Anaemia is known to be one of the most common blood diseases in the whole world. If you have anaemia then you have a smaller number of red blood cells in your system. 

Our red blood cells are made up of a protein called Haemoglobin which is responsible for carrying oxygen to all your body parts. The doctor will tell you; you have a deficiency of hemoglobin and you may be at the risk of suffering from anaemia. Anaemia can be caused due to plenty of reasons some of which could be blood loss because of an accident or a serious injury, an iron deficiency, or traveled through your genes, these can all be the cause. 

If you have been diagnosed with anaemia and you want to know more about it or the ways to treat anaemia, especially home remedies to treat anaemia, keep reading. 

Learning about the best home remedies for anaemia or the different ways to increase red blood cells you must first know that there are different types of anaemia with different symptoms and hence separate ways to treat them. Here are a few symptoms that are a red flag and will warn you about this disease. 

Symptoms Of Anaemia

If you have anaemia you will fell :

  • Dizzy, Nauseous
  • Anxiety or increased heartbeat
  • Short of breath even after doing simple tasks
  • Weak or tired all the time
  • Cold Feet and hands
  • Pain in joints or ribs
  • Pale or dull-looking skin
  • Headaches
  • Irritated eyes
  • Insomnia
  • Difficult for you to concentrate on something for a long time

All these are some of the common symptoms that you may experience. You may either ignore these or feel like you are going through a bigger health problem. You don’t have to panic; anaemia is treatable with a good diet and a few lifestyle changes. 

How to Treat Anaemia Naturally?

Anaemia is not something that is life-threatening unless it is not caused by major reasons like Red blood cell destruction or lead poisoning. You can add a few foods to your diet and you will be able to increase red blood cells naturally and will be able to treat anaemia at home.

You can also seek medical care and take medicines for that but if you want to avoid that situation then we have a list of all the food that will help you treat anaemia in a natural, homemade way. 

1. Add Some Green Leafy Veggies to your Diet

One of the major and most common reasons behind developing Anaemia is that you have an iron deficiency, so the best way to treat anaemia is by treating the iron deficiency in your body. 

Foods for anaemia
Foods for anaemia

Green Leafy vegetables such as spinach are rich in iron and if consumed on a regular basis will replenish your iron deficiency and eventually treat anaemia. 

2. Beetroot BFF

I don’t know how often you add beetroot to your daily meals but in order to treat anaemia naturally, you have to make it your best friend. You can have it as a salad or on the side, even as a soup. There are so many fun ways you can prepare it. It directly helps to increase the red blood cell count which you really need. 

3. Vitamin C is Must

You need to take Vitamin C in your diet if you want to treat anaemia naturally. You can either take it in the form of medicines or as directed by your physician. Another way is through citrous fruits which are rich in Vitamin C, they are tasty and will do the job too. 

4. Go Bananas for Bananas

Bananas can be a good addition to your diet if you want to increase red blood cells. They are some of the best food sources for that. 

5. Eat Dry Fruits Too 

Yes, you just don’t have to focus on vegetables and fruits in your diet if you have to treat anaemia naturally, you must consume a handful of dry fruits daily. They help to provide you the energy and you can have them as snacks whenever you feel like having something to munch on. 

6. Date the Dates and Figs 

A diet for treating Anaemia goes all the way. Along with everything you must consume dates and figs as they help to increase the hemoglobin and red blood cell count in your body. 

7. Eat in Copper Vessels for a Change

This might sound very funny but the vessel you eat your food in matters a lot too. You must have heard people warning you about the hazards of eating hot food from a plastic container, similarly the vessel you use to cool your food in or the one you eat your food from should also be taken care of.

Most people believe that eating your food in Copper vessels helps in iron deficiency and hence it is advisable to use them if you are suffering from anaemia. 

8. Poultry and Seafood

If you are comfortable eating Eggs, Chicken, or fish you should add those to your diet more often. You have the liberty to cook them however you want to so you not just have good food but also treat anaemia naturally. 

9. Carrots are Good

You should eat a lot of carrots as they help in increasing the hemoglobin levels of your body and thence, helping you with anaemia. Carrots can be easily consumed as they are or cooked, whichever way you prefer. 

10. Maybe go for Iron Supplements 

If you want to involve medicines or supplements you can go ahead and with iron supplements. You must consult with your doctor before going ahead with them, as different types of anaemia might require different treatments. Iron supplements help to balance the deficiency of iron in your body which could be the prime reason for you to develop anaemia. 

These are a few tips and foods that will help you with anaemia and how to treat anaemia naturally. With this, you must remember to drink lots of water and take enough sleep

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