Tired Of White Discharge Issues?

Yet shy enough to discuss it with anyone! Voice of Woman, is your perfect companion, has got it all uncovered for you regarding white discharge issues right from its definition to respective solution. It often happens some things are so private and intimate that even if we want, we can’t discuss it with anyone. We are reluctant to discuss as we fear that we may get judged or if this just happens to us and all others are enjoying their lives to the fullest around us??? But, have you ever thought, what if such is the scenario with everyone around you! At times, all we need is someone who just understands our issues without having to say and provides us with a definite solution. That’s why this time, we are here to raise this unspeakable issue known as -“white discharge phenomena”.

Understand White Discharge

A large bevy of women has been through a variety of vaginal discharge issues throughout their menstrual days. At times a thicker one and at times a thinner layer of this white-colored discharge may be produced by you each day. Also, you may have experienced a color variation ranging from white to pale white to brown. You may have had an ignorant attitude towards it thinking it doesn’t matter much, but guess what?? It does! It speaks volumes about hormonal changes going on within your body during that particular time. 

Now, let’s make an effort to understand the concept of white discharge. Generally, the white discharge we see just before our menstrual days is termed in scientific language as leukorrhea. It is comprised of fluid and small little cells that our vagina sheds in those days. At times, it may appear as a yellowish substance. This is what we call as the luteal phase. This is the phase when the hormone called progesterone is produced at its utmost peak level in our body. Progesterone’s domination in the body causes yellowish discharge while light-colored, clear discharge shows that estrogen is dominant.

Traditionally, the color of this discharge was used by women to assess their fertility period. This phenomenon was called as a natural family planning method. In other words, it can be called a fertility awareness strategy. When estrogen is dominant that is when the discharge seems clear and transparent, then it is known as the fertility period as the egg is already released. On the other hand, when progesterone is dominant, whitish discharge is something that is considered infertile as the egg is yet to be released. Keeping the color and structure of this discharge aside, the good part is that this discharge keeps our vaginal cells healthy and our vagina well lubricated. But beware! It is a good sign only till the discharge is not causing you itchiness, redness or any other additional issues. 

Causes Of White Discharge

  1. Daily course reproductive function: White vaginal discharge just before your menstrual days is something that is quite normal. Such a discharge is also known as egg white mucus as it gives a thin, slippery impression. Also, it is absolutely odorless.
  2. Birth control pills affect: Having had an intake of a birth control pill, it alters your hormones completely hence causing huge disturbances in the same, which may lead to an increment in such a discharge. So, there’s nothing to worry about, as it is a mere side effect caused due to birth control pills.
  3. Sign of pregnancy: This discharge, when it appears to be extremely creamy and thick; and occurs just before your periods, can be treated as a sign of pregnancy. Thou, it is hard to determine such kind of discharge yet, it can be done as it is quite different in its texture from other discharges.
  4. STDs: STDs or STIs are generally something that doesn’t leave behind any symptoms. These STIs are inclusive of gonorrhea, chlamydia. If you are affected with these two STIs then the discharge is most likely to be yellow and pus textured. On the other hand, if you are affected with trichomonas which is another type of STI, then the discharge is more likely to appear greenish in color and fishy in smell.
  5. Yeast Infection Issues: These are commonly occurring issues, and can occur without a definite cause. Anyhow, the active usage of more antibiotics exposed you more to the risk of yeast infection. Such a discharge may seem extremely white and cheese texture. It may also cause redness due to an itchiness sensation in your vagina.
Causes Of White Discharge
White Discharge

When Should You Take White Discharge Seriously

Generally, it is normal and not a cause of concern. But at times it may become serious and may cause you issues which need a doctor’s appointment. Thick white discharge symbolizes the causation of yeast infection. Other colors like yellowish or greenish discharge symbolize issues like bacterial vaginosis. If you find these symptoms, you should immediately run to your doctor:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain or burning sensation
  • Rashes
  • Unusual discharge
  • Extreme creamy discharge

Having witnessed many such changes in your vaginal area, you should seek a doctor’s consultation. 

Stay healthy, stay hygienic 

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