Periods are never easy, you may get used to but they can be pretty challenging. With everything that goes around during your period, cramps are the worst. To all the girls and women who do not get major cramps, you are blessed. To those who get them and they are super difficult to handle then you would be shocked to find out that some foods help to reduce period cramps. Here we have a list of all the foods to eat during the period that will help with the cramps. 

What Foods To Eat During Period Cramps?

You must be wondering what to eat during periods or to help with your period cramps. We know that you might either feel too hungry or not hungry at all but it is very important to eat healthy food. By eating right you will get extra benefits as a relief from your period cramps. So the next time you have your period around stock up on these foods. 

1. Drink Gooseberry (Amla) Juice

Gooseberries or Amla is great for your menstrual health. It helps to regulate the hormonal imbalance and provides your body with a lot of good vitamins that provide you the strength. It also helps with period cramps. So it is advised to drink amla juice during your periods for some relief. 

2. Drink Water

Doctors have confirmed that the major reason behind the period cramps is the lack of water in your body. So it is a habit that you need to form to not just look for relief for your menstrual cramps but instead to get rid of them permanently. Also, when you have your periods make sure to keep a water bottle with you all the time to keep yourself hydrated all the time. 

3. Eat Lots of Leafy Vegetables

Iron is very important for your body. During periods there is a lack of iron in your body that causes fatigue and nausea. So to get rid of all these things you need to feed your body with foods that are rich in iron and what better thing than green leafy vegetables. You might avoid them for the other days but not during your periods. 

4. Stock Up on Fruits

It is advised to avoid consuming sugar in excess during your periods but the thing you crave the most during your periods is sugar. To end this dilemma and an easy solution to your problem is fruits. They not only help you with the sugar craving but also provide your body with vitamins, fiber, and a lot of hydration. So don’t forget to eat fruits during your periods and try to consume seasonal fruits as much as possible. 

5. Eating Dark Chocolate

This one might be one of the easiest and most loved ways to calm your period cramps. It has been proven that consuming dark chocolate when you have period cramps helps a lot. These not just help with the pain but also with PMS so it is a win-win. 

foods to eat during periods
foods to eat during periods

6. Drink Some Ginger Tea

A nice hot cup of ginger tea can help with so many things, even with your period cramps. It is always a good idea to make one when you feel really bad and wants to lighten your mood. Ginger has a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits that help reduce nausea.

7. Some Chicken and Fish

Next on the list of foods to eat during period cramps are chicken and fish. You need protein and iron when you are on your periods. The great part about this is you can make it as you like. So these foods will not only help relieve the pain but also provide the taste that you crave and need during your menstruation. 

8. Munch on Some Nuts

If you feel like munching during your periods and don’t want to eat unhealthy snacks then you can always eat some nuts. They are rich in omega- 3 fatty acids and a lot of other vitamins that are good for your body during this time. 

9. Add some Turmeric to your Food

Turmeric is known as one of the best ingredients for a lot of your problems. It is also helpful for you during your periods. Turmeric is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help with PMS and also other symptoms during your periods. So don’t forget to add a pinch of it to your food next time you have your periods, it is really good. 

10. Curd

It is very common to get yeast infections during your periods, so curd is one of the best foods to consume to keep that in check. It not only helps fight the yeast buildup but also provides your body with calcium and magnesium. 

11. Say No to Coffee

If you are obsessed and dependent on coffee it is generally advised to avoid it while you are on your periods. When you seek to fight period cramps as much as it is important to know what you should eat it is also necessary to know what foods you shouldn’t consume. 

12. Go Low on Sodium

You can argue on this but research has shown that avoiding sodium during your periods helps with unwanted weight gain and bloating during your menstruation. So if you are looking for a remedy for your bloating then it is only wise to follow these researches. 

13. Eat your Beans

If you are a vegetarian and obviously cannot consume chicken or any other meat during your periods then beans are a good alternative for you. They are rich in protein and iron and also help reduce the symptoms. 

14. Add Some Tofu

Another vegan alternative for you is Tofu which is made up of soybean and helps to maintain your protein and iron levels. So it is a great addition to your diet and to your list of foods to eat during periods. 

So these were some food-related advice for you to tell you about what foods to eat on your periods to help with the painful cramps and seriously what better way to make them go away than by eating food?

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