the spark alive, just like Phil Dunphy and Claire did in Modern Family’s episode ‘My Funky Valentine.’ Each one of us grows up with a few fantasies that we never end up trying. Maybe, sexual role-playing is the exact thing your relationship needs. Let us take a look at what role-playing and some ideas that you could try out. 

What is Sexual Role Play?

If you are not familiar with it, sexual role-play involves an erotic element or sexual context that helps people live their fantasies. It is also a great way to reignite the spark in your relationship. One of the most common inhibitions is that people do not know where or how to start. Well, we are here to help you with just that. 

Role-Playing Fantasies To Try Out


To help you get comfortable with it, we will briefly explain some fantasies that you and your partner could try out. 

1. The Boss & The Secretary

This is one of those fantasies that have crossed many minds, thanks to poorly written scripts in adult movies. The most basic job of a secretary is to fulfill the needs of the employer, be it fetching coffee, jotting down notes, or something more (wink wink). Another angle to try out could be the secretary having access to confidential information and holding it over the boss’s head. 

2. Random Hook-Up

Being in a relationship is comforting, but it can also become dull as time passes by. What if you were two horny strangers who met at a party? Usually, our guards are up to when we meet strangers. But when that person is your partner, things can heat up fast. You two can choose characters and meet in the bar of the hotel. To spice things up, take it up to the hotel room instead of going home. 

3. Royalty & Commoner

There is something special about getting to play royalty while your partner can play the role of a commoner or vice versa. This is a good idea if you want to feel pampered or get dominated by royalty. As you cannot say no to your highness, you have to do everything they ask you to.

4. Teacher & The Student

This role play is quite versatile. You can try different stories with the same characters. Maybe the student needs last-minute tuition before the exam or the teacher may want to mentor the student after school. You can let your imaginations run wild with this one!

5. Study Buddies

Exams are around the corner and you need someone to study with. You randomly connect with a classmate as you can help each other out. But is there something else that you can help each other with? This is especially fun if you have a nerdy side to you. 

6. Photographer & The Model 

This is also an exciting role play that you and your partner could try out. Photoshoots are so much fun. You can be a sexy model and your partner can be a strict photographer. Let the photographer direct you to give sexy poses and see where it goes! 

7. The Cop & The Criminal

Nothing beats the sexual role-playing of a cop and a criminal! Catching a lawbreaker and frisking them can be equally exciting for both partners. Women playing the authoritative role can add excitement to the play! To make it seem real, you could also rent a police uniform or buy handcuffs online. 

8. Maid & The Butler

This is different from role plays that have maid and master etc. This role play is quite creative. You can raid the fridge and mess around with what is available. Look the part by wearing aprons and maybe even doing a little cleaning up to make it seem real. The gist is that the master and the missus have gone out to party and you are alone with the butler, how exciting! 

9. Strangers In The Airplane

Joining the mile-high club is an unfulfilled dream for many. Although it may be difficult to achieve in real life, especially if you fly a commercial, you could enact an exciting role-play around it. There is not much stopping you when you are thousands of feet in the air with someone you are never going to see again. 

10. The Doctor & Patient

This version of the doctor and patient can be quite exciting if you do it right. To make things real, you can buy lab coats and a few tools at a store. You can also buy them online, which makes things much easier for many of us. One way to start would be to give the patient a thorough medical examination. 

As kids, we have all made-up stories in our heads. But as we grew up, some of the stories took a sexual turn and became fantasies that we never visited again. Role-playing is a great way to bring some fantasies to life. It is hard to spice things up when you are both busy. But just like a healthy relationship takes work, a healthy sex life also requires you to put in some effort. Role-playing is a fantastic way to feel the excitement again. All of it, with the person you are committed to and staunchly in love with.