It’s that time of the month again. You’re getting your period cramps, painkillers ready, ice-creams, chocolates and a huge surge of all kinds of emotions all at once. Getting your periods calls for some crazy times doesn’t it? Crazy hormones, mood swings and of course how intensely horny you’ve been feeling. We can’t help but ponder over this, why out of all the times, the shedding period is the time where we feel sexually aroused a little more than the other days. There has been a lot of researches over time and yet, scientists don’t have any particular reason as to why some women feel remarkably horny during their period. However, there can be many theories and explanations and we’re here just about to answer all your questions about your cycle and your increased sexual desires.

Reasons Behind Increasing Sex Drive

Here are the major reasons of increasing sex drive during period:

1. Hormones

Sure, periods are a time when your emotions are going up and down, but so are your hormones. During the menstrual cycle, there is a cyclic rise and fall of progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and DHEA. All of these hormones directly or indirectly play a vital role in affecting your sex drive during your periods. 

During the start of your period, estrogen level drops. But it starts to climb steadily after a day or two, thus increasing libido in your body and also affecting your sexual drive or desire positively. Progesterone too is at a low point during your period, whose absence can thus make you feel more elevated and horny.

2. Reduced Pregnancy Risk

You are at the lowest risk of getting yourself pregnant during your period if you engage in sexual intercourse. Simply knowing this might make some women feel more confident and driven to have sex during this stage. However, you can still get pregnant when you’re on your periods, even though the chances are less. So we’d recommend you take precautions even when you’re at the lowest risk of getting pregnant unless you’re expecting a baby.

Increasing Sex Drive
Increasing Sex Drive

3. Vaginal Discharge

We’ve all experienced this false alarm when you think you’ve got your period, but it’s actually just a vaginal discharge. Kind of a relief isn’t it? It is normal to notice frequent vaginal discharge when you are close to getting your periods. This vaginal discharge can be white and thick because it is full of cells shedding from your body, but it can also have a clear consistency. Increased discharge right before periods and the increased lubrication make your areas sensitive and result in you wanting to engage in sex at this really odd time.

4. The G-Spot and Bloating

It’s easy to notice that when you know you are getting close to your periods your body starts bloating and it’s almost irritating and annoying. Changing levels of progesterone and estrogen in your body can cause water retention as you get near your periods. Therefore, this results in bloating which can be uncomfortable, but it also puts pressure on your G-spot, located near your pelvic region. This pressure on your G-spot can make it feel extra sensitive and you might feel increasingly horny during this time.

So all these are merely some theories proposed to know as to why do you feel so increasingly horny during your periods than the rest of your cycle. But when it comes to actually having sex during your periods. It is a completely different scenario. Every woman has a different outlook when it comes to engaging in sex during their period. Some women find it uncomfortable and unhygienic to have sex while they are on their period. On the other hand, some might find it sexy and appalling and even more enjoyable to have sex at this time. 

Though, there are many benefits of having sex during your period. You can get relief from your period cramps when you achieve orgasms and will make you feel more relaxed and calm. It may also make your periods shorter. The muscle contractions when you achieve orgasm helps to shed your period faster and hence make them short. There’s also increased lubrication for better pleasure. Conclusively, there are indeed many benefits of having sex while on your period. But it all depends on whether you want it or not.

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