Outdoor peeing is illegal almost everywhere but not so for men. Peeing outside has been for men for so long but people who have vulvas are restricted to do this because it’s not safe and doesn’t quite go with societal norms. While peeing in public isn’t something justifiable for any gender, the pandemic has urged many restrooms and public toilets to shut down which has made it a difficult task for women to pee when they are outside. You may not be able to suppress your urge to peeing when you are outside and due to the inaccessibility of toilets outside, it becomes important to find a way to pee safely and hygienically outdoors, especially when it is a pandemic on our heads. Read on to find more about outdoor peeing and how to make it possible without making it problematic! 

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Peeing Outside As A Female 

You’re outside a lot and your bladder as well and public restrooms are not always available especially if you are in some isolated area like mountains, deserts, or even on certain obscure highways-where rest stops are far in between. And nature calls without taking into heed geographic location and convenience. It’s time to treat the terrain as a toilet. If you are a woman, the first thing you need to do is treat peeing outside as a woman no big deal as we consider it for men. You deserve to enjoy the outdoors properly hydrated and with empty bladders. 

Forcing yourself not to pee is extremely unhealthy and can make you prone to many infections as well. Also, some women abstain from drinking water fearing that they might have to visit a restroom. When it comes to safety, finding a perfect and isolated spot is important for both men and women. You need to make sure you do not flash yourself to anyone or this thing might get quite dangerous. Safety and hygiene come first. Peeing in nature is quite joyous as well if you think about it but we’re not encouraging you to do it every day, anytime or everywhere. So, for mastering the art of peeing safely and hygienically, follow the tips below! 

peeing safely
peeing safely 

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Tips For Outdoor Peeing You Should Know 

Peeing outside isn’t unhygienic if properly performed. It’s not a socially acceptable practice. Discretion and common sense are important if you think it is socially okay to pee in front of people. So, how to safely and hygienically pee outdoors? Here are some tips on outdoor peeing you can follow next time you pee outside: 

1. Find the Right Spot 

The primary and most important task is to find a perfect spot for you to pee. Your pee time might be a 10-second thing but you still should look for an isolated spot and land where you can keep your foot steady. Balance is important when you are peeing in rocky terrain. You need to squat your booty, so find a place where you can easily do it without you falling on your back or something pricking your butt.

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2. Use Pee Funnels 

Pee Funnels
Pee Funnels

More and more women are investing in pee funnels. What are they? Well, pee funnels may help you pee while standing. So you now can pee ‘like a man’, no need to squat down and put yourself in danger, especially during arduous and lengthy trips when your muscles are already straining. Pee funnels come in handy and great when you need to visit a public toilet with questionable sanitation standards.

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3. If you’re Squatting, Squat as Low as Possible 

For the sake of being as steady and safe as possible, make sure you squat as low as you can. This will also help the pee to hit the ground rather than your ankles and feet. 

4. Use a Tree to Balance Yourself 

If you think you can’t balance yourself in a squat position, take help from nature. Find a tree to settle on, squat down and then pee as much as you want. Make sure to check if the tree is not poisonous or has insects. 

5. Cleaning Up

Hygiene is important when you are travelling or it gets quite discomforting down there. So, for cleaning up make sure to bring a few things with you like panty liners can help you keep your undies and your vagina clean and well. So, invest in that! Squirt some water after peeing to get clean and dry it up afterwards to keep the moisture away, or it can lead to a foul smell. 

6. Maintain Modesty 

And the last and most important one, modesty and caution are important while you pee. You may not find a private area where you can pee peacefully outdoors and end up exposing yourself. So, make sure not to be blatantly exposed. Ask a friend to accompany you. You can ask them to look away while holding your paraphernalia, and you can return the courtesy too. 

This was all about outdoor peeing for people with a vagina. We know, it can be hard peeing outside when you’ve never practiced it before but do not hold it in, dehydrate yourself or stress yourself. If nature calls, you should get it done. Break those societal barriers that say women shouldn’t pee outdoors. 

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