The bra is the everyday essential in a woman’s life. Any attire is incomplete with the perfect bra underneath. Women wear a bra for a variety of reasons, comfort, appearance, or to perform an activity like playing, jogging, or chilling at a beach.

Back in time, it was just used for primary purpose but now it has converted into a fashionable garment. There is an increasingly different types of bras available to match different body types, situations, and outerwear. The degree of shaping and coverage of the breasts varies between style, as do functionality, fashion, fit, fabric, and color.

Ranging from backless to full-cup to convertible to push-ups, t-shirt, underwires, the list is endless. It’s important to be well aware of the bras available in order to choose the perfect one according to need and comfort.

Understand the different types of bras out there and invest in the one that is perfect for you. Below mentioned are the wide range of bras belonging to the genre of comfort, purpose, and personal liking. 

1. T-shirt Bra

As the name suggests, these bras are perfect to be worn under a t-shirt or top. Available with molded protection, sometimes with under-wire and not necessarily padded. Along with providing rigidity, they give a minimized look. Its main agenda is to not give a double-breast look or a pop out. Perfect for regular use.

2. Sports Bra

This too is a purpose bra. It is too comfortable to perform any workout routine. But before buying it, one needs to pay special attention to straps, cups and the band. It should not suffocate your breasts or stick on to your body as it can bar you from performing exercises.

3. Push-up Bra

It is for the mechanism of adding lift and volume to the breasts so they are symmetric, closer and fuller. It is not just for women with smaller breasts. Their basic purpose is to enhance the bust line and get rid of the sagginess. 

4. Padded Bra

It is the best go-to option for women with smaller breasts. It may not be perfect for the women with heavy breasts as it may make their boobs look double the size. These live under the category of super soft and comfortable choice.

5. Strapless Bra

It is worth it if you get the right size or else you will just be busy with adjusting it all the time. You need to go one size down from your regular because the band is like the one-man army holding the girls together. 

6. Lace Bra

Lace is sensuous and it just feels amazing on your skin. It belongs to the fancy section that even provides functionality. Giving perfect comfort and look they make you super confident inside out.

7. Stick on Bra

This bra is the solution to all your backless or off-shoulder dresses. These are silicone pads that come with adhesive that sticks to your body and are intact. It gives perfect nipple coverage but is not perfect for regular usage.

8. Bandeau Bra

We all like tube-tops, this works exactly the same way. It is like a stretchy band and has no hooks attached to it. Available in a variety of materials like lace, satin and layered. It is a must-have in your collection.

9. Shelf Bra

These are not for daily use but are a good spend. These fall under the lingerie category as they do not provide nipple coverage. These come in a number of materials but are transparent at the nipple area. 

10. Long-lie Bra

These are extended once that go up to your belly button. These are intact to your body and are usually snug. Perfect to be worn under body-hugging dresses and evening gowns. 

11. Racer Back Bra

It hovers around the collar bone and not the arm. These are super comfortable for regular and workout wear. This is a must-have for your collection.

12. Underwire Bra

Perfect in providing support and strength to the breasts due to underwire support. These heal greatly in providing perfect round shape to the breast and contour any unwanted bulges. 

underwire bra

13. Full support Bra

Staying faithful to the name, these provide you with maximum coverage. Available in different kinds of fabrics, these give you full coverage especially to the ones having big or saggy breasts. 

14. Maternity Bra

Your breast changes when you are pregnant. These are smooth, provide full coverage and keep breasts intact. These are your good option at the time of pregnancy and nursing.

15. Bralette

Non-wired, non-padded, non-structured, in short, a comfy bra to invest in. this segment has beautiful designs and endless variety to choose from. These work under dresses and tops that are see-through. Hence, it enhances your entire look.

It is no more a hassle to pick the right types of bras for yourself. Find your purpose and buy which is perfect. Your privates deserve to feel good. You need to feel good inside out.