There are a lot of different types of ear piercings that are very popular right now. Girls and women are wearing these piercings with style, bold looks, and flaunting them in style. They give your outfits a stylish personality, class, and vibe. It is very easy to get one or more types of ear piercings at the same time.

To discover more about them and experiment with different piercing techniques, let's read and know everything about the types of ear piercings that you can try out.

Different Types of Ear Piercings

Are you aware that ear piercings come in a variety of shapes and sizes? In this list of 10 top trending ear piercing types, some of them have been given different names based on where and how they are located on the body. Today, let's become acquainted and familiarise ourselves with a wide variety of ear piercings. 

1. Helix Ear Piercing

Helix Ear Piercing

As the name implies, Helix piercings are found near the helix area of the ear. People who have cartilage piercings on their ears put them on the upper side of the ear, above the lobe area. We see this type of ear piercing a lot, and it is one of the most stylish and also common types that people get. If you want to make it look different, you can add studs, small micro jewellery, or barbells to it. In addition, body piercing experts say that helix piercing helps people get relief from seasonal allergies.

2. Lobe Ear Piercing

Lobe Ear Piercing

Ear piercings in the lobes are the most traditional and popular type of ear piercing. Almost every girl has one of them. These have a low level of pain and are easy to put on and take off. However, despite their widespread use, they still look terrific and are nearly universally flattering on everyone. In addition, lobe piercings provide a number of health benefits, which many experts feel will have a substantial impact on eyesight improvement.

3. Transverse Lobe Ear Piercing

Transverse Lobe Ear Piercing

Transverse piercings can even be done in the same ear lobe position. As the name implies, this ear piercing type does not pass the outer side of the piercing. Instead, they go even further back in the ear. That means they do not go from inside to outside at the angle of the ear lobe. Because of this, one side of the ear will find the ends. These are very simple and easy to get, just like lobe piercings. However, in this ear piercing style, you have a small area to work. 

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4. Snug Piercing

Snug Piercing

Snug piercing refers to an ear piercing that sits snugly between the inner and outer lobes. This ear piercing goes beside the helix and is one of the most preferred and unique ear piercing types.  If you are interested in getting snug piercings, prepare yourself for some severe pain. Some of the drawbacks that you must prepare yourself for before getting your ear piercing is pain, long healing time and chances of infection. To give it a more attractive look, you can add micro jewellery.

5. Forward Helix Piercing

Forward Helix Piercing

The forward helix piercing is done in the ears forward part section, which is located close to the helix. You can choose between a single, double, or triple piercing in this ear piercing type. To give it an enhancing look, you can add studs to it. Forward helix piercing has some incredible health benefits like regulating blood circulation and reducing wrinkles on the face.

6. Tragus Piercing

Tragus Piercing

The tragus is located right in front of the ear canal. Tragus piercing is one of the most beautiful and feminine ear piercing types. A simple stud can make it look even cooler. As they run through the cartilage of your ears, these are very painful to get. It is still a good idea if you want to look plush and beautiful. It is also good for your health to have tragus piercings because they can help you feel less anxious and help you eat more.

7. Rook Piercing

Rook Piercing

Rook piercings are vertical in both their placement and their angle. They go from the inside cartilage ridge of the ear to the outside rim. Because they look like a rook in chess games, this is the reason for such an interesting name. The bad news is that they are also very painful because they are in a fold of cartilage. This type of ear piercing is very popular among people who have a lot of stress problems, and it is thought that getting this piercing will make them less stressed.

8. Daith Piercing

Daith Piercing

The Daith piercing is done right next to the ear canal. It looks like the hoop in the ear cartilage. The helix and inner ear area together give an amazing look to this ear piercing. Considering the area where this ear piercing is done, the hoops and bars are best fitted. Getting this kind of piercing is not very painful, so it can be a good way to start if you are getting an ear piercing for the first time. In addition, Daith piercing can help people with migraines.

9. Conch Piercing

Conch Piercing

Conch piercing is one of the most popular and trendy types of piercing names for young, modern women these days. It can be done both inside and outside of the ear. The conch is placed between your ear canal and your antihelix in this style. It can also be placed between helix and antihelix. It has been seen that conch piercing can help you relax your muscles and combat muscle pain.

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10. Orbital Piercing

Orbital Piercing

You can get this ear piercing in any part of the ear. As the name implies, two piercings are made at the same place, connecting them both through orbits. A lot of the time, you will find this near the helix or lobes of the ear. These are becoming more and more common, and they look lovely and unique for people who love a little bit of experimentation.


So these are the top 10 types of ear piercing that you can try out if you are interested in getting your ears pierced. The most important point that you should remember is that ear piercing is not an easy task; therefore, you should get it done by an expert. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I avoid after ear piercing?

A. You should avoid getting into pools or hot tubs after getting an ear piercing. Also, avoid touching your ears frequently as it can lead to infection. Do not touch the jewellery attached to it until you are cleaning it. 

Q. Can I wash my hair after having my ears pierced?

A. Yes, you can definitely wash your hair after getting your ears pierced. But be careful and avoid hurting your recently pierced ears while washing your hair. 

Q. Where do ear piercings hurt the least?

A. Getting the ear piercing in the lobes hurts the least. It is the most popular and trendy ear piercing style. Snug and tragus piercing hurts the most.