You had some amazing times in the sack to have the bun in the oven. Once those double lines have confirmed the happy news, all those raunchy romps take a back seat. Many women and their partners become so engrossed with the coming baby, that they tend to forget themselves. Every thought and action revolves around that growing fetus. It is a joyous time! Here are some facts to know about pregnancy sex.

These nine months is an amazing period to spend some quality moments together as a couple before you become parents. Most couples are apprehensive to have pregnancy sex, especially when armed with some old wives’ myths. But you don’t need to lose your sexy selves just because you are preggers.

Pregnancy Sex Tips

It is extremely safe to have sex while you’re expecting. Your child is safe in the womb, protected inside the amniotic sac.  The good news is the orgasms are mind-blowing! Due to the pregnancy sex drive, there is increased blood flow to the womb, cervix, clitoris, pelvis, and vagina, increasing the sensations manifold. And it is good for the baby too! There will be increased lubrication down there, which is to fight any bacterial infection but it just makes intercourse double the fun. Your nipples and breasts have become sensitive too. 

Pregnant women are ruled by their hormones, so whichever way it sways you would either love or be irritated by the attention. With all the action between the sheets, you reap some overall benefits like you will burn some extra calories, which will also help to maintain an ideal BMI and reduce your blood pressure. With the mind-blowing orgasms, it would lead to the release of oxytocin, which will not only help you relax and forget the discomforts associated with pregnancy but will allow you to sleep peacefully and it will also contribute to that fabled pregnancy glow by making you feel more relaxed and happy. 

Here are the some best pregnancy sex tips:

When to abstain from sex during pregnancy?

So, unless your doctor has specifically asked you to abstain from coitus due to any medical conditions, go ahead and spend some intimate moments with your husband.

· History of preterm labor or premature birth

· Diagnosed with the incompetent cervix or placenta previa

· Carrying twins

· Unexplained pregnancy sex bleeding or leaking amniotic fluid

If you have any questions about sex penetration, don’t feel shy to ask your gynecologists. Oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal nothing are off-limits. When having oral sex, ask your partner not to blow in the vagina, as it can lead to embolism which can prove to be fatal. Since your body undergoes a thousand different changes, anal sex might become painful as you might be suffering from hemorrhoids. Some normal cramping and spotting are normally felt during sex, but if the pain is too severe, or the bleeding doesn’t subside or amniotic fluid is leaking, then consult your doctor ASAP! If you are medically banned from sex or pregnancy sex, or just don’t feel comfortable, you can kiss and make out, or mutually masturbate. The intimacy and connection are what matters.

Pregnancy Sex Positions

Unless you are not in a monogamous relationship, condoms aren’t required. STIs can be extremely dangerous for the child and expectant mother. With the surging hormone, pregnancy sex feels greater than normal sex. 

  • First Trimester

The libido plummets during the initial phase, the levels of estrogen and progesterone can cause severe morning sickness, nausea, and fatigue. The emotional roller coaster can often make women hate any closeness. But for those of you, who feel fine, don’t take sex off the table but use it to strengthen your relationship further. Your breasts also increase in cup size or two.

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Woman on top position: this pregnancy sex position allows you to control the thrust and pace and also takes the load of your abdomen.

Modified missionary position: you can lie at the edge of the bed or couch, while your partner can stand or kneel in front. The classic missionary style is best avoided.

  • Second Trimester

This period is often called the ‘honeymoon period’. The initial symptoms relent and you feel energized once more and there is an increase in the libido as you become more comfortable with your body. Multiple orgasms are common during this period.

Doggy style: this pregnancy sex position will take the weight off your tummy and your partner can enter from behind and this allows added clitoral stimulation, leading to some of the best orgasms EVER.

Scissors: lying across each other, with your legs crossed together, you can copulate at a slower and much gentler pace.

Cowgirl: this one works for both you and your partner, he has that scintillating view of your bosom, while you are the one in control.

Pregnancy Sex
Pregnancy Sex
  • Third Trimester

The growing size of the belly might make sex difficult, and the mom-to-be can sometimes become hesitant and fatigued, but if you are feeling in the mood, do not stop yourself. Sex doesn’t start labor, though post-coitus the contractions in the uterus might feel a little stronger than before. 

Spooning: lying on the back isn’t recommended; it is not only uncomfortable but puts a lot of pressure on the blood vessels. Keep a pillow below your belly as you lie on your side, while your partner enters from behind.

Reverse cowgirl: you straddle your man while facing his face, it allows a shallower penetration and your hands will provide support to your bulging belly.

Don’t lie on your back or on your stomach, get creative and have fun as a couple, because things won’t be the same afterwards. Some women don’t like to be touched whereas others can’t wait to jump the bone, whatever suits you talk to your partner and let your body dictate your raunchy romp sessions. If your husband feels freaked out, talk to him and explain or just make him read this!

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