“All women are pretty without makeup but – with the right amount of makeup they can be pretty powerful.” – Bobbi Brown 

Women are beautiful no matter if they put makeup on or not. In recent years, makeup has become one of the most important tools for women. They enjoy wearing makeup and take pride in their skills and we don’t see any problem in that. 

Since time immemorial, people have always found ways to bring women down when they were at the best in their lives. Now it is their putting makeup on which people think is not right. 

If you put on a full face of makeup then they judge you for putting on too much makeup and if you do not apply any then they have an issue that you must not be well. 

Like many other things women have learned to look past all of these judgments and carry themselves with pride, whether they wear makeup or not. 

Despite all of we have learned the importance of makeup and the next time someone asks you why is makeup important, you can bat your perfectly made-up eyes to answer their question: 

Importance of makeup 

Here is what you need to explain the importance of makeup for you: 

With a good makeup Brush, every woman can be an Artist” 

Next time someone says makeup is easy you show them a video of someone painting a whole picture on their face. Well, Makeup professionals are called artists for a reason. 

Makeup is the art of playing with colors and blending to create a perfectly sculpted face. You’d be shocked to know what not you can create with makeup. There are so many products available in the market for you to choose from and create whatever you feel like on your face. 

  • Gives us the confidence 

Every woman is indeed beautiful despite makeup. What makeup does is that it adds to your beauty. It also helps to hide the little flaws and even out your complexion. 

You might feel bad about certain things on your face and they might bother you. When talking to a person you may keep wondering if they are looking at your pimple. 

All makeup does is give you the extra push and you can go take over the world with this confidence. 

  • Makes our skin look perfect

Makeup is an art. All the time you spend blending all the makeup to make your makeup look like your second skin is not an easy job. 

If you have the right shade of foundation for your skin color and some good makeup skills then people could hardly guess you have makeup on. Our skin is not perfect, it breaks out, gets dull, and looks tanned. With the right makeup and some blush, you won’t have to worry about any of those problems. You know what they say, fake it till you make it. So until you are working on getting better skin you can fake it a little with makeup. 

  • Protects the skin on your face

Most people argue that there are no real benefits of makeup but they are entirely wrong as makeup not just helps with confidence and makes our skin look better, it also protects it. If you wonder why then think of it yourself/ You have to go through so much pollution, dust, and other similar problems throughout the day. 

Your makeup acts as a layer to protect your face from all these problems. Also, most of the makeup now comes with SPF hence giving extra protection against the harmful UV rays too. 

  • You look put together 

As much as your outfit and accessories are important to make you stand out from the crowd, so is your makeup. If you have a nice outfit on and no makeup there are chances that people might think you have only dressed up casually but the moment you add some makeup if just a tint on your cheeks and some color on your lips, people would think you are ready for an event. 

It is always a good idea to involve some makeup to instantly brighten up your face and a trick for always looking put together at all times without doing much. 

  • You always picture ready

Instagram and Snapchat have become an important part of our lives now. We need to share our day with our friends in our stories everywhere. 

When you have makeup on, you are always ready to get clicked for an OOTD picture or a selfie you always look ready for the camera. 

  • It is therapeutic

You may argue on this but there are so many who agree with this makeup has become a kind of therapy for them. Many therapists encourage people to get involved in a creative activity to help calm your mind. 

When you apply makeup you are a part of a creative process, you can go wild with it and get as crazy as you want to and people appreciate you for your skills. People have been open and vocal about how makeup changed so much for them and how they find a release of their pent up emotions through makeup. 

  • It helps you to understand your face better

When you are as close to your face when you are applying makeup you notice and understand your face better. You learn what you should do and what you shouldn’t do to make your makeup look better and flawless. You understand the curves of your face and learn the different ways you can enhance your face better. 

We always knew about makeup’s importance in our lives but we were unable to find the right words to describe them. So don’t let anybody tell you otherwise if you love buying and applying makeup then it is you who should feel happy about it. There’s no need to impress anybody. Let them say what they like, you keep doing what you want to. 

Next time someone says you are wearing too much makeup, you tell them you have to surround yourself with makeup and not negativity.