An Indian traditional look never goes out of style. If anything, it only adds up even more elegance and beauty to your look. And nothing says elegant louder than a colorful saree.  But a saree is also more of occasional apparel which is usually worn during some sort of function. So, what about the amazing saree that you only wore once? Well, we are here to show you how to reuse old saree and turn it into a whole new outfit! 

 12 Ways to Reuse Your Old Saree

Have a look at the 12 different and stylish ways to refuse your mom's old saree:

1. A dress

That gorgeous silk saree that you wore a year ago is now rotting at the very back of your closet, isn’t it? Don’t worry, for it won’t anymore. Take that bright saree out of your closet and convert it into a charming dress. You can make it a short maxi dress, a long one-piece, anything of your choice! It can be a long-sleeved dress, an off-shoulder, or a sleeveless one. 

Ways to Reuse Your Old Saree
Ways to Reuse Your Old Saree

But regardless of what style you choose, you are going to rock that ethnic look for sure. 

2. A skirt/lehenga 

Call it a skirt or a Ghaghra, all that matters is that you save your money, and just reuse an old saree to make one. This is indeed one of the best and the most cost-effective ways to reuse an old saree. 

A skirt/lehenga
A skirt/lehenga 

Style it as a beautiful long skirt with a top for a bohemian look, or wear it as an authentic lehenga at an occasion. (No one will eve know!)

3. A Scarf 

Get your mom’s old cotton saree right now because winter is here. Saree, for winter? Yes! You heard it right because turning a saree into a scarf is yet another way as to how to reuse an old saree. Wear your scarf with a style with this hack. You could also wear it as a dupatta and pair it up with one of your Indian dresses! 

4. A Suit Piece 

Why buy a new kurta when you can reuse an old saree to make a new one? Call up your tailor right now or take out your sewing machine to make a lovely kurta from an old saree. You can go with a mix-match contrast or a monotone style, either way, you will have a brand new outfit just by reusing an old one, and that’s the real joy. 

5. A Palazzo 

A palazzo pant is one of the best ways to reuse an old saree. Firstly, because it is in trend as of now, and also because it adds more glamour to your ethnic look. An intricately designed palazzo pant is just what you need. And all you would need for that is one of your heavy material sarees or even your mom’s saree could work. You don’t necessarily have to use a heavy saree, you could also work with cotton or a grunge saree for a softer and casual look. 

6. An Ethnic Overcoat 

Bring that chic look back wherein you wear a jacket or a cape along with your blouse and lehenga outfit. You could also style it as a shrug on a western outfit and voila, now you have an Indo-western look without even any hassle! The best would be a silk saree or something with embroidery and zaari work.

7. A Pair of Trousers 

This is one of the best ways to reuse old saree to make bottom wear. Make a sleek pair of trousers by reusing your old cotton saree and match it with your favorite suit piece. If you don’t want to go with a traditional look, then you could even throw a cute tank top along with your pair of trousers for a smart and modern look. 

8. A Shirt

For this one, you would need your silk sarees. A plain silk saree is the perfect option to alter and change into a stunning shirt. Why a silk saree is recommended is because that will help you give a satin-like effect to it, thereby adding more statement to your look. Less is more ladies. 

9. A Kimono

With the prevalence of such a wide variety of colors and designs, a kimono addition to your closet sounds just about right. You could even use it as a shrug type of jacket for a change of style. How handy! 

10. Anarkali 

This one is again an Indian piece of clothing; a brocade saree or a rather glamorous one with a lot of work and detail would undoubtedly make a great Anarkali. And who said you have to be a follower and not a leader? Be a trendsetter by bringing back this old but gold Indian style and let utilize it to the maximum! 

11. A Pair of Shorts

Yes, you heard it right, a pair of shorts made out of a saree. And what’s wrong with that? An old cotton saree is all you need to make the cutest boho summer shorts and flaunt that sense of style. After all, change is always for the better. 

12. Dhoti pants 

Yet another Indian apparel; this garment is one of the trendiest pieces of Indian clothing and is considered to be one of the best Indo-western clothing options. And with you can reuse your beautiful old saree to make a bold and classy pair of dhoti pants very effortlessly, so why not! 

13. A Blouse

You might be able to reuse your old saree and turn it into something even prettier, but what about the blouse? You could get a new look just by adding a few patterns or embroideries to it and there you go, you have a blouse as good as a brand new one. Now you can easily pair it up with another one of your sarees or match it with one of your ghaghras. 

Reuse an Old Saree to Get a New One

But that doesn’t even make any sense. Well, think about it this way, how would you get a new saree from an old one? Just the way you got that brand new blouse! Get your old saree re-designed or have some brocade or aesthetic designs added to it; it could be grunge, print, a different shade, anything! Get creative and turn your old saree into a gorgeous new one. 

If you weren’t aware of the fact that you can make so many new and different outfits from old sarees, now you are. So what are you waiting for? Now that you know in what all ways you can reuse your old saree, go get it from your closet and start experimenting now!

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