Why do I have period symptoms but no blood? You're bloated, depressed, and in excruciating pain from cramps. You don't get periods, even though these are the standard symptoms of menstruation. If you have period symptoms but not period, you might need to dig deeper into the reasons. To learn about the reasons for period symptoms but no blood, you need to continue reading.

Why Do I Have Period Symptoms But No Blood? 

1. Stress 

Aaah, stress. Whether it's because of tests, a fight with your crush, or money problems, this spike in cortisol messes up your normal hormone changes. And missing your period is the thing that will only add to your stress. If you have ruled out other health problems, ask your doctor if stress might cause your broken cycle. Stress can be a reason if you have period symptoms but no period.

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2. Mittelschmerz 

Isn't that a fun word? It is a general term for pain during ovulation, which happens to about 20% of women. Around Day 14, which is in the middle of your period, you ovulate. This pain, like sore breasts and cramps, just means that your period is still coming.

3. Anovulation  

When you don't ovulate, no egg comes out of your fallopian tubes. Some women don't ovulate once in a while for good reasons and sometimes for bad ones. In many cases, you might still bleed even if you didn't ovulate, or the bleeding might be lighter or stop altogether. 


PCOS, which stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a disease that affects 8–20 percent of women who have periods around the world. It is caused by an imbalance in hormones, which can be caused by too much androgen or insulin. PCOS makes ovulation happen at odd times and can cause heavy periods. As the name suggests, it can also cause cysts on the ovaries, which can burst or twist them. It causes pain in the pelvis that feels like period cramps but isn't caused by a period. If you have pain but aren't sure what's causing it, keeping track of your symptoms and how long they last can help when you talk to a doctor about them. PCOS can also make you gain weight, get acne, and grow hair on your face, so keep track of all of these signs as well.

5. Pregnancy

Look, you've probably thought about this choice, right? Breast pain and cramping are sometimes signs of pregnancy. (And if you do get some spots, it doesn't mean you can't be pregnant; it could be implantation bleeding.) When you're unsure, it's best to take a cheap, anonymous pregnancy test at a drugstore. It will give you peace of mind and help you figure out what might be going to cause period symptoms but no blood.

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6. Weight Fluctuation 

Our periods can be messed up if we work out too hard or lose or gain a lot of weight quickly. Even if your doctor has you on a plan to gain or lose weight, you should always tell him or her if you miss your period. 

7. Thyroid

One of the thyroid's many jobs is to regulate metabolism and the menstrual cycle, among others. The thyroid is a tiny gland in the neck. It's no surprise that these two things suffer when things go out of whack. The thyroid is one of the possible reasons for period symptoms but no blood. 

A variety of thyroid problems exist. People of African, Asian, or Pacific Island descent are more likely to suffer from hyperthyroidism, a condition in which the body overproduces thyroid hormone. Women with hypothyroidism (also known as Hashimoto's disease) are more likely to suffer from fatigue and weight gain than women with normal menstruation. Your thyroid may be causing your menstrual cycle to be out of whack.

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8. Endometriosis

Tissue typically lining the uterus begins to increase outside the uterus, a condition called endometriosis. Extreme cramping that begins earlier and continues for a prolonged period is a possible side effect.

9. Anemia

A lack of iron is a common reason women have period symptoms but don't have their period. If you don't get enough iron, have very heavy periods, or can't absorb iron into your body, your period may stop all of a sudden.

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10. Nutritional Imbalance

People often miss periods when they don't eat well, drink a lot of stimulants, or drink more alcohol than is usually recommended. You might still feel like you're about to get your period, but there won't be any blood. It might be among the reasons for period symptoms but no blood.

Period Symptoms

11. Hormonal Birth Control 

If you know you're not pregnant because you just got a hormonal IUD put in, you might have a side effect. One way it keeps you from getting pregnant is by making the lining of your uterus thinner, so there's nothing to shed when your period comes. 

If you take oral contraceptives or any sort of birth control, you may also find that your period is very light or that you only get a few spots. It is one of the reasons for period symptoms but no blood. It's also very common to feel the same things you do when you're not on them, like cramps or sore breasts.


It is important to keep in mind that having symptoms of your period but not having your period doesn't always mean you are pregnant. There are many reasons why you might miss your period or have it come late. Do not panic if you are experiencing period symptoms but no blood. You can figure out what's going on by taking a home pregnancy test about five days after you were supposed to get your period or by listening to your body and the signs it's giving you.

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