Breast Size: Big boobs, small boobs, any shape, size or color are perfect and should be liked and loved the way are. Yet, the perfect couldn’t mean it doesn’t have problems. 

Breast Size and Problems 

Here are the 21 things that only women with big boobs will understand:

1. Eh! Sweaty in there

The most irritating you shall witness is the sweat that you experience in summers around your boobs. Seeping down and making its way in the shirt, around your boobs.

2. Strapless doesn’t exist

For women who have big boobs, strapless bras are not present in their closet. You can’t wear clothes that require you to wear strapless. 

3. No options except black & nude

And while you shop and sneak into the lingerie section all you get is disappointment. You don’t get to have the pretty vibrant colors you wish.

4. What’s your size?

People can be annoying. Right? From asking people their age, weight, they have come to ask sizes! And react like it is non-existent. As if there is no alphabet after “D” 

5. Everything FITS, except

And as you go in the trial room, and try your favorite, all fits perfectly except your boobs! Good lord, that is annoying!

6. Buttoned shirts? Not an option

Wearing button shirts just would make the button pop out or may gaze open making you look salacious and leaving you semi naked.

7. Avoiding Cute lacy bras

All the beautiful cute colors showcased in the storerooms should be avoided and not looked. You shall crave for what you cannot have.

8. Back Hurts

While it may be vary from women to women. Some women might experience back pain because of it.

9. Everything Sexualized

Oh yes! It is so. Though they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the clothes you wear is generally seen to be sexual. A normal V neck shirt might look like a club outfit!

10. Bathing suits are a curse

How could you even think of one? Even two pieces don’t fit in. Choosing colors while wearing the same is directly a disappointment. You cannot think of wearing your favorite desired color.

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11. People with advice

You can’t deny of having meeting people with big mouths and their unwanted advice. While some shall ask your sleeping positions, others might ask of getting breast reduction. As always, getting their nose in someone else’s business is a habit.

12. Say no to backless

Another imperfection of the perfect is, limiting your wardrobe and avoiding the backless dresses. 

13. Daily workout

It can be a curse while thinking of exercising. Many exercises could be forbidden due to the large gifted boobs. Imagine doing a push up and you could wonder why!

14. Attempting workout

If you wish to try your hand on working out, it is not going to be easy, you need to prepare yourself, especially your upper body for the same. You might need to wear more than one or even two sports bra to perform the activity.

15. Attention seekers

Guys? Obviously. For them, the big boobs are attention seekers and topic of discussion in bed. 

16. Flowy outfits? Big NO

Those adorable flowy tunics and outfits that desirably cute just remains a dream because of the breast size. But those just could make you look as if you’re expecting ( screams on the inside)!

17. Brisk walking

As you think of walking fast while being late or simply just feeling energetic, you can’t. Something up there bounces in a way that could be hurting.

18. Bralettes remains a dream

The delicate, desirable bras showcased in the lingerie section just stays there, and could never be picked but only stared at.

breast size

19. Long neck accessories

The beautiful, lustrous neck accessories you come across and wish to pair with your dress is not possible simply, as it gets hidden and swallowed between yours boobs.

20. Semi or half pictures

Those mid pictures make you look optimistically beastly and something you wouldn’t prefer to upload or share.

21. Sleeping on stomach

It is unfortunately not happening. It can be uncomfortable while you switch positions in your sleepy mode.

Though, there are a plethora of reasons why breast size can be problematic and annoying. It’s still perfect the way it is. You got to love yourself the way you are. For the issues like breast size, well we can always find a way out! Sleeping issue? Wedge pillow can help with it. You could always feel like Jessica Rabbit sometimes.   

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