Public Toilets

 For work, vacation and leisure, we have to step outside the confines of our home. Our home is our safe haven, where we maintain utmost hygiene. The variety of toilet cleaners and disinfectants available in the market are lavishly applied to reach this level of cleanliness. But the same cannot be said about public restrooms. As the name signifies, it is used by all and sundry. Not everyone maintains personal hygiene or acknowledge the fact that others would use it after them. Women especially are petrified to use the public toilets, as we have to make physical contact with the contaminated toilet seat, which can be host to hundreds of microbes.

Places Where You Get Public Toilet

When nature makes its urgent summons, we cannot ignore it. Some places where we regularly visit the washroom are at:

  • Office
  • Malls
  • Public restrooms while traveling

Diseases that you can get from Using Unhygienic Toilets

Diseases that you can get from dirty public toilets:

Especially the Sulabh Shauchalya, public restrooms, are an epicenter of germs because often the people who use it have questionable hygiene standards and there is a lack of any cleanliness and maintenance, especially in rural areas.

Public Toilets
Public Toilets

Human faces contain strains of many harmful microorganisms, and they can infect the next person. Not only the toilet seat, but the doors and taps can be infected. In the government-run public toilets, there are both Indian and western-style toilets, with no provision of toilet paper or water faucet, but just a mug at your disposal. Touching that mug itself can bring you in contact with too many microbes. In malls and offices, when flushing, the airborne vectors often land on the toilet papers and other contactable areas, thus, further spreading diseases.

Pee Safe: The Ultimate Toilet Savior

With growing awareness, a toilet sanitizer has come to the rescue of women. It helps you relieve yourself without hovering over the toilet seat and fearing about infection. There are many toilet sanitizer available, but the one that has gained popularity is  Pee Safe. It is the first such product that is manufactured in India and has become a girl’s best friend.

It can be used to spray not only on toilet seat but also on door handles, taps, and faucets. It kills 99.9% of the germs and can be carried easily, as it comes in a compact spray bottle. You can carry it on flights too since it is just a 75 ml bottle and comes at modest pricing of 150 rupees. Pee safe has a minty fragrance, which helps get rid of the foul odor that is omnipresent in any public toilet. So, next time you step outside, pop a bottle of Pee Safe in your bag.

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