From childhood, we are all conditioned to long for an ideal body. Society loves to put certain characteristics such as fair skin, slender waist, long height above others. In this way, it makes body acceptance extremely difficult by sectioning off all the traits that do not fall under its accepted perspective. 

Women, in particular, have been subject to much criticism in this aspect. From the various kinds of body shaming such as fat-shaming, fit shaming etc. and societal pressure to look in the desired way, women are made to feel like their natural bodies are not good enough. 

It’s okay to change your body and appearance if you find more comfort in a certain way. But if you feel forced to mold to a certain type out of pressure, then this becomes a problem. The first step in solving this is to recognize all the different types of women body shapes. In this way, we acknowledge that there is no correct way of being a woman and all the different women’s body types are worthy of being accepted.

How do I Identify my Body Type?

To know which one of the different shapes of women’s body is yours, you first need to take proper measurements. To do that, use a cloth measuring tape and tell someone else to measure you. Wear proper-fitting undergarments when you do this. The tape should be snug, not tight around your body and be parallel to the floor when measuring the circumference.

To identify the different shapes of women’s body, we usually consider taking the measurements of the shoulders, bust, hips and waist.

The Different Types Of Women Body/ Female Body Types

Contrary to popular belief, there are many different shapes of women’s body than you would expect. A 2004 study reveals that women’s body types have historically been categorized in various shapes such as rectangle, oval, etc. It is important to accept these various types so that we can teach our kids that they do not have to look a certain way.

When we do this, we undo the societal conditioning that we have been put through from a young age. Thus, more information about these various women’s body types.

Women’s Body Types
Women’s Body Types

Before beginning this list, we would like to say that you do not need to have particular biology to identify as a woman. You are who you decide you are. This list is talking about those who are born with their biological sex being female. Thus, not everyone who falls on this list may be a woman nor would people who do not fall on it be any less worthy of being called a woman. To deny this is inherently transphobic.

It is important to acknowledge these struggles too. It would be more appropriate to name this list as a list of the different female body types.

Rectangle or Banana Shape

If you have a rectangular body, you have straight hips and also a straight body line. This means that your shoulders and waist are of the same approximate width. Also, your waist would be the same as your hips or bust in terms of measurements. 

If you want to enhance your body shape type and feel comfortable doing so, you could try tube dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, belted waists, skinny jeans and tops which end at your hips.

Triangle or Pear Shape

Second on this list of different types of women’s body is the pear shape, which you will find is similar to the spoon shape which comes next. 

In this, you probably have an elegant neck, shoulders and bust that are narrower than your wide hips, along with a well-defined waist. Your arms are on the slimmer side and your waist usually slopes out to the hips. You also may have fuller legs. 

To wear clothes matching this shape, go for clothes which emphasize your waistline and add an appearance of volume on the upper body while also reducing attention on the lower body. Wearing brighter tops with patterns and wider necklines can draw the attention upwards. Avoiding wearing tight-fitting pants and going for darker coloured, relaxed pants also help.

Spoon Shape

For those with the spoon body type, just as pear shape, your hips are probably larger than your bust or the rest of your body, but they give a ‘shelf’ look. You may also have a larger butt. Your waist is usually defined, with your upper thighs and upper arms carrying some weight. 

You also tend to gain weight in the stomach area.

If you want to wear clothes that best complement this shape, you can wear clothes that disguise your hips to appear more proportionate (only if you’re comfortable)! Trying out clothes with various wider necklines can help draw the attention upwards. Wearing a necklace can also add to this. 

You could also wear clothes which had an inner bodice fitted that ends just below the bust such as empire waist dresses.

Hourglass Shape

In the hourglass shape, your hips and bust are approximately the same sizes, while your waist is thinner than them both and well-defined. The shoulders and buttocks can be slightly rounded while your upper body is proportionate to your legs. Hence, the same is similar to that of an hourglass.

Society has often idealized this body, so you should not feel pressure to fit in this category just because it is popularly deemed attractive. And if you do have an hourglass body, always remember that you deserve to be proud of your body because you feel comfortable in it and not because someone says you fit a standard.

To emphasize the hourglass shape, wear tops with rounded, lower necks or v-cut necklines. Trying outfitted clothes such as fitted sleeves and fitted shirts is also a good method. Wearing mid to high waisted bottoms and skits which are knee-length or reach between the knee and mid-calf, can also help.

There are many types of women’s body even within the hourglass range.

Top Hourglass

A top hourglass is similar to an hourglass shape, the only difference being that the bust is a little wider than the hips. 

Slightly flared pants, full skirts, tailored jackets, narrow v-necks and wrap style tops could be a good option to enhance this shape if you want.

Bottom Hourglass

A bottom hourglass is a variation of the hourglass body shape, with the person having hips that are a little wider than the bust. 

To emphasize this shape, it may be useful to consider form-fitting dresses, etc.

Apple Shape

This is also known as the inverted triangle shape, in which your shoulders and bust are wider as compared to narrower hips. Your waist is usually not defined.

You could try tops with open necklines and ones which add some shape to your waist. Going for clothes which show off your long legs such as high-waisted pants and shorts can also help.

Oval Shape

The oval shape is one of the various women’s body shapes which has a bust which is larger than the body, narrow hips as well as a fuller midsection. 

Wearing flare-up tops as well as vertically-lined tops can help enhance your shape.

Diamond Shape

In this, one has hips broader than shoulders, a narrow bust and a fuller, undefined waistline. Slender arms with a bit more weight on your upper legs are also common.

Clothes which balance your broad shoulders, emphasize your waist and tops with cuts such as boat-neck tops can be tried for this shape.

Athletic Shape

In the athletic shape, the body is muscular but not quite curvy, with hips and shoulders being the same size. The waist is narrower than the hips but has more straight-shape.

Tops with small shoulders, strapless, racerback, halter style as well as trousers with noticeable print can be tried for this.

Loving your body, No matter what type

There is no ideal body that we should all aim for. It is important to embrace all the different types of women’s body shapes because they are all beautiful in their way, each having its power. If you want to make changes to your body, only do so out of your wish and will. 

Women’s Body Types
Women’s Body Types

Loving yourself means knowing yourself and acknowledging the person you are. So, if you do not fit in with the ‘perfect’ body type, be grateful! This means that you get to be your own kind of special. 

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