Are you tired of wearing almost the same old clothes every day? It might be possible that they are becoming noticeable among your colleagues and friends. But you can’t purchase new clothes daily. We understand that not repeating the same clothes every day would be a blessing. 

We will provide you with some fashion tips on how to use old clothes to make new outfits. We will also tell you about some tricks and techniques about how to style your old clothes in a new way. 

Clothes are not only to protect our skin; they are a fashion statement. Stylish outfits make you look fashionable. You spend a lot of money on brands and fads. 

But eventually, you get bored with that outfit. You feel it can’t be worn anymore and you throw it away. But do you know that one outfit could be worn in many different ways? We provide you with some amazing old clothes reuse ideas that will

Tricks To Use Old Clothes to Make New Outfits

Here are the list of tricks on how to use old clothes to make new outfits

1. Short Dresses As Tops

All of us love having short dresses. Sundresses are fun and cute for picnics. LBDs or little black dresses are the perfect attire for a party. The formal short dresses for the office; they are fashionable clothes which are easy to carry and very stylish.

But did you know; short dresses can be worn as tops. Yes; that’s right. Pair up a short dress such as a bodycon with jeans or a pair of shorts. LBDs could be worn as tops with high waist jeans and shorts. You can even pair it up with a mini skirt, a middy, or a long skirt. If your short dress has a little flair; wear it under a skirt. This would transform the whole look of your short dress.

2. Shirts

The shirts are classy, fancy and trendy. You need to own at least 3-4 pairs of shirts. Of course, you could pair it up with jeans, shorts and skirts. But did you know that you could wear two shirts together? Here’s a surprise; this ‘two in one’ look is trendy. 

It’s gaining popularity because it is a brilliant idea that looks so voguish. Let’s see how to style your old clothes like shirts into something really stylish.

Take two shirts that complement each other like black and white. Put each of your hands in one of the sleeves of each shirt; keep it complimentary. Button it up from the front and behind. You can pull the whole attire a little low to expose your shoulders. 

Tuck it inside your jeans and Voilà; you are ready. Accessorize properly and you are ready to go. The shirts can also be worn over your short dresses like a shrug or jacket.

3. Old Jeans

Jeans are a big-time investment. You don’t buy jeans every day. But old blue jeans are so classy that you don’t want to throw it away. You can always experiment with old clothes.

Old Jeans
Old Jeans

Well, here is an idea; why don’t you get it ripped. Ripped jeans are easy to make. Get a blade and carefully smear the spot where you want that rip. 

Now slowly smear it; thread by thread. You can give it to your tailor as well. There you are; old jeans that now look freshly ripped and new.

4. Experiment With Jeans

Experiment With Jeans
Experiment With Jeans

Nobody can deny the chic and elegance of a pair of jeans. But when they get old why not ask your tailor to convert it into a mini skirt or shorts. It is not a task to be done at home. A tailor could do it for you. 

Imagine your old jeans transformed into a cute denim skirt or shorts which are so expensive in the market. So make your old pair jeans convert into some stylish outfits.

5. Boyfriend’s Shirt/ T-shirt

We presume that the boyfriend’s shirts or T-shirts are cool and comfortable. At the same time, it could be very large and you can’t wear it outside. Well, you are wrong. But you don’t really need a boyfriend or a husband for this trick. You can buy an extra-large T-shirt or a shirt to try this trick.

Get that extra-large shirt or T-shirt from your boyfriend and wear it with a belt. You can wear a pair of shorts underneath if the T-shirt is not long enough. Put your hair in a bun and wear a pair of Loops and you can step outside. 

This look is becoming a trend. You can do the same thing with an extra-large shirt from your boyfriend. Wear it with a belt. Pull it a little low your shoulders to expose your collar bones. This is how you can experiment with old clothes. This could be a very sexy formal look or a perfect attire for your date night.

6. Stoles

Stoles are so underrated. They are the best thing you can carry with you in your bag. You can wear it as a scarf or a belt, but it could be worn as tops as well.  Stoles can be worn as tops, yes you heard is right. 

There are so many videos available online to dress up your stole in different ways. You can wear it in multiple ways and make it look like the fashionable clothes available in the market. You could make at least 15 varieties of tops out of it. 

To give it a professional or a formal touch; wear your formal blazer over it. Your office outfit doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

7. Kurta As Long Dress

If you have old, long kurtas; why not start to wear it as an evening dress or a gown? Pair your favorite long Kurti with a belt and do not wear a pair of leggings underneath. Your new outfit is ready. Wear an anklet and some fancy sandals and you are good to go. It is one of the best old clothes hacks you can try. Your old clothes like Kurtas could be worn like a gown or a long dress.

8. Short Dresses As Kurta

This trick will not work on bodycon dresses or LBDs. But for any other short dress, it will be amazing. It is a perfect way to renovate the old short dresses that you might have outgrown. Wear a short dress with a pair of jeans or leggings and it will give you a totally different look.

9. Tank Tops

Plain tank tops are a must for every girl’s wardrobe. There is just so much that you can do with it. Wear it with jeans, palazzo, and skirt. You can wear it under a shirt and keep the buttons open. You can wear a crop top over it with a pair of low waist jeans. You can style it with shrugs. It can be a fun way to experiment with old clothes and a great DIY idea for old clothes.

10. T-shirts As Crop

For this trick, you might need a tailor. You don’t have to get rid of old clothes. Your old tops and T-shirt can be turned into stylish outfits. Cut it into a crop and you have a new outfit. 

11. Be Creative With Your Fashion

So here’s your guide on how to style your old clothes in a better way. There are so many creative ways to handle old clothes. Use your imagination and think which old clothes of yours can actually pull the look off. Wearing old clothes styled in a new way would throw light on your fashion sense.

 It will help you to get over the mundane outfit that you wear by adding a twist to it. And it is always fun to experiment. Old clothes are nostalgic and we understand that you might not want to get rid of it. So go on and experiment with your clothes.

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