In this day and age, women have to balance multiple roles. From taking care of the household to excelling at work, the responsibilities are more than ever. This often leaves little to no time for self-care.  Along with self-care, personal feminine hygiene also takes a back seat. Feminine hygiene is not just exclusive to women. Teenage girls also need to be introduced to methods that will keep the intimate areas infection-free and clean. Good personal hygiene also plays a crucial part in keeping one healthy by avoiding problems like unnatural odor, vaginal dryness, infection, irritation, and some long-term diseases.

Feminine Hygiene  

Following are the some feminine hygiene things and the importance of feminine hygiene:

1. Bathing

Nothing is as embarrassing as smelling bad is. Imagine you are at the office or at home with guests and you realize that you smell bad! Smelling bad can ruin a good impression in seconds. No matter how much perfume or deodorant you put on, if you didn’t shower, it will be evident. Not only does smelling bad reduce your attractiveness, but it also showcases you poorly in front of others. One should at least wash their body every day to keep the infections and smell at bay. There are special soaps that come with suitable pH value. Use those for intimate areas as normal soap could be harmful. 

2. Innerwear

Most people think that hygiene starts with brushing your teeth and ends with a shower. But clothes especially innerwear is also an essential part of hygiene. There are so many options that it can get confusing to choose the right innerwear. Before you finalize your purchase, make sure to try it on once. Choose the underwear that has breathable material and isn’t tight or else the sweat could lead to infections. For daily use, clean cotton underwear are the best. 

3. Menstruation

All you want to do during the time of the month is cozy up and indulge in food. But, it is also the time when you need to take extra care of your hygiene. Make it a stringent habit to change your tampon or pad every five hours or else it increases the chances of infection. It is also important that you do not try douching as it could lead to inflammatory diseases. It is best to just use warm water and mild soap to clean yourself up. 

Health and Hygiene in India

According to the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) released in 2012, the condition of health and hygiene in India is abysmal. Of the total one billion people that defecate in the open, half of the population resides in India. The census data revealed that only about 38% of the population washes hands with soap before eating. The data gets worse as it goes on. For people who do not see any issue in defecating in public, the concept of personal hygiene is alien-like. 

The gist of the survey is that awareness among people regarding hygiene is deplorable. A modern and advanced country is built on many pillars such as manners, hygiene, etiquette, etc. Whether it is peeing on the side of the road or the lack of awareness around sanitary napkins, it creates a very unfortunate and negative impression on others. But, more importantly, it opens the door to so many infections and life-threatening diseases like cancer. 

Feminine Hygiene
Feminine Hygiene  

To save ourselves from infections and diseases, it is important that we maintain feminine hygiene. Personal hygiene is highly reflective of how much someone cares about themselves and their image. All it takes it a few minutes a day to be clean from top to bottom but, it certainly does go a long way in creating a desirable impression on others. 

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