Are you sick of period cramps? We all are actually! Menstruation comes like a ball in the face, every month, and hits us off with its sickening pain. And of course, we are well aware of the pain killers that we are always told to use when it’s the last ounce of pain that we cross. But who defines this last ounce!

Well, for all those tough-tight days we have brought you some of the home remedies which are neither harmful nor bad in taste! These are some of the age-old ingredients using which one can get over the period cramps and live those days just like the usual ones. Here we unveil the list:


The very first in the list are leafy veggies! Chew a little more of them while you are on your periods as the process makes you lose a lot of blood every month. And with every bit of blood loss, you become more iron deficient. This iron deficiency can make you much more lethargic and make you lose endurance too. In order to make up for that bit of lost blood, go on having some extra amount of leafy and green vegetables. Also, veggies like spinach and ladyfinger are full of vitamins and hence can make you gain sufficient iron. If eating so much raw stuff makes you feel agitated, then you can definitely go for a steamed broccoli meal, which will make it a bit different for you!


There are many fruits but what benefits the most in such situations are bananas, kiwi as well as pineapples. Bananas are comprised of B6 vitamin and is considered to be a good carrier of potassium. It is the best choice one can do in order to do away with bloating and cramping issues while periods. Next time when you go on ordering a smoothie shake or any drink, make sure you don’t throw away those extra pineapples, fruit slices in it! As tasty as pineapples are, as good they are a carrier of bromelain. Bromelain is generally known for it’s fighting capacity towards inflammation. It is basically an enzyme that helps in it. Talking about kiwi, it consists of an enzyme called actinidin. Anticidin makes things much more easy to digest, especially protein. Also, the fiber present in it can help you really well to deal with constipation while you are already ailing with cramps. So, yeah don’t ignore the fruits especially the above three. 


The most important part of your diet at any given age should be calcium! Also, apart from its good contributions to the human body, it is extremely effective when it comes to relieving your period cramps. If you are not that interested in consuming dairy products to gain calcium, you can go for opting fresh dill, dark leafy veggies. Also, calcium keeps your body extremely heated. 

4. OATS:

Oats especially these days has taken over the market quite so much. Not just because it’s delicious but also because it is a very important component of a rich and healthy diet. They can be cooked in any form that is as oatmeal, a cookie crunch, or oats granola. They possess an immense amount of fiber due to which your stomach seems to be hunger satisfied much before it actually is. Also, it contains a good amount of zinc as well as magnesium. Magnesium acts as a serotonin regulator which lets you fight off depressing thoughts. Also, it helps a lot in the blood vessel’s relaxation. 


Peanuts are one fine source of magnesium. As quoted above, magnesium is a great serotonin pace regulator that helps you really well with bloating prevention. But all that you have to keep in mind is strict avoidance of extra salted varieties. So, yeah hopefully after reading this, you will no more be mistaking it for dark chocolate fluid, but rather a healthy choice! 

Next time you are on your periods have a confident face off with the same as your rescue bag is already with these 5 daily life things. 

Stay healthy, stay hygienic! 💚