Today’s contemporary is all about fashion and you. Saying that piercing is one such trend. There are different types of ear piercing that you should be aware of before actually getting one. 

Ear Piercing

Here are some of the details regarding the types:

1. Standard Lobe Piercing 

This is the basic ear piercing and ubiquitous among almost every girl in the world. Usually, you must have got this piercing done when you were at your kindergarten or even before that. This is the least painful piercing because of the soft portion. 

2. Upper Lobe Piercing 

As the name suggests, it is the piercing done on the upper portion of your earlobe. It is also one of the less painful piercing. If you want something trendy with the least torture, then this is what we would suggest. GO FOR IT!! 

3. Auricle Piercing 

The piercing done in the middle of your outer rim is referred to as auricle piercing. This is quite complicated because this is the portion where your nerves are also present. Due to this, it is a bit painful to get punctured, but when it comes to getting yourself embellished, this is just a piece of cake. 

4. Conch Piercing 

Conch piercing deals with the penetration in the ear cartilage. To be clear, there are two types of conch piercing, the inner and the outer. Even though the inner conch piercing is popular among the youngsters, the outer conch piercing is equally breathtaking.   

5. Helix Piercing 

Helix is the outer curved cartilage portion. A standard helix piercing is a single piercing in the upper curved area. when two or three perforations are made in the upper curved area next to each other, it is called double or triple helix piercing. The piercing done at the upper end of the ear cartilage curve is named as forward helix piercing. All together helix piercing is extremely painful but has always been one of the musts of teenagers.  

6. Industrial Piercing 

It is also done at the upper cartilage portion but two pricks are made in such a way that a needle passes through both the holes together. This is the coolest piercing in the contemporary. A lot of people go gaga over this. Usually, an arrow earring is preferred to flaunt the piercing. 

The Ultimate Guide To Ear Piercing
Ear Piercing

7. Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is the perforation of the single heeled cartilage attached to the end of your cheeks. It is not very famous since it is prone to irritation and infection, but I must admit, this is my personal favorite. Wearing a small stone would be eye-catchy. 

8. Rook Piercing 

This piercing is very technical and requires great accurateness. Two holes are made on two different cartilages that are curved in such a way that the cartilages are one above the other. It may get stretched with time making it a painful activity, but the look attached with such piercing covers up the tough part. 

9. Orbital Piercing 

This is very much similar to the industrial piercing, only the difference is, it is not connected horizontally but is connected in such a way that a circle passes through both the hole. 

10. Anti-Tragus 

This can be said to be the kin of tragus, whereas less prone to infection.

11. Daith Piercing 

This is the piercing of two holes in the inner curved cartilage where a circular ring can be penetrated. This may look complicated and painful, but do not worry, it is not. You can definitely have this with less pain. 

12. Graduate Lobe Piercing 

You must have got the whole of graduate lobe piercing by looking at the picture itself. Yes, this is the piercing of two or more holes near to each other at a certain interval from each other. Single patterned earning with decreasing sizes starting with the standard lobe would be perfect. 

13. Transverse Lobe Piercing 

This is a very unique form of piercing where the earlobes are pricked horizontally at angles. It is not like the standard front to back piercing, but it is all inside the skin. It is very less painful but requires a good amount of care. 

14. Ear Weaving Piercing 

This is the piercing where a number of holes are made in a way that is connected to each other. This is surely mystical of all. A single ornament covers all the holes. These are some of the necessities that you must have been looking for, and I hope by now you must have made up your mind as to which one you want to get going with. So, what are you waiting for!! Be the one you always wanted to. 

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