Micellar water is a kind of cleanser that is loved and raved by beauty addicts, makeup junkies, and makeup artists. These are available in different kinds and sizes and by many popular brands all around the world. 

Micellar waters are basically used to take off your makeup, by using some of the product on a cotton pad and using the wiping motion to take it off. With their use, you no longer have to struggle with wiping your face with harsh makeup remover wipes or washing your face multiple times with your cleansers to take the makeup off. 

What micellar water does is that it breaks down the heavy makeup and melts it down, that way it gets off with no difficulty and just with a single swipe. 

If you are curious to understand what is micellar water and how do they work then continue reading. 

Micellar water

To understand it we must look into the ingredients and chemistry behind it for that. 

The most important or main ingredient in micellar water is surfactants and water. Surfactants are compounds that help oil and water or any similar compounds to mix together when they can’t generally combine well. Considering oil and water, they just don’t mix so you can’t wash an oily vessel directly with water. This issue of them not mixing together is resolved by using surfactants. 

A molecule of surfactant has two heads, where one is the hydrophilic head which is attracted to water and repels oil, and the hydrophobic head which repels water and attracts oil. This mixture is then called an emulsion. 

Hence surfactants are used in many products like shampoos, washing detergents, soaps, and similarly in micellar water. 

When you use micellar water to remove your makeup, this science sets in motion. You apply the micellar water using a cotton pad which is made up of cellulose so all the hydrophilic ends in micellar water get attached to the cotton pad, the other end that is hydrophobic locks the oil from your makeup, thus removing t from the skin and onto the cotton pad. Interesting, isn’t it?

If you are curious about the name Micellar then it is the formation of the molecules of surfactant in the form of a ball with a hydrophilic end on the outside the other hydrophobic end safely inside. They usually take this shape when they are inside water. This is not necessarily their only shape but that’s the name that stuck around! 

Jokes apart, Micellar water is a wonderful product and wise addition to your vanity. They come in different kinds- water-based and oil-based. 

Uses of Micellar Water 

If you think micellar water is useful only to remove makeup then you are wrong, here are the micellar water uses that you should know about:

  • As a Toner
  • Cleaning your Makeup Brushes
  • As a Cleanser
  • Use it as a hand sanitizer (will not dry your hands)
  • Spray it on to refresh and hydrate your face
Uses of Micellar Water
Uses of Micellar Water 

Benefits of Micellar Water

After getting the in-depth knowledge of the science behind the product we should now move ahead to talk about micellar water’s benefits:

1. Removes Heavy Makeup 

Micellar water’s best benefit is that it helps to get rid of all of the stubborn mascara, kajal, and other makeup off of your face without any pulling or extra irritation to your skin. One swipe and you are done. 

2. Deep Cleans your Skin

Micellar water not just removes the makeup or only supposed to be used for that purpose but you can also use it in your skincare routine as an extra step to remove oil and dirt from your face before cleansing your face. 

3. Hydrates your Skin

Micellar water not just gets rid of the stubborn makeup or cleans your skin but it also hydrates your skin and moisturizes it. 

4. Helps to Clear your Skin

Using a proper skincare routine can never go wrong for your skin similarly using a makeup removing routine can not be a wrong option. It has a lot of benefits for your skin. When removing makeup directly with water, you try to mix oil and water which never works. So, to remove the oil properly from your face you need a surfactant in the form of micellar water. 

5. Does not Favor any Particular Skin Type

If you are worried, whether it will suit your skin type or if there can be any possible side effects for your particular skin type. Then you don’t have to worry about that. Micellar water is suitable for all skin types and there are no possible side effects but it is always advisable to perform a patch test before using it all over your face. 

6. Easy to Use

The best feature of micellar water is that it is so easy to use that even after a long day, you would not feel any hassle to use it to remove your makeup

Follow these Steps to use Micellar Water on your Face: 

  • Take a generous amount of it on a cotton pad.
  • Use gentle swiping motion to clean your face, focus on the areas that have heavy makeup like your eyes.
  • If you have heavy makeup on you can use more cotton pads for a cleaner wipe.
  • Follow this with a face cleanser to have deep clean skin.
micellar water
micellar water

This is one of the easiest methods you can use. We know how tiring it gets after coming home from a long day or a party and then cleaning your face with a cleanser and water can be cumbersome.

But with micellar water, all you have to use is a cotton pad and micellar water to remove all the makeup which is much easier and quicker. Goodbye to all the guilty days of sleeping with your makeup on and having the worst skin the day after because of this magical product. 

There are so many brands that are giving the best deals and great results for you to choose from so if you are thinking about getting one for yourself, then go ahead and get it ASAP.

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