Thinking of getting a pair of sunglasses but not sure which frame is best for you? To find the most suitable and flattering sunglasses, you should consider the shape and size of your face. This is important because wearing sunglasses as per the face shape and size makes you look more attractive and dashing. 

There is a perfect pair of sunglasses for each type of face shape. So, no worries, if you are not satisfied with any of the sunglasses that you have found. The foremost thing to do is the identification of your face shape. 

What is your Face Shape?

In general, there are six types of face shapes. 

  • Round
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Diamond
  • Heart or triangle

Choose Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses For Your Face

Not sure what face shape is yours? All you have to do is look into a mirror and compare the shape of your face with the outlines of the different face shapes given in this article.

1. The Sunglass for Round Shaped Face

Round faces are with soft curves around your jawline with fuller cheeks. The best pair of sunglasses for such a shape is rectangular, square, any frame with some angle to help your face look leaner and elongated. Round and circular frames are a big noooo. 

2. The Sunglass for a Square-Shaped Face

Square-shaped faces have prominent angular jawlines with a straight face length and width wise. To make square-shaped faces look good round or oval-shaped glasses are suitable. This type of frame will give a rounder feature to the sharp square shape of your face.  Any frame with round curves will suffice. 

3. The Sunglass for an Oval-Shaped Face

The oval-shaped face is the most versatile of all shapes because this is one face shape that is suitable for almost all types of frames of sunglasses. An oval-shaped face is long with a narrow chin. The cheekbones are comparatively broader with a soft-edged jawline. 

The most flattering type of frame for an oval-shaped face is square, rectangular, and geometric shapes. However, the other shapes of frames are also equally flattering in such shape. So, if you are one such lucky woman with an oval-shaped face, do not hesitate to try the countless frames that are available for sunglasses. Do perform some experiments with frames as you have the most ideal shape of the face.

4. The Sunglass for Rectangle-Shaped Face

The rectangle-shaped face is almost similar to the square-shaped face, only longer and narrower with minimal angles. Oversized frames go best with rectangle-shaped faces. If you think you have a rectangle-shaped face then you will look good in a square, rectangle, wayfarer shape of frames, any frame with a little rounded edge. Although keep in mind that smaller frames do not go well with this type of shape. 

5. The Sunglass for Diamond-Shaped Face

Diamond-shaped faces are with narrow jawlines and foreheads with wider cheekbones. If you have such a shape, you can wear any type of frame, just avoid frames wider than your cheekbones. The most suitable frame for a diamond-shaped face is oval and rimless frames. 

Face Shape
Face Shape

6. The Sunglass for Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces have a broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow chin and a prominent jawline. This is another shape of the face that is considered as a universal shape as a range of frames is suitable. There is another shape of the face that is almost similar to the heart shape is the inverted triangular-shaped face. 

If you have such a shape, then you should wear frames with round edges and winged-out styles such as cat-eye frames, aviators, etc. However, it is best to avoid any oversized frames. So are you ready to get your new glasses and flaunt them? Mostly it is seen that oversized frames are not flattering except in the case of the rectangular-shaped face. 

We often see celebrities rock different types of sunglasses which inspires us to get a pair of sunglasses just like them. However, we may not have the requisite face shape to be able to rock the particular type of sunglasses that looks good on the celebs. So, it is wise to know the shape of your face and get a suitable pair of sunglasses. Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is a bit tricky but not impossible. 

Stay fabulous♥

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