Masturbate During Pregnancy itself is considered a taboo in most parts of our country, due to a lack of awareness and discussions about the same since earlier times. Therefore, it’s not surprising that masturbation during pregnancy isn’t approved of, either. It is thought inappropriate to engage in sexual activities before the baby is born. There are sayings that the fetus would be harmed if you masturbate while you’re pregnant. However, how much truth does these speculations hold is the real question. We’ll be talking about the same in this article. Can we masturbate during pregnancy? Read along to find out! 

Is Masturbation During Pregnancy Safe? 

According to most doctors, masturbating during pregnancy is safe, unless you have specific conditions. The fact of the matter is, sexual needs don’t just cease to exist once you conceive. However, the hormonal changes that the body goes through during pregnancy may have an impact on your sexual desires. The increased secretion of estrogen and progesterone hormones often leads to an increased sex drive.

On the other hand, it may so happen that you don’t feel the need to get sexually aroused during the time of pregnancy. Again, this happens due to hormonal imbalance. Nausea, fatigue, and other conditions that accompany pregnancy kill the sex drive. As far as the baby is concerned, masturbation during pregnancy does not harm or injure the fetus. There are no negative impacts on it. It may, in turn, have positive effects. The fetus is said to feel comforted due to the measured and synchronized uterine constrictions that characterize a sexual orgasm. 

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Key Points to Remember while Masturbating During Pregnancy

  • Clean your Sex Toys

If you’re someone who’s into using props and sex toys, don’t forget to clean and sanitize them before you use them on your intimate parts. You wouldn’t want germs and bacteria to enter your vagina. This is true every time you use them and not just during your pregnancy, but, during this time, the vagina is more sensitive and prone to infections, than it otherwise is.  

sex toy
sex toy

Pregnant woman sleeping on the bed

  • Trim your Nails

Masturbation during pregnancy wouldn’t turn out good if your nails end up scratching your genitals. Keep them short and clean to ensure hygiene and safety. 

5 Benefits Of Masturbation During Pregnancy

Checkout the 5 major benefits of masturbation during pregnancy:

1. Decreases Stress  

Masturbation is associated with lowering the levels of cortisol or stress hormone from the body. Happy hormones like oxytocin are responsible for the same. Pregnancy involves a lot of mental stress and what could be better than being able to let go of them, even if it’s temporary. 

2. Relieves Cramps  

Masturbation is often suggested during periods due to the pain-relieving properties of the hormones released during masturbation. Therefore, pregnancy cramps can be cured in the same way. Pregnancy involves a great deal of discomfort and misery. If you feel like masturbating during pregnancy, don’t hesitate to do it. It wouldn’t increase your pains but would lessen them, instead. 

3. Aids Sleep

When the body is released of its distress and the mind is clear of stress, sleep would be smooth by default. Both sex and masturbation cause muscle fatigue, due to the prolonged working of certain muscles. This results in deep and unhindered sleep, which is necessary during pregnancy. Thus, if you’re experiencing difficulty in maintaining a proper sleep cycle during the pregnancy months, try masturbating to alleviate the issue. 

4. Boosts Up Mood 

Endorphins, also known as happy hormones are released during sexual activities. These make you feel content and joyous. The feeling is similar to the one you feel after having chocolate. Thus, if you’re pregnant and having a bad day and need something to divert your attention, masturbating is going to help you. 

5. No Scope of STIs  

Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs are usually transmitted through sexual contact. These infections pose threats to childbirth. Masturbation during pregnancy, however, does not involve any such risks. If proper hygiene is maintained, there would be no risk of infections or other ailments. 

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Can we Masturbate During Pregnancy? Risks involved 

In case of certain special circumstances, doctors might ask you to refrain from masturbating or engaging in any sexual activity during pregnancy.

Masturbating During Pregnancy

Pretty young pregnant woman laying in the bed. This may refer to temporary abstinence or might continue for the entire pregnancy period, depending on the condition. Some of these conditions are the following. 

1. Premature Rupture of the Membranes

This refers to the breakage of the fetal membranes way before the labor is due. In such cases, sex or masturbation is advised against since the sexual fluids create conducive conditions for premature birth that your body might not be ready for.

2. Vaginal Bleeding

Often confused as menstruation, vaginal bleeding refers to the discharge of blood from your vagina from the time you conceive to the end of the pregnancy period. Masturbation during pregnancy is not appropriate if you have frequent vaginal bleeding. 

3. Premature Labor History

As mentioned before, masturbating during pregnancy is not suggested if you have a history of delivering babies before time. Premature pregnancies might have certain complications and you wouldn’t want that. 

4. Uterine Infections

Infections make the process of pregnancy way more laborious and painful than it already is. Germs may attack the fetus or the placenta and lead to birth-related ailments. 

5. Incompetent Cervix

The cervix is usually supposed to be firm and in place during pregnancy. However, if you have an incompetent and weakened cervix, you would face complications like premature childbirth or a miscarriage. This is also known as cervical insufficiency and is caused due to weak cervical tissues. 

6. Fetal Growth Restrictions

This happens when the fetus does not grow, as much as it should, in the gestation period. This is also known as Intrauterine growth restrictions. 

7. Placenta Previa

In such a situation, masturbation during pregnancy does not help. The placenta covers the cervix, either partially or entirely. This may cause excessive bleeding for months. 


Now that you know that masturbation during pregnancy doesn’t cause any harm, don’t hesitate to satisfy your needs even while you’re pregnant. If you face any kind of discomfort after masturbating, consult your doctor to find out the reason for the same. If you’re under effective supervision, you’re sure to have a comparatively hassle-free pregnancy. 

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