Not widely spoken about but are admired by most. Aren’t they? Bewildered!! Well, I was talking about breasts. They are an important asset of any woman. They are functional and perceived to be sexually enticing. Even more interesting is the fact that boobs vary from woman to woman. Now, getting the right lingerie for you is not always about your size. You have to know which type of boobs you have to get lingerie for you. The lingerie brand, Third Love has invested in the study of boobs, and has successfully found nine types of breasts. Without any ado, let’s hop into the types of breasts.

Different Breast Types

Breast Types
Breast Types

In general, there are 7 types of breasts but as per the investigation of Third Love which are:

1. Round Breasts

If you have boobs that are equally full at both the top as well as the bottom then you have got a round bust. You don’t need a special bra to flaunt your shape. A normal bra without any pad or linings would do.

2. East-West Breast

To check if you are an east-west boobs kind girl, you need to see if your nipples point outwards. If they do so then this is where you fall. Even if your nipples don’t fall opposite to each other, but your boobs gravitate away from each other then also you have an east-west boob. Girls with such shape may go for a t-shirt bra which will bring the boobs nearer.

3. Side Set Breast

This is somewhat similar to the east-west breast but here, you will have a fuller boobs as compared to the east-west boobs. The bra that you will require here is plunge bras that will hook in your boobs.

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4. Teardrop Breasts

If you have a round boob whose bottom portion is fuller as compared to your upper portion then they are teardrop boobies. These are the easygoing boobs. You can wear any bra type you want to get.

5. Slender Breasts

Slender boobs are those which a fuller in the bottom compared to the upper portion and it’s stretch downward is more than it’s the width. You can opt for a wireless bra, or a plunge bra to give the appearance of bigger boobs.

6. Asymmetric Breast

Most women have got this. If you have a pair of boobs from which one boob is noticeably larger than the other boob then this is your stop. Usually, the sizes are not drastically deviating that you require specially stitched bras. A removable padded bra would work best for you.

7. Bell Boobs

This can be said to be the kin of slender boobs. The only identifying difference is that this category consists of boobs that are larger than the slender boobs. While going to get your lingerie, stay away from the balconettes. They will be irritating and uncomfortable for your bust.

8. Athletic Breast

Women having muscular boobs with less tissue fall under this category. You can take a wireless bra, but do take a thick one to let your boobs stay at the right place. 

9. Relaxed Boobs

Relaxed boobs can be identified by noticing if the nipples are downward-facing with lax tissue and getting heavier to the bottom. You can flaunt your asset by picking and wearing a t-shirt bra. This will help you keep them in shape. So which category do you belong to???

How to Take Care of Your Boobs?

Every part of your body is precious. You need to take proper care. For your breast, you can follow the following points:

  • Keep your boobs well moisturized.
  • Massage your boobs
  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise
  • Keep your boobs happy. Do not forge tight bras to them.
  • Practice breast self-exam.
  • Always wear clean inner-wear
  • Avoid smoking

These are some of the tips that you can follow to pamper your breast. They are important because you are a woman and breasts are one of your greatest assets. It is your responsibility to take care of. To get a perfect non-saggy breast you can look for tips here. You should also remember your type since this will be a help for you the next time you go shopping. 

You will also get an idea about which style of bra would suit you.

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