Worried about vaginal discharge you have been ailing from for so long? Want to inquire which color discharge means what? Yet you do not have a companion! Wait there, we have got your back with the right kind of suggestions as well as information to confirm all your doubts! So, here we begin.

What is Vaginal Discharge?

Vaginal discharge is basically a fluid release discharged by vaginal and cervix glands. The fluid is comprised of dead cells and bacteria. This discharge is just a defense mechanism of your vaginal to keep it protected from infection and Bacterias. A normal vaginal discharge keeps on varying concerning its quantity while it’s color is milky white. This discharge may not be odorless, rather it may be having a bad odor at times. This fishy smell is symptomatic of an infection budding in there. Talking about the amount or quantity of this discharge, yes it varies! If you recount your days just after undergoing menstruation you may not find any discharge, but having spent two days after that, you may find a little white discharge, while 5 days after that, it may have a mucous type texture; And finally, when it’s time for ovulation to occur, the vaginal discharge may start looking like a sticky one. And when you are about to undergo your next menstruation if may show up as a thick white fluid again! 


Here are different kind of Vaginal discharge:

1. White Discharge

White and thick discharge is normal, but when it’s accompanied by itchiness, burning sensation as well as agitation in you, it may well symptomatize an ongoing yeast infection. If it’s not the case, then it may just be a normal one that you encounter pre and post your menstrual cycle. 

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2. Yellow Discharge

It may not be as normal as you have assumed it to be. Yellow discharge may be signifying a bacterial infection budding in. It can also symbolize STD that is a sexually transmitted disease. It cannot be normal rather its always accompanied by a foul and fishy odor. 

3. Brownish Discharge

Having had chronic irregular period cycles, one may have a brownish colored discharge too. If it’s consistent in its advent, you should definitely rush to your gynecologist. It may be hinting you towards a possible uterus or cervical cancer Also, keep it in mind whenever you undergo a menopausal process that there shouldn’t be any blood discharge coming out anymore. It can otherwise be a sign of uterine cancer too. 

4. Greenish Discharge

Encountering greenish discharge is absolutely abnormal. This is a bacterial infection coming down your way. It can also be a signifier of an STD. For instance, trichomoniasis. If you are ailing from green discharge just don’t delay anymore and reach out to your gynecologist immediately. 

Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Discharge

5. Yeast Infection Signifier Discharge

This kind of infection can result because of the extra growth of fungal structures in the vagina. In order to confirm whether it’s a yeast infection or not, check for its color, odor, and texture. The color may seem milky white, while the texture maybe cheese and the odor may be a little foul. It may cause inflammation, and burning sensation accompanied by itchiness issues. According to a survey, around 90% of women, face such issues throughout their lifetime many a time. These are not infectious and are easily treatable with the help of antifungal creams. But this number of times should be kept well in mind, as if it goes above 4 times in around 365 days, it may not be a good sign. 

So, these are some of the types, and colors of discharge one can look for and understand what means which kind of issues.  But having said that, we care for you and we suggest you to please go for regular vaginal check-ups as it is an extra sensitive and fragile part of a female body and hence needs to be treated with due care! 

Stay healthy, stay hygienic! 💚

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