Why are we Obsessed with K-Beauty?

We all know about the popularity and fame that is related to K-pop and K-dramas worldwide. People have been crazy about Korean fashion, hairstyles, and trends. Along with this, people have been obsessed with Korean beauty and skincare. 

Recently there has been a huge increase in the market for Korean beauty products and their Korean skincare products. We all desire the glass-like skin that they seem to naturally possess. Hence, we are here with all the things you might want to know about Korean beauty products, Korean skincare, and much more. If your interest is piqued, continue reading.

What is Korean Beauty?

Korean beauty or as we popularly call K-beauty is not just the flawless and glass-like skin that we see and long for on the K-pop and K-drama artists, but it is about the Korean philosophy that they put into their products. They believe in long-term results instead of instant and short-lived ones. 

While all the other popular brands of makeup and skincare claim to fix your problem overnight, Korean beauty products believe in slowly changing your skin towards its perfect form. They tend to activate the natural qualities of your skin and in their products, they believe in customizing them to suit our unique skin. 

So, we can say that the amount of thought and work that they put in their products made them an instant success not just in our markets but also in our hearts. 

Korean Skin Care

Now after looking into the soul of their products you must be curious to know about the Korean skin care or the skin care regime which is increasingly becoming a favorite of many. We have listed the different products and procedures that they follow in their skincare, which has claimed to be effective for their skin and would also be for ours if we religiously tread their path.

To give a disclaimer, Korean skincare has been infamous about the multiple steps that you have to follow every day for your dream skin, but it is up to you if you want to cut it short or even make it longer, completely your call!

1. Double Cleanse

They swear by this technique of double cleansing your skin at least once a day, this can be better used after you have taken your makeup down. The first cleanser you use in this double cleansing technique is an Oil-based cleanser which helps to break down your stubborn makeup or even the oil and impurities that have stuck to your skin throughout the day. 

Korean Skin Care
Korean Skin Care

In the next step for your cleansing, you should use a water-based cleanser which is gentler and easier on your skin. After stripping your skin on all the impurities and oil, this step will help to give some moisture or hydration to your skin. With that, it also takes away any remedial impurity or dirt, makeup left on your skin. 

2. Exfoliation

Even after double cleansing your face, Korean beauty gurus swear by this step. However, you don’t have to do this step every day and make it a part of your skincare routine. This is a step you can perform twice or maximum thrice a week. Exfoliating your skin helps to clean and get rid of the dead skin or extra layer that forms on your skin. This step is also important as it prevents blackheads and whiteheads from coming that further cause problems for you. 

3. Toning

This method becomes automatically important after you have performed the double cleansing and exfoliation. If you skip this step you might feel that your skin dries up very fast. This is because toner helps to maintain the pH of your skin and at the same time provides it with the hydration it sincerely needs. It is advised to use an alcohol-free toner, apply it with a cotton pad all over your face. 

4. Essence

Honestly, it was K-beauty and skincare which made the people understand the use and importance of essence on your skin. The major reason behind most of our skin problems is the dryness or dehydration of our skin. We may slack on providing the correct hydration to our bodies but we can manage that for our face at least. 

Korean Skin Care
Korean Skin Care 

Using an essence is a bonus step to hydrate your skin. Use it right after the toner and it will greatly benefit your skin. 

5. Face Serum

This step or the product can be customized according to your specific requirement. You can either use the serum, on the affected or problematic area or all over your face is again up to you.

To use them in the proper sense, you should be able to identify the specific skin problem that you need to focus on, for instance, oiliness; then you should use a serum that will help you to control or minimize the excess oil production on your face. 

6. Eye Creams

Again, this might sound very fancy and not so important but your eyes need hydration too. See, the bags under your eyes might be covered up easily using a concealer but you need a better fix. Using eye creams on the regular can help with the dark circles, puffiness, and darkness. 

7. Face Masks 

There are hundreds of options available in the market to choose from. They come in different kinds- Clay, sheet, peel-off, mud masks, etc. and with different ingredients. You can take your pick depending on your requirement or skin problem. You can apply them twice or thrice a month for amazing results. 

8. Moisturize

This is no brainer, you need to moisturize your skin, PERIOD. Often people tend to skip using a moisturizer when they have oily skin and that might be their biggest mistake, as our skin tries to fill up the need for hydration by producing more oil. So, Korean beauty and Korean skincare promote you to always moisturize your skin, every day. 

9. Lip Care

You cannot forget your lips when you talk about skincare. Korean beauty is also about having the perfect pink lips that you can achieve by properly scrubbing and moisturizing them. 

10. Sunscreen

It is the most important part of the Korean skincare regime and it is sunscreen. Make it a habit to never leave your house without sunscreen as the cruel sun can make all your progress and hard work go down the drain. 

Seal the hydration into your skin with a good SPF and no one can stop you from having beautiful skin like your favorite Korean artists. 

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