Movie Therapy: 10 Relaxing Movies To Watch At Night To Make You Sleep

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Relaxing movies

Do you love watching relaxing movies after some long and tedious days at work on a Saturday night? Well, we all do! Sometimes all we want to do is chill and watch a good movie, this is already sounding so relaxing! 

So, do you need movie therapy and get over your overwhelming work schedule? 

Watching a movie is a relaxing way if you are taking a break from your work. There are a huge number of relaxing movies you can watch on a relaxing night for a relaxing sleep. 

In this article, you’ll find some of the best relaxing movies to watch at night. Continue reading the article to find more! 

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Relaxing movies to watch at night 

Think of something that makes you feel relaxed in a movie. Is it romance, kindness, comedy, or even some soothing theme song? Well, in this you’ll find all of the movies that will make you feel relaxed after a bad and tedious day. 

Here’s the list of some relaxing movies you should watch once, trust us you won’t regret watching them! 

The Pursuit of Happyness 
Do you love watching relaxing movies?
(Source: Intofilms)

A father faces the greatest struggle in their life to keep their children happy and prospered. This movie dedicates to the life of a single father Chris Gardner with his young son who’s evicted from their apartment and has no place to go to. 

Chris with all his effort finds an internship that pays no money. The movie depicts how the father never gives up as he struggles to make a better life for himself and his son. The ending of this movie is sure to make you feel relaxed. 

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The Fundamentals of Caring 
Relaxing movies
(Source: Roger Ebert)

This movie depicts the story of retired writer Paul Rudd. After a personal tragedy Paul retires as a writer and becomes a caregiver of a teen boy. The two go for an impromptu road trip where their ability to cope up with each other is improved and they start to understand how hope and friendship are crucial to both of them. 

The relationship between these two characters is pretty emotional. It’s going to make you happy and teary at the same time. 

Relaxing movies
(Source: D23)

Up is an adventurous and comedy movie that is one of the most relaxing movies on this list. Carl Fredricksen, a 78 years old balloon salesman aspires to fulfill the lifelong dream of his late wife. 

He meets a little boy Russell who comes along with him and becomes an important part of his dream. The movie is full of comedy and adventure which is sure to make your heart fill with joy. 

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 
Relaxing movies
(Source: Vogue)

This movie features a journalist who gets an assignment to write a story about tricks women use to get rid of men they don’t want to be with. This unusual assignment needs her to find a guy and make him fall in love with him and lose him in 10 days. 

This forces her to meet Benjamin who has a pretty similar task to do, make a woman fall in love with him in just 10 days. Sounds interesting enough? Make sure to watch it! 

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Let It, Snow 
Relaxing movies

Love teen rom-com? We got you! This movie comes with multiple storylines established in a winter wonderland. This is an original Netflix movie, so if you haven’t watched it, you should, now! 

This movie shows a small town that is affected by a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. It depicts how this snowstorm influences the lives of people, friendships, love lives, and the future of various high school seniors.  

Relaxing movies

This movie underlines the life of a rich and successful Cher who is seeing herself as a matchmaker. With her success, she inspires to give hopelessly clumsy new student Tai a makeover that makes her even more famous than Cher herself. 

She realizes that her ex-stepbrother was right about her and falls for him. This comforting movie shows how a spoiled kid transforms into a mature woman.

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Mean Girls 
Relaxing movies
(Source: Insider)

The name sounds intimidating but the movie is quite comforting and amusing. Can’t Heron, with her family movies to Illinois experiences and realizes the cruel popularity cliques that divide fellow students. 

She finds herself in the elite group of cool kids called “The Plastics” but she soon realizes how this group of new friends got this nickname. A must-watch if you’re into teen movies or dramas. 

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Sex and The City 
Relaxing movies
(Source: Harper’s Bazaar)

Every woman and woman-to-be should watch this movie series, Sex and The City. The movie features a group of girlfriends and their continuous adventures as they live their life in the big city, Manhattan. 

Sex and the City play out like a two-hour episode of show. The Birkin bags, cosmopolitans, and large apartments are comforting enough to relax after a tiring day. 

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 
Relaxing movies

Another teen movie with a pinch of drama? Hell yes! To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before showcasing a heartthrob, Peter Kavinsky and sweet girl, Lara Jean who get caught up with each other after Lara’s love letters somehow get male to each of her crushes. 

This whole plight is dramatic with a twist of romance that will take away your sleeping troubles. 

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The Intern 
Relaxing movies

70-year-old, Ben Whittaker occupies the opportunity to become an intern at an online fashion site after retiring. He becomes quite popular among his co-workers and the founder of the company, Jules Ostin. 

This movie depicts how an old age intern uses charm, wisdom, and a sense of humor to create a bonding and friendship with his boss, Jules. 

This was the list for relaxing movies to watch after a long day at work, movies you can sleep too!

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