When it comes to face piercings, septum piercing is one of the most popular alternatives. This is because it allows for a wide variety of jewellery, making it a good alternative for anybody. As an added bonus, the piercing's position makes it easy to hide the jewellery within the nose in professional settings or more conservative events. So are you interested to know more about septum piercing? Here is everything that you must know about septum piercing. 

What is Septum Piercing?

In a septum piercing, an incision is made between your nostrils, enabling the jewellery to hang freely. The exact placement of the puncture will be determined by the location of your "sweet spot," as it is known to piercers. Pinching your septum should reveal a thinned-out region of skin called the columella. The location of the columella varies from person to person and is usually found towards the tip of the nose.

Pain in Septum Piercing

People who get septum piercings report that the procedure is rather painless. You may feel a slight tug while the jewellery is pulled, but you shouldn't experience any more discomfort. 

Pain in Septum Piercing
Pain in Septum Piercing

The "sweet spot" may not exist for everyone. If this is the case, it will be necessary to pierce the cartilage, which would be more painful and more difficult to do. A smart suggestion is to discuss your choices with your piercer if you don't think the septum piercing is a suitable fit for you.

While septum piercings are relatively simple for the piercing wearer, the precise position of the piercing within the nose can be a difficulty for piercers. To avoid having a crooked septum piercing, make sure you do your homework and locate a piercer with competence in this procedure.

Healing Time for Septum Piercing

If you had your septum pierced in the right location, you should expect a recovery time of 6 to 8 weeks. There is a six-month minimum recovery time for piercings through the cartilage. In order to ensure that the healing process has been finished, it is best to speak with the piercer who performed the procedure to ensure that your septum has fully healed before starting the aftercare regime.

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Tips for Faster Healing of Septum Piercing

When it comes to your septum piercing, cleanliness is very important because it's located inside your nostril. 

There are specific hurdles to mending a piercing in the nose because of its position. Following a septum piercing, it's important to take the following precautions:

1. Use an aftercare spray to clean your piercing 2 to 3 times a day

Faster Healing of Septum Piercing
Faster Healing of Septum Piercing

Spray your piercing with a saline aftercare spray 2–3 times a day and let it dry. Make sure that your aftercare spray is free of chemicals and just includes salt and water.

2. Adjust your jewellery with caution

One of the most important piercing aftercare guidelines is to avoid touching the jewellery while the piercing is healing. The delicate skin around the new piercing might get damaged if the jewellery is twisted or moved. Because of this, septum piercing jewellery is more likely to go crooked than jewellery used in other piercings because of its placement. Adjusting your jewellery is inevitable, but be careful. Avoid moving your jewellery more than twice a day, and wash your hands thoroughly after each time you come into contact with it.

3. Avoid building septum odour

It is easy to get dead skin cells and germs in the area since they are located within the nose. Therefore, you must maintain proper cleanliness in the pierced area. Supplement your sea salt soaks by dabbing cotton balls or paper towels saturated in salt solution onto your skin to remove any buildup that may have formed.

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Jewellery for Septum Piercing

It is possible to wear hoop earrings in many different ways with the septum piercing. Septum piercers can choose from a variety of jewellery, ranging from huge, ornate clickers to a more subdued, seamless ring. From the septum piercing, round barbells hang like a horseshoe over the entrance doors. It's possible to add a dash of colour to your nose piercing with a range of bead selections, such as diamond-paved beads or baltic amber beads. 

Rings with captive bead clasps are another popular choice for beginners. In addition to being convenient, the bead provides a little more flare to a classic hoop design. Use seamless hoops for a more subtle appearance when you're ready to alter your jewellery. However, if you can properly hang it, a seamless hoop is an excellent choice for a traditional look that can match with any outfit.

For septum piercings that have healed, clicker hoops are a common choice. Closed hoops include an insertable hinged element that snaps into place once you insert it into the hole. There are a lot of options when it comes to jewellery design using the clicker mechanism since it allows for more bold designs.

Cost of Septum Piercing

The cost of septum piercings ranges from $40 to $90, and the jewellery may or may not be included. Avoid skin discomfort by wearing jewellery made of high-quality metals such as 14k gold or surgical steel. It is possible to develop skin sensitivities if you use lower-quality metals in your septum piercing, so it's better to stick with high-quality jewellery for your safety.

The septum piercing is hard even for experienced piercers to get through. Take your time and find a piercer you can trust. Make sure they have a good track record of successful septum piercings before you get one. Even if you choose an expert piercer, it can be hard to get the septum piercing to be straight. You might have to get it re-pierced. Do yourself a favour and pick the piercer who is most likely to get it right the first time.

A piercer should never use a piercing pistol. Additionally, septum piercing demands a level of preciseness that can't be achieved with a piercing gun. If your piercer brings out a piercing gun when you visit the studio, you should get away from there.

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Now you must have got all the information regarding septum piercing and how it is done. So before getting the septum piercing, research the best piercing studio in your area and then proceed ahead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does a septum piercing say about you?

A. Septum piercing explains about your bold nature. It expresses that you do not care about others' opinions or thoughts about you. 

Q. Will my septum close if I take it out for a day?

A. Septum has the tendency to close very fast. Therefore, if you keep your jewellery out for a day, then it can close down.