Our eyes speak a thousand words which even our mouth cannot say. Using eye makeup to enhance our eyes is like augmenting what we express. If you consider yourself a makeup junkie you might be aware of how eye makeup is the most important fraction of face makeup.

We know, you might be getting eager to know some of the eye makeup hacks and try them to flaunt in front of your crush or your friends. If you are a beginner or not so good at doing the makeup, you can start from learning some eye makeup looks which are the most intriguing part of the makeup. 

Let’s get it started. 

Hacks for Eye Makeup 

For all the beginners who want to explore the makeup or even the makeup artists, trying out some new eye makeup looks and hacks will make your interest in makeup a little more novel. Let’s find out some of the best eye makeup hacks for your beautiful self.

1. Use a tape flaunt a perfect winged eyeliner

Are you one of those people who can’t get their eyeliner correctly? You try and try but it leads to nowhere and you end up having an uneven eyeliner look. Don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

Eye Makeup
Eye Makeup

Just using a cello tape will help you achieve a perfect winged eyeliner look, just stick it on your outer v and then BOOM! you have a perfectly winged eyeliner. This is an easy and a quick eye makeup hack if you are getting late for somewhere. 

2. Turn your pencil eyeliner into a gel eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner sometimes is a bit annoying. It even gets hard on your eye area. Gel eyeliner can glide perfectly on your skin because they have moisture in it. What if you can turn your pencil eyeliner into a gel eyeliner? Yes, it’s possible! Just burn a flame lighter and carefully place it on the tip of the pencil eyeliner. Keep it there until it gets a little moist. Let it cool and then use it on your eyes for a flawless eyeliner look. 

3. Use a bobby pin as an eyelash picker

Eyelash glues make a huge mess on your hand and they can even mess up your makeup. You can do it the right way and for that, you just need a Bobby pin. Yes! You heard it right. Just apply the glue on the eyelash and use a Bobby pin to pick the eyelash and place it on your eyes without even touching it. Here you go, you have another go-to eye makeup hack. 

4. Use your lipstick in place of your eyeshadow

Out of eyeshadow shade? Or want to try a new shade for eyes? Well, here’s the trick, use your favorite lipstick shade and use it on your eyelids to have a creamy and flawless eyeshadow look. Just take a little amount of lipstick on your finger and blend it on your eyelids with your finger itself or you can use a brush to blend it out. 

5. Conceal your eyelids

Just like your face needs some color correction, your eyelids need it too. Your eyes tend to look a little out of color from your face. Using a concealer to even out your eyelids might help you achieve a perfectly balanced and pretty eye makeup look you dream of. It’s a great eye makeup hack for prepping up your eye makeup.

6. Use a spoon for preventing the mess 

Eye makeup can get a little messy sometimes, especially using mascara can mess up your cheeks, crease and brow bone. Just use a kitchen utensil for that, a spoon! Place the spook on your eyelid so you can protect the crease and brow bone from the mascara. Use the mascara without any problem and a no messy look without any hassle. 

7. Don’t dump your broken eyeshadow 

Breaking your favorite eyeshadow palette is worst than a breakup. Why dump the expensive makeup palette when you can fix it? Just add a drop of rubbing alcohol on the gathered eyeshadow and smash it with a spoon to keep it together back again and organize it properly. Just a simple step to save your favorite and expensive makeup product. 

8. Mark the lashes to have a quick eyeliner application 

Eye Makeup
Eye Makeup

If you have a pencil eyeliner, mark the lashes with it according to the length of your eyeliner and then use your gel eyeliner to perfectly apply the eyeliner in one stroke. It’s an easy and quick way to achieve a perfect eyeliner in one stroke. 

9. Use powder for a greater length of your eyelashes

Having eyelashes with greater volume gives your eyes a flawless and more awake look. Here is a tip, use powder to enhance the volume of your lashes. Just use a coat of powder after the first coat of mascara and then coat again after putting the first coat to have a fuller and longer eyelash look. 

10. Use an eyeshadow instead of an eyeliner

If you find using eyeliner pencils or gels not hard, you can try using your eyeshadow for an easy eyeliner look. Just use a black eyeshadow to use it as an eyeliner. This is an easy to do task if you find applying eyeliner difficult. You can also use other shades to try different eyeliner looks with different shades. 

11. Add a second coat of mascara for a fuller eyelash look

Using your mascara the right way will give your eyes a sexy look. Just try this tip, use two coats of mascara instead of one. Using a second layer gives more volume to your eyelashes. But make sure the first coat is properly dried before you add in another coat of mascara on your eyelashes.

12. Make it sexy with white eyeliner

Eye Makeup
Eye Makeup

Adding white eyeliner to your makeup supplies is a great eye makeup trick you would love to try. Using your white eyeliner under your eyelids and over your hot black eyeliner gives you a bold and a supermodel look you always wanted to try. You can also use it to brighten the corners of your eye and to define your brows. Make it bold! 

Try these makeup for eyes and stand and let your eyes do the talking!

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